Clinton D. Ruiz sold this home at 128 Fried St. in Gretna to Glenn N. Leblanc for $267,000.


Transfers for Sept. 20-27


Anne Drive 105: Arnaldo L. Ortiz III to Walter Mills Jr. and Denitta R. M. Larkins, $142,000.

Blance Drive 161: Clydel Stiles and Steven F. Stiles to Round Table Real Estate Investment Group LLC, $48,000.

JS Brady Annex subdivision, lot 4, square 2: Geraldine Firven, Brenetta L. Firven, Michael S. Firven and Leon R. Firven to Isaiah M. Firven Jr., donation.


Davis Plantation subdivision, lot A: Gerald J. Granier to Rachel M. Fryou, $137,000.


5th Street 183: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Samuel Lopez, donation.


Cassagne Park, no further data: Patricia M. G. Cassagne, Myrion B. Cassagne, Kendalyn C. Besson, Gail A. Cassagne, Gabriel J. Cassagne Jr., Catherine L.C. Miller, Carol M. C. Theriot, Vance P. Cassagne, Pearl B. Richthofen, Susan C. Hymel and Craig P. Cassagne

Jr. to Alphonse G. Cassagne III, $5,000.

Engelbach subdivision, lot 19: Jay S. Jambon and Lettie Jambon to Rodney A. Rigaud and Julie A. Pitre, $154,000.

Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 4, square B: James K. Brown & Judith A. Brown Living Trust to Gerard J. Becker and Patricia A. Becker, $175,000.

Grand Terre Island, no further data: Yvonne P. Riethmiller to Christian A. Riethmiller, Madelyn Riethmiller and Alexander C. Riethmiller, donation.

Gulf View subdivision, lot 8, square 4: Wave Length Properties LLC to Jacquelynne M. Siears and Rebecca J. Price, $61,800.

Ocean Beach subdivision, lot 19, square N: Craig M. Cuccia and Lisa L. Cuccia to Kelly D. Bouzigard and Holly P. Bouzigard, $20,000.

Raspberry Lane 161: Joey P. Guillot to Jeffery J. Landgrave, $110,000.

Tropical Landing Addendum 2. subdivision, lot 11, square E: Thomas M. Armstrong and Tina P. Armstrong to Jonathan D. Scallan and Lyndsey T. Scallan, $72,500.


Cook St. 415: Margaret Landry, Lori Westerfield and Kelly Westerfield to Shanna Talamo, $60,000.

Eli Court 1050: Steven Willis to Dianeff H. London, $67,000.

Fried St. 128: Clinton D. Ruiz to Glenn N. Leblanc, $267,000.

Glenbrook Drive 2877: 1405 LLC to Jessie W. Dillard, $139,900.

Heritage Ave. 331: Katheleen O. Watzke and Kathleen Watzke to Leon L. Watzke Jr. and Kenneth P. Watzke Sr., donation.

Jefferson Place,, parcel Q1D, no further data: Retif Westbank Exp LLC to Lapalco Wall Investments LLC, donation.

Lake Aspen W. Drive 3632: Georgean Crosley, Thea Wall and Theodore V. Crosley Jr. to Devon Bank, $375,000.

Lake Kristin Drive 3720: Marilyn O. Diaz and Agapito Diaz to Smail Property Development Ltd LLC, $255,000.

Lapalco Blvd. 424: SMBC Leasing & Finance Inc. to Bridgestone Retail Operations LLC, $2,068,980.77.

Marie Drive 51: Anita Madrazo to Mavis E. Larrimer, $150,000.

Mimosa Drive 3317: Verna Robertson, Lydia Smith, Elwin A. Pinkins, Lawanda Mackey and Jason B. Pinkins to Silvia Damico, $151,000.

Mystic Ave. 725: Cuong V. Do to Juan Cueva, $150,000.

Mystic Ave. 791: Juliet S.B. Acereto to Restoration Nola LLC, $31,500.

New England Court 43: M&T Bank to Mark Diamond, $40,000.

Shadow Lake subdivision, lot 52, square H: Thai D. Vo to Keondra Prevost, $176,000.

Stafford St. 1605: Blanchard Family Irrevocable Trust to Crystal A. Hernandez, $115,000.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot 10, square D: Lfs Investments LLC to Nina Cooper, $81,000.

Village of New Mechuanickham, lot 4, part lot 13, square 24: Kim L. Lacour and Allen J. Lacour Jr. to Baron Construction Co., $130,000.

Willowbrook Drive 712: Eagle Investments Inc. to Adonis B. Washington, $165,000.


23rd St. 1129-1131: Richard J. Chiasson LLC to Erika J. V. Baldelamar and Luis M. Vargase, $100,000.

8th St. 2300: Yen M. Trinh and Huy K. Toung to Making Our Marque LLC, $697,500.

East Sunny Meade Drive 2448: Maria T. D. Justus and Floyd J. Breaux Jr. to Beauchant Angervil and Jennifer Angervil, $158,000.

Elm St. 2020: Terry J. Leonard Jr. to Rebecca S. Leonard, donation.

Kensington Gardens subdivision, lot 11, square D: Mano Limited Partnership to Dareen & Hadeel LLC, $315,000.

Killington Drive 2021: Thuy Vo and Trieu Pham to Tonyell T. Toliver, $150,000.

Lake Bernard Court 30: Kirsten Hummel and Jess Tiller to Kendall Ward, $235,000.

Lake Timberlane Estates Extension 3. subdivision, lot 2, square F: Joanne O. Waite and Dennis S. Waite to Tianna R. Randolph, $189,000.

Max Drive 2645: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to VJ Investments LLC, $47,000.

Max Drive 2908: Joseph B. Taylor and Effie M. Taylor to Sandrelle Johnson, $127,000.

North Deerwood Drive 3804: Karl P. Friedrich, Ruth F. Witte and Jane F. Chatelain to Robert M. Friedrich, donation.

North Village Green St. 2233: Bob V. Dang and Minh N. Bui to David B. Dang, donation.

Pointmere Drive 2409: Luray Holdings LLC to Lester Singleton, $160,000.

S. Deerwood Drive 3804: Prabha Venkatesh and Suryae Venkatesh to Yvonne M. Carter and Deranika M. Carter, $143,500.

South Chipwood Drive 4008: Michael J. Miles to Beth Miles, donation.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 32A, square 95: J. Peter Laborde Jr. and Virginia A. Hootsell to Fred Bonvillian, donation.

Spanish Oaks Drive 2011: Roger J. Lacoste and Judith B. Lacoste to Majd J. Darhammad and Lamiaa I. Darhammad, $197,500.

Telestar St. 2278: Mary Silva and Michael A. Silva to Kristal L. Pinkard and Kevin S. Pinkard, $210,000.

Titan St. 2129: Zaina Salem LLC to Jerome Steadman, $180,000.

Village Green Phase Ii subdivision, lot 77: Geralynn A. C. Swain to Minh N. Bui and Bob V. Dang, $175,000.

Wedgewood Drive 1833: Virginia L. Medick and Christian T. Medick to Miguel R. Lewis and Derrick A. Lewis Sr., $400,000.

Wedgwood Drive 1751: Cuc T. Nguyen to Tam Duong and Thu T. Doan, $355,000.

West Friendship Drive 2520: Eagle Investments Inc. to Chadwick T. Weinmann and Rachel L. Weinmann, $209,000.

Woodmere 8. subdivision, lot 2202, square G1: Elegant Houses LLC to Mirhonda T. Brady and Moses D. Kinchen, $190,000.


Perrin St. 5612: Larry G. Kornbrust and Tracey S. Kornbrust to Ronald Robert and Kaylynn Robert, $135,000.


Acadiana Trace 2732: Otis B. Monahan to Ashley F. Percle and Andrew M. Percle, $344,500.

Anderson Place 5848: Anthony B. Lecour to Donna L. Lewis, $152,000.

Bay View Drive 4441: Christy Lee and Truman Nguyen to Charlene Mitchell, $190,000.

Bayou Oaks Estates subdivision, lot 20: Cody Hunter and Marisa Hunter to CT Homes LLC, $73,028.

Brentwood subdivision, lot 14, square C: Willow LLC to Dsld Homes LLC, $819,000.

Burgess Drive 1341: DSLD Homes LLC to Jaymond Ricard and Valencia Anderson, $264,740.

Cardinal Drive 2821: GMJ Real Estate Investments LLC to Laurie M. Theodore, $137,900.

Cascade Drive 2516: Bebo Realty LLC to Sean Moynihan, $168,000.

Cedarlawn Drive 2716: Herbert H. Boudreaux to Terry J. Leonard Jr. and Rebecca Leonard, $360,000.

Christiana Drive 212: Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2018 2., Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Champion Mortgage Co. to Gloria R. Jackson, $63,000.

Erin Drive 2705: Hin N. Ngai and Ping L. Ngai to Reginald Austin Jr., $127,000.

Fairfield Plantation subdivision, lot G1: Anh T. Hoang to Marengo Property LLC, $40,000.

Fairfield Plantation subdivision, lot G3: Anh T. Hoang to Marengo Property LLC, $75,000.

Ida Plantation subdivision, lot 68B3: Judith B. Fiest and Gerald W. Berry to James M. Berry, donation.

Ida Plantation subdivision, lot 7: Crown Point Properties Inc. to New Orleans Airboat Tours LLC, donation.

Jarrot Drive 2544: Brandon R. Cambre and Wendy L. R. Cambre to Adrienne L. Wheeler, $185,000.

Joy Ann Drive 2524: Germaie M. Louis and Lashanda Louis to Cheryl A. Turner, $119,000.

Leaf Lane 2608: Michael A. Kocsis to Keith M. Delahoussaye, $175,000.

Long Branch Drive 2729: Hidalgo Properties LLC to Lee M. Properties LLC, $159,000.

Luther Drive 2033: Michael A. Odoms Sr. and Ericka G. Odoms to Rhonda R. Hankerson, $122,000.

Marrero Addition subdivision, lot 36B, square 24: Cory J. Orgeron to Scott P. Bourgeois, $185,000.

Meadow Lark Lane 4915: Todd McGovern and Sheila G. McGovern to Ashley B. Duplantis, $275,000.

Randolph St. 5217: Kacie Stelly and Matthew M. Stelly to Luke Ledger, $153,000.

Saint Ann St. 1137: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $95,390.14.

St John Ave. 5844: Lucille Mankel to James T. Workman, $77,000.

St. Jude subdivision, lot 6, square 6: James M. Berry and Gerald W. Berry to Judith B. Fiest, donation.

Sunrise Drive 209: Mary L. M. Olivier, Linda Ledet, Kenneth Moorman and Melanie S. Moorman to Lisa Investments LLC, $70,100.

Tulip Court 3208: Huong N. Dang to Lynn N. Dang, $25,000.

Tulip Court 3208: Huong N. Dang and Long N. Dang to Lee N. Dang, $70,000.

Village Of Marrero subdivision, lot A: James M. Berry and Judith B. Fiest to Gerald W. Berry, donation.

Watling Drive 1824: Sun Realty LLC to Gail D. Love-Scott, $87,000.


Layburn Court 105: Janelle Boudreaux and Stanley W. Francipane to Michaela A. Leman, $184,500.

Terry Parkway 501-03: Dusty Cat LLC to 501 Terry Parkway LLC, $200,000.

Terrytown 6. subdivision, lot 5, square 50: Steven J. Cambre and Renella Cambre to Christopher M. Crain and Daisha Crain, $210,000.

West Butterfly Circle 442: Kimberly Gerberg to Sherrell Fernandez, $129,500.


Helis Drive 381: Michael T. Brady Sr. to Noah Leblue, $60,000.

Laurel Oak Lane 9555: Coast Builders LLC to Martin W. Beerhorst, $296,500.

Live Oak Manor subdivision, lot 4, square 4: Milton Shear to Guizhi Chen, donation.

Live Oak Manor, lot 33, square 12: Jacqueline Favret to John M. Favret, $80,000.

Live Oak Plantation Estates Addition 2. subdivision, lot 2, square C: Reuben Oberry Jr. and Debbie Berry to Darlene Diggs, Darlne J. Piere, Darlene P. Jackson and Jimmie Diggs, $67,000.

Liveoak Manor subdivision, lot 103, square 24: Melanie Kihnel and David Rumbelow to Nikeisha Dunmiles and Terrance Dunmiles, $15,000.

N. Daryl Court 9: Jennifer L. Duplessis and Felix B. Duplessis to Jennifer J. Huber, $179,000.


10th St. 636: Famz Property LLC to Lexi Hamilton and Justin Adams, $94,950.

Cedre Drive 920: Rudy Bourg Jr. to Jewel Cancienne, donation.