District 1

Annunciation St. 1011; Annunciation St. 1013; Annunciation St. 1049; Poeyfarre St. 920: $400,000, Mark D. Porta Jr. to Mark D. Porta Sr. and Sonya Loria Porta.

Carondelet St. 339: $337,250, 339 Carondelet Holdings LLC to Allan J. Mireault, Wendy Kirkpatrick Hensley and Wendy Kirkpatrick Mireault.

Clio St. 1738; Clio St. 1742: $699,000, 1738 Clio LLC to Sea Dragon Properties LLC.

Euterpe St. 932: $250,000, William M. Remer to Michael F. Burke, Stacey Kmetyk Burke and Stacey Kmetyk Janovich.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Cameron Tyler Jordan.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Leonhard Holdings LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Kathleen Thomas Gootee and Kenneth E. Gootee.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Sonnenburg Partners Unit 7a LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Sonnenburg Partners Unit 8d LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Sonnenburg Partners Unit 8b LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Richard Demaree Inglese.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Vanessa Van Vrancken.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Scott Jackson Crichton, Susan S. Crichton and Susan S. Gigsby.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Michelle Aline Damour Podd and Steven C. Podd.

Julia St. 601: $100, Delery Comarda Brantley LLC to Michelle Haggar Gundogdu and Murat Gundogdu.

Natchez St. 410: $500,000, Jacqueline Casey Polakoff and Scott M. Polakoff to Dewitt Marshall Lovelace and Susan Frank Lovelace.

S. Jefferson Davis Parkway 400: $550,000, Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center Inc. to 400 Sjdp LLC.

S. Miro St. 532-34: $120,000, Hattie Allen Chambers to S. Miro LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 1613-1615: $268,450, Canaan Properties LLC and Sarah Mattix Arevalo to Ashley E. Deaton.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $485,000, Lohil LLC to Richard L. Hecht Revocable Trust and Susan L. Hecht Revocable Trust.

Terpsichore 1020: $160,000, Eugenie Claire Guillot to Max Coats.

Terpsichore St. 2317-19; Terpsichore St. 2321-23: $60,000, Jamal Esmail and Wafa Alasrama Esmail to Preserve + Develop LLC.

Thalia St. 4138: $115,379.47, Standard Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

District 2

Canal Blvd. 6971: $668,000, Debra Story Thompson and Scott E. Thompson to Barry B. Holzenthal and Cheryl L. Holzenthal.

Canal Blvd. 7312: $440,000, Elizabeth M. Troendle to Anderson E. Thomas and Emily Young Thomas.

Canal St. 1201: $325,000, James P. Alverez and Natashia R. Paul to Thomas W. Reynolds.

Catina St. 5590-92: donation, no value stated, Kimberly Patricia Caron Hirsius to Brian Edward Hirsius.

Catina St. 5859: $93,890.16, Katherine Brown Vasquez to Barbara Lyons Brown and Benjamin F. Brown Jr.

Catina St. 6167: donation, no value stated, Trevis A. Joseph to Blake Ross Newton.

Conti St. 3001: $346,000, Checker Cabs Inc. and Crv Inc. to Conti Ventures LLC.

Dauphine St. 412: $500,000, John A. Olesen to Gregory T. Lindemann and Latasha Hudgens Lindemann.

Decatur St. 121-123: $7,920, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Desoto St. 3108: $300,000, Charell D. Arnold and Christopher Stow Serge to Mark W. Wilson.

Dumaine St. 514: $295,000, Blair E. Jones Kressler and Noah B. Kressler to James L. Cassidy III and James L. Cassidy Jr.

Esplanade Ave. 716-718: $912,000, Lynette Askew Stilwell and Lynette Askin Stilwell to Ljfq LLC.

General Diaz St. 5954: $679,000, K2c Investments LLC to Rachael Marie Delahoussaye Shields and William Watson Shields III.

Governor Nicholls St. 619: donation, no value stated, Antoinette G. Krieg and Paul E. Krieg to Donald Royce Monk and Judith Shade Monk.

Louisville St. 5820: $360,000, Susan Burk Beninati to Katie Elizabeth Triplett.

Memphis St. 6467: $385,000, Jordan E. Kempf to Daniel J. Ellis and Shoshana Eidelman Ellis.

N. Pierce St. 614-16: $375,000, Julie Fielden Bourgeois to Devin J. Regan and Kristen E. Coote.

N. Rendon St. 725; Orleans Ave. 3201: $350,000, Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church to 3201 Orleans Ave LLC.

N. Roman St. 327-329: $259,000, Sopena Holdings LLC to Jonathan Adam Arceneaux.

Orleans Ave. 5618: $227,500, Stephen Timothy Scanlan to Susan E. Knecht.

Orleans Ave. 6858: $535,000, Denise M. Orgeron to Corey Falcon and Rachelle Falcon.

St. Ann St. 2519a -2519b: $144,415, Joan Fraychineaud Dorman and Robert A. Fraychineaud Jr. to Forstall Follies LLC.

St. Ann St. 2753: $256,500, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans Inc. to Amy Payne Milligan and Tanya Milligan Payne.

St. Louis St. 2320: $420,000, Atlas Greenway Fund 1 LLC to Joshua A. Zuckerman and Julia E. Wilson Zuckerman.

St. Louis St. 2816: $274,000, Wilfred J. Gravois Jr. to Daniel S. Paisant Sr. and Raeann M. Lambert Paisant.

St. Louis St. 803: donation, no value stated, Janice Frank Criddle to Criddle Family Trust.

Vicksburg St. 6336-6338: $25,000, Victor Mathew Bernier IV to Lauren Alline Lyons.

District 3

Almonaster Ave. 2318: $15,000, Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Tyler J. Breaux Ira to Jamie M. Cooper, Maria E. Rivera Lana and Rolanda I. Lana.

Bundy Road 6780: $10, 6780 Bundy Road LLC to Bundy Rd LLC.

Cerise Ave. 4651: $165,000, Ricky Tran, Tien Ngoc Tran and Tien Tran Tran to Jude Anthony Dantzler and Monique Jones Dantzler.

Chef Menteur Highway 119; Chef Menteur Highway 12; Dwyer Boulevard 58244; Flake Ave. 4724; Industrial Parkway 58207; Michoud Boulevard 55192; Wilson Ave. 4879: no value stated, Hanson Firm LLC to Royal Ground LLC.

Chef Menteur Highway 4200: $2,385,000, Chef Wg LLC to 4200 Chef LLC.

Cindy Place 6745-6751: $10, Cindy Place Apartments LLC to Fbr Investments LLC.

Cove Drive 7021: $117,500, Cedric Levon Richmond to Pack LLC.

Dauphine St. 4801: $297,000, Lorraine Getz Living Trust to Greenfee LLC.

Dauphine St. 6121-23: $255,000, Helene Elisabeth Bond Arnolds and Philip A. Arnolds to Jason O. James and Rose Rita Walsh James.

DeSaix Boulevard 3461: $417,500, Diana Wischler Wegner, June Labry Wischler and Robert Wischler to Brittany Rose Wolf Freedman and David Adam Freedman.

Deslonde St. 1015: donation, no value stated, Fannie J. Eugene to Lavonza Jabouin.

Dodt Ave. 4822-24: $8,840.47, Debbie Marie Thomas Richardson to Carver Desire Baptist Church Incorporated.

Dwyer Road 9231: $122,000, Cecile Pichon Woods to Mark G. Bartley.

Eastover Drive 40291; Eastover Drive 6161: $36,000, Nkscales Enterprises LLC to Atia Moore Durand and Dean Christopher Durand.

Esplanade Ave. 405: no value stated, Kirsten Helmer to Alice Smith and Don Smith.

Feliciana St. 1601: $189,500, Diamond Investment Properties LLC to Carlos Pride Arredondo.

Franklin Ave. 5817: $259,000, Gulf Coast Green Construction LLC to Alexis Alysandra Turner.

Frenchmen St. 829-31: $580,000, Stanley Sherman to Zero Fox Management LLC.

Friar Tuck Drive 4827: $179,000, Stephanie Jasmin to Eric A. Walter and Yaisha S. Kennedy.

Gordon St. 1017-19: $50,000, Kimberly Pittman Butler and Kimberly Pittman Williamson to Haider Properties LLC.

Hickman St. 7808: $122,362.26, Standard Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Independence St. 1401-03: $100,000, Rhonda Findley to Frank Joseph Matthews.

Independence St. 2032-34; Independence St. 2036-38: $20,000, Calvin C. Chapman, Paige J. Chapman and Paige Johnson Chapman to Benrosh LLC.

Kingsport Blvd. 7639: $85,000, Faith Odess Price to Marshauiona Irvin.

Laharpe St. 2324: $385,000, John C. Stringer to Alexandra Ellen Knight Shumate and Zachary Thomas Shumate.

Laharpe St. 1818-20: $46,000, Sidney Moore to 1818 Laharpe LLC.

Louisa St. 1205: $200,000, Iron Triangle Development LLC to Cjg Property Management Group LLC.

Louisa St. 2001: $208,000, Michael Bernard Boulas to James R. Guy Jr. and Nathalene Easley Richardson.

Louisa St. 910: $542,500, Steven R. Smith to Merrill H. Stewart III.

Lynhuber Drive 4801-4803: $100,000, Delores Cross Pinkney to Jamaal Dejean and Krystle S. Hampton Dejean.

Mandeville St. 2201-2203; Mandeville St. 2203: $62,500, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Mhre LLC.

Mandeville St. 4701: $192,000, Daniel E. Mullis and Katrena Barnett Mullis to Ian Martens and Judith Bradshaw Martens.

Maple Wood Drive 13010: $76,000, Audry Wallace Rolland to Sehara E. Webb.

Marquis St. 7720: $90,000, Stephen James Sommers to Tenesha Watson Simms and Vernon Simms.

Mendez St. 1325: $278,000, Andrew J. Holmes and Jennifer C. Jenkins Holmes to Olivia Anne Gioe and Stephen George Azcona.

Mirabeau Ave. 4117: $229,900, Harry Joseph Martin to Kirstie Marie Bardell and Naomi Theresa Hill.

Morrison Road 8521: $102,000, Kelvin Norman Dixon to James E. Washington and Joyce Williams Washington.

N. I-10 Service Road 9701: $2,250,000, East Lake Plaza Associates to Mb Nola Real Estate LLC.

N. Dorgenois St. 1523: $245,000, Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church and St. Rose of Lima Inc. to David A. Bell and Natasha Naquin Whitcher.

N. Miro St. 3147-49: $90,000, Thomas Raymond Brown Jr. to Elizabeth Dawn Sauceda.

N. Robertson St. 1722: $40,000, Ahi Electrical LLC to Gadrel LLC.

N. Roman St. 1508: $330,000, Acimar Fernandez Demoura and Bruna Diniz MacHado to Melissa Ann Barrois and Michael A. Davis.

Oriole St. 1300; St. Bernard Ave. 6421: $587,500, Gary J. French to Merit Watson Shalett and Monte C. Shalett.

Parkwood Court N. 11310: $150,000, Diem Linh Anna Dang and Elena Tran Phan Larkee to Juanita Baptiste Holmes.

Peltier Drive 14310: $58,000, John Vandung Nguyen and Kien Thi Nguyen to Hue T. Nguyen Tran, Hue Thi Nguyen and Steven Tran.

Piety Drive 5141: $38,500, Angela V. Lastie Morrell, David Lastie Jr., Ingrid Lastie Addison and Yvonne Pajaud Lastie to Marie Aal Valencia and Salvador J. Valencia.

Robert E. Lee Blvd. 2244: $349,500, Leonardo D. De Oliveira and Terry A. Lonatro to Reginald Brown.

Royal St. 3030-32: $480,000, Gary J. Noriea and Gaynell McShan Noriea to Eric J. Jaramillo and Roger L. Martin.

S. Coronet Court 7843: $20,000, Carolita Smith to Real Home Rentals LLC.

S. Coronet Court 7847: $37,500, James E. MacKie to New Beginning Ventures LLC.

Sierra Madre Drive 4719: $12,895, Susan Carr Neussly to Joan D. Carr.

Spain St. 2837; Spain St. 2839: $42,000, Merke Paul Bougere to Damaris L. Garcia Alvarado.

Spain St. 5403: $299,000, Lopeo LLC to Koen Uijttenboogaard and Sofia A. Pena Uuttenboogaard.

St. Anthony St. 6057: $290,000, Jacqueline N. Caporella to Hannah K. Bancroft.

St. Bernard Ave. 2213-15: $51,000, Jerome Lewis to Restoration Nola LLC.

Tricia Court 7631: $120,000, Elaine Eckart Danner and Ernest John Danner Jr. to Courtney Brooke Jones.

Venus St. 4491: $295,000, Allen L. Dejan Jr. and Allison K. Vertovec to Cassi Vancho Dymond.

Wales St. 6761: $126,000, Eric Vigne, Gary Vigne, Gregory J. Vigne, Leslie Vigne Plummer, Sidney Vigne III and Sidney Vigne Jr. to Vernon Vigne.

Warrington Drive 306: $282,500, Juan A. Lafonta to Calvin M. Burns and Rosemarie Nalbone Burns.

Wicicfield Drive 5768: $35,000, Wayne Richard West to Full Circle Homes LLC.

Wickfield Drive 6020: $330,000, Be Rich Enterprise Inc. to Danielle Jenkins Dalson and Edgardo R. Dalson.

Wilton Drive 5502: $57,500, Alan Joseph Nicolich Sr., Marjorie N. Kaufman and Randy Joseph Wallace to J. & W. Builders Group LLC.

Yorktown Drive 7050-7052: $140,000, Blueprint Investment Fund to Delanda Garner.

District 4

7th St. 717-719: $220,000, Henry Page Flanagan Jr. to Patrick Flanagan.

Brainard St. 2231-2233: $356,500, Carlo J. Coniglio to Oscar Creech IV.

Constance St. 2702: $357,000, Cara Zorzi Bergendahl to Nicholas Francis MacKay and Olivia Maria Baratta MacKay.

Eighth St. 1302: $1,025,000, Quarter Moon Properties LLC to Gabriel S. Bundick and Robin Ardoin Bundick.

Jackson Ave. 1430: $310,000, Mary Barker Gaubert and Steve Gaubert to John Price McNamara and Susan Nunnally McNamara.

Josephine St. 2833: $10,000, First Evangelist Housing and Community Development Corp. and First Evangelist Housing and Community Development Corporation of New Orleans to Danton Haardt Moses.

Loyola Ave. 3233: $325,000, Bruce Brice II, Eben C. Brice, Jacqueline Sobie Brice, Rachel Brice Scott, Ramona Brice Bernard to Chester Development LLC.

Magazine St. 2409-2411: $700,000, Lara E. White Staves and Patrick Lee Staves to Kelly Cartwright Schiro and Michael Anthony Schiro.

Magnolia St. 2304-2306: $146,000, Corey T. Franklin to Brandi A. Ramagos.

S. Rocheblave St. 2713-15: $47,000, Jacqueline Davis Coates and Roosevelt Coates to 2713 South Rocheblave St. LLC.

District 5

Abalon Court 424: $42,500, Denessa Devina Degannes Bardell to 242 Abalon Development LLC.

Berkley Drive 4646: $65,000, Avalea Turpin Hammond and Stephen M. Hammond Jr. to Brittany Picolo Ramos and Marco Antonio Ramos.

Blair St. 3218: $45,000, Jo Ann Trufant Williams, Joicelyn Trufant, Leon Trufant and Rodney Trufant to Unnisha S. Paige.

Elmira St. 513-517: $20,000, Martin McTeer Roberts to Iris Elizabeth Boudreaux Gottschalk.

Erickson Ave. 4141: $25,000, Curtis Lee Wheeler and Susan James Wheeler to Brittany Picolo Ramos and Marco Ramos.

Hendee St. 501-503: $23,000, Rfr Realty LLC to J. Lindner Properties LLC.

Joycelyn Drive 4430-4432: $60,000, Tuyet Hoa Thi Pham to Hien Ngoc Pham.

Inwood Ave. 3734: $203,000, Natiya Joseph Jones to Zakkiyah K. Metoyer.

Lauradale Drive 1101: $60,000, Frances Bolds Hooker and Frances Bolds Jordan to Gloria A. Diggs.

Mimosa Court 3620: $215,000, Jeannette Lagarde Boyer to Quanna Wallace.

Oxford Place 6020: $161,725, Janice Lilly Gelband and William Robert Lilly II to Bryanna Michelle Leger.

Pin Oak Ave. 3639: $235,000, Elizabeth Tonsmeire Eastin to Jeffrey Ian Wilson and Sarah Kimball Wilson.

Pittari Place 3132: $5,710, City of New Orleans to Perry P. Hogan.

Post Oak Ave. 3560: $245,000, Ricardo White and Terrilyn Brown White to Harris Martin and Marchelle F. Martin.

Public Road 1376601; Willow Drive 11539: $143,000, Kronlage Family Limited Partnership to Quentin Chance Prout.

Slidell Ave. 601: $363,995, Bargeboard LLC to Brandon Tyler Worthington and Sarah Emily Stern.

Slidell St. 500: $185,000, Charles John Dixon Sr. and Elnora Borne Dixon to Ismo Rantala and Petra Soderling Rantala.

Wimbledon Court 5501: $235,000, Telley Savalas Madina to Kristy J. Johnson.

District 6

Annunciation St. 5601-03: $603,250, A. & N. Developers LLC to Michael Alton Carter.

Audubon St. 111: $100, 111 Audubon Street LLC to Mary Lee Lavender Gibson and White E. Gibson III.

Calhoun St. 3146: $575,000, Regal Crown LLC to Tam Realty LLC.

Constance St. 4518: $534,000, Casey Andrew Burka to Charell Dana Arnold Stow Serge and Christopher Stow Serge.

Constance St. 5030: $410,000, Valmont Investments LLC to Bryan Johnathan Dodge Jr. and Jennifer Roberts Dodge.

Delachaise St. 3509-11: $253,500, Mfa Properties LLC and T. & T. Real Estate Development LLC to Kathleen Lange McAnulty Burke and Kevin M. Burke.

Eleonore St. 1330: $894,120, George H. Porter III and Virginia Pillow Porter to Maria Isabel Iacona Hermid.

General Pershing St. 2836: $55,000, Lynn Diane Hammond Ray and Troy M. Ray Sr. to Dreamality LLC.

General Pershing St. 2836: $140,000, Dreamality LLC to Lh Construction LLC.

General Taylor St. 3104-06: $143,000, Enretam LLC to Gerson Properties LLC.

Henry Clay Ave. 1121-23: $625,000, Mary Cade Stockmeyer to Mark Alan Banta and Sarah Stockmeyer Banta.

Joseph St. 1334: $499,000, Carolyn Jones Sanchez, Jason David Sanchez, Walton Sanchez and Yoko Toda Sanchez to Ryan H. Peters.

Laurel St. 4811-4813: $575,000, Jonathan W. Sherwood to Pennucci Anderson Family Trust and Pensco Trust Company LLC Custodian Fbo Kevin A. Anderson Sep.

Loyoal Ave. 6224: $867,500, Carole R. Haber Rothstein to Nicole Tournillon Westerfield and Wayne L. Westerfield.

Prytania St. 3308: $180,000, Douglas E. Lichtenberger and Kimberly Banks Lichtenberger to Bruce Cernicky, Carol Cernicky and Carol McKelvey Cernicky.

S. Saratoga 3519-21: $85,000, Seaneco L. Alexander Tropez to Ct3 Properties LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 4436: $210,000, Elizabeth Claire Duplantier Heffron and Victoria Elizabeth Heffron to Kristy Askam Catlin.

Upperline St. 1834-36: $795,000, Geraldine Parrino Calonje and Mario Arnoldo Calonje to Paul D. Zito and Stephanie Cole Zito.

Upperline St. 2828-2830: $140,000, Ha Lo Investments LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

District 7

16th St. 407: $150,000, Katherine Wilkinson Oleary and Timothy Patrick Oleary to Schmidt Construction Co. Inc.

34th St. 204: $428,000, Lindsey Sire Gaudet and Sean T. Gaudet to Natalee Rose Lewis Rokayak and Yahya A. Rokayak.

40th St. 414: $472,000, Christine Watson Morris and John Clyde Morris IV to Nancy Goodman Moragas.

Ave. A 6469: $358,000, Ellen Collins Meyers and Michael B. Meyers to Aimee Andrepont and Jon S. Decuir Jr.

Bellaire Drive 107: $100, Louis J. Munster to Craig B. Clasen and Susan Ripley Clasen.

Birch St. 8123: $305,000, Raymond L. Bankston to Emily Maple Dynan and Philip Scott Goldberg.

Cambronne St. 1800-1802: $205,000, Delores Vinnett Brown, Jerry Vinnett, Oscar J. Vinnett III and Terri Vinnett Brown to Carolyn Liggin Johnson.

Derbes St. 7015: $445,000, Katie S. Forbes to Kevin J. Mesa.

Hay Place 250: $317,000, Regan Cartwright Matherne to Courtney Alexandre Ruli, Jack P. Ruli Jr. and Joan Hooper Ruli.

Joliet St. 1500: $405,000, Kendall Andrew Gallman to Richard H. Hill and Sandra Belokin Hill.

Monroe St. 1419 -21: $335,000, Barre Mcneely Investments LLC to Jordan Lashley Stribling and Reid A. Stribling.

Monroe St. 2520: donation, no value stated, Clarence A. Gilyard to Wanda Lovelady Salter.

Oak St. 8616: $680,000, Richard D. Inglese to Joseph K. Hasson and Mary E. Lake Hasson.

Olive St. 7713-15: $40,000, Claretha Allen Hartford and Nathaniel Hartford to Katayon Alael and Katayon Ebrahimpour.

S. Claiborne Ave. 7918: $465,300, Elizabeth A. Porretta and Elizabeth Porretta Dobard to Freddie Z. Boyer.

Short St. 3033: $225,000, Yma LLC to Ajj Rental LLC.

Spencer Ave. 204-06: $300,000, Estate of Rose Thurston to Le Property Group LLC.