• Transfers for JunE 17 TO June 19


  • APACHE DRIVE 633: $240,000, Theodore D. Hanks and Rachel S. Hanks to Lance J. Bourgeois and Ellen R. Bourgeois.
  • DIVISION OF ABITA SPRINGS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Thomas R. Penton to Gregory S. Penton and Evette R. Penton.
  • DIVISION OF ABITA SPRINGS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Gregory S. Penton to Evette Penton Randolph.
  • FOURTH ST. 23028: donation, no value stated, Fay Burleson Payne to Ricky A. Payne and Lauren A. Payne.
  • JULIA ST. 22363: $30,000, Joyce Black to Wendell J. Callahan Jr.
  • NURSERY ST. 72401: donation, no value stated, Nellie L. Gibbs to Velma Buckler.
  • PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT 8-A-1: donation, no value stated, Robert J. Rathe Jr. and Jennifer U. Rathe to Jonathan B. Rathe and Sarah Schlesinger Rathe.
  • SCHOONER PLACE 71151: $189,000, Trinity Rentals LLC to Paul McKelvey and Else McKelvey.
  • SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 12 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $30,000, donation, Earl V. Rohli and Sharon L. Rohli to Daniel J. Rohli and Danielle Boudreaux Rohli.
  • TOWN OF ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $100 and other good and valuable consideration, Khalid A. Alahmed and Stephanie K. Alahmed to Hassan A. Al-Jebouri.


  • AVENUE ST. GERMAIN 1164: $363,000, BMI Construction LLC to Christopher Stephen Myer and Bobbie L. Gallois Myer.
  • BUCKTHORNE PLACE 517: $174,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Megan L. Vetter.
  • COTTAGE GREEN LANE 262: $186,500, Jill N. Waguespack, Shawn E. Neely and Sara Waguespack Trust to Don Richard Labonte and Diane D. Labonte.
  • DERBES DRIVE 181: $200,000, Lynn Crawford Morehouse Jr. to James E. Grimes and Nicole O. Grimes.
  • FIFTH ST. 70064: $165,500, Wayne D. Papania to Robert Devers Anderson and Barbara Fortier Anderson.
  • FORMOSA DRIVE 72155: $147,200, Austin Daugherty and Jaime Guillory to Jessica M. Keown.
  • GARLAND’S COVINGTON & CLAIBORNE ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3-5, 14-16, SQUARE 2: donation, no value stated, George C. Battalora Jr. and Betty S. Battalora revocable trust to George C. Battalora Jr. and Betty S. Battalora.
  • JESSICA WAY 571: $199,725, Coast Builders LLC to Lynn M. Blanchard.
  • MILITARY ROAD 72664: $425,000, George C. Battalora Jr., Betty S. Battalora, George C. Battalora Jr. and Betty S. Battalora revocable trust to Timothy M. Lagarde and Kristin F. Lagarde.
  • PALM PLAZA SUBDIVIION, LOT 1-A: $135,000, KBM Builders LLC to Joe M. Saba and Taylor H. Saba.
  • PENN MILL LAKES BLVD. 341: $179,900, Ethel K. Vanasselberg to Renee D. Drivon.
  • PLACE ST. JULIEN 304: $299,900, Jean Charles-Edouard Ancelet and Arminda M. Ancelet to Patrick M. Rigney and Amanda B. Rigney.
  • SAVANNAH ST. 1419: $337,500, Frank P. Clark and Perry L. Clark to Derek E. Carroll and Angelle E. Delacroix.
  • SECTION 23, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, 10.00 ACRES: $300,000, Anne J. Bailey to Alonzo P.Wilson and Patricia B. Wilson.
  • SIXTH ST. 70040: $79,000, Jeffery S. Bentivegna to William P. Horne and Sharon M. Horne.
  • SUMNER ST. 110: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen D. Cox and Ashley Taylor Olshove.
  • SWALLOW ST. 161: $173,500, Lee Taylor and Veronica B. Taylor to Jeremy J. Webb and Jennifer A. Webb.
  • TERRA BELLA SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-A-4, LOT 176: $160,000, Terra Bella Group LLC to Tomas Golan.
  • THIRD ST. 70509: $154,000, Mary M. Niswonger to Elmer R. Paz Rodriguez and Robin Marie P. Paz.
  • WILKINSON ST. 72349: $147,000, David M. Moeller to Deborah R. Medcraft.


  • MERRYWOOD ESTATES, LOT 105: $34,000, Martin W. Romero and Kristin W. Romero to Wayne J. Landry Jr. and Jacquelyn F. Landry.


  • LUCILLE DRIVE 26605: $256,000, Kenneth Geeting and Cheryl D. Geeting to William F. Fuqua and Patricia M. Fuqua.
  • SECTION 38, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $109,900, Tanner Manor LLC to Alma D. Nicosia and Tammy N. Campo.


  • BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-D-1, LOT 49: $74,818, Bedico Interests LLC to BMI Construction LLC.
  • BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $450,177, Bedico Creek Preserve LLC to Bedico Interests LLC.
  • COQUILLE SUBDIVISON, PHASE 1, LOT 6: $410,000, S&C Development LLC to Manuel Adame.
  • LIVE OAK HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 4: $170,775, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Blair Elizabeth Goodrich.
  • NATCHEZ TRACE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2-B, LOT 125: $131,150, Lonesome Development LLC to Cetanni Construction Co. Inc.
  • SECTION 44, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 10 EAST, LOT 5: donation, no value stated, Juanita Breuille to Charles J. DiGange and Myra DiGange.
  • TAVERNY COURT 69485: $196,900, DSLD Homes LLC to David Bourg Jr. and Toni P. Bourg.
  • TIMBERWOOD LOOP 661: $283,500, Sidney L. Tiblier III and Susan R. Tiblier to Nancy B. Brown.


  • AVENUE B 3336: $73,500, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to HS Property Owner LLC.
  • BROOKSIDE DRIVE 151: $130,000, Clifford J. Welsh Jr. and Susan Bartlett Welsh to Rob-Kay LLC.
  • DESTIN ST. 2238: $167,000, Jackie J. Chauffe Sr., Keith C. Chauffe, Mary C. Haile and Paula C. Sexton to Eula H. Huffman.
  • EAGLE TRACE 24: $650,000, John Price Abernathy and Monique D. Abernathy to Sureshkumar H. Bhatt and Shobhakumari S. Bhatt.
  • FERN CREEK ESTATES, LOT 5: $105,000, Walter J. Lark Jr. and Jacqueline F. Lark to Aaron D. Martin and Amanda R. Martin.
  • GREENLEAVES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 6, LOT 18: $239,900, Jose Tomas Mulleady and/or Celia A. Mulleady revocable living trust to Michael J. Katsorchis and Cathy O. Katsorchis.
  • KISKATOM LANE 686: $420,500, Samuel R. Staggers to Joseph F. Skuba and Kathryn L. Dunaway.
  • LAKESHORE DRIVE 1923, UNIT C: $165,000, Dan R. Durham III and Suzanne C. Durham to Glenn M. Mediamolle and Winona T. Mediamolle.
  • MIRABEAU PLACE 112: no value stated, Fordham-Thompson Development LLC to Town-N-Country Homes LLC.
  • PINEVIEW HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 6, 7, SQUARE 9: $48,000, Succession of Helen Marie Glancy Outen to Level Investments LLC.
  • ROSEWOOD ST. 301: donation, no value stated, Marshall P. Russell to Heather M. Russell.
  • SECTION 44, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $35,000, Richard H. Hollins to Lake Lot Development Co. LLC.
  • SHORT LOOP 708: $252,000, Eric P. Butler and Courtney V. Butler to Short Loop LLC.
  • TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Ricardo Salvador Stockstill, Warren John Stockstill III and Sharman Stockstill Tape to Lizbeth Mendez Stockstill.
  • TUPELO TRACE 74: $515,000, William Robert Slate and Linda Binkley SlateE to Andrew F. Biggs and Candice Denise Biggs.
  • VIOLA ST. 1408: $115,000, Karen W. Sutherland to Michael H. Jorns Jr.
  • WEBSTER ST. 2501: $94,500, Iberiabank to Thomas A. Lascsak and Paula Lentz Lascsak.
  • WELDON PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 9, SQUARE 8: $155,000, Succession of Henry F. Yoder and succession of Laura P. Yoder to S&M Endeavors LLC.


  • FOURTH ST. 430: $103,674, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • MICHELLE ESTATES, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, James R. Berry and Wanda L. Berry revocable living trust to Susan B. Mayo, Deborah B. Caminita, Pamela B. Casper and Lori A. Barnett.
  • SAWMILL CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, PORTION OF GROUND: $25,000, Whitney National Bank to Sara E. Witherell.
  • SECTION 23, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 14 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $80,000, donation, Thelma a. Price, Zandra A. Chambers, Janice A. Mulder, Patrice Andrews Richard, Reginald Goins, Pamela Goins Benson and Sonya Andrews to Clarence Andrews.
  • SECTION 39, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 14 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, John Warren Crawford to Terry D. Anglin.
  • VILLAGE OF GUTHRIE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 9, 10, SQUARE 50: $18,500, Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes and Debra Gaye Garrett Levis to Velma B. Serpas.


  • SECTIONS 28, 29, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 14, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Gregory Scott Penton and Evette Penton Randolph to Thomas Ray Penton.


  • ANNA ST. 138: $184,000, Bobby E. Benton and Millie Benton to Jonathan A. Buckley and Jennifer S. Buckley.
  • CASTLE DRIVE 110: $126,900, Angelique T. Williams to Jeffrey Neal Stanley.
  • CAWTHORNE DRIVE 128: $124,900, Catherine Lobue to Dustin T. Smith and Lindsey A. Mendez.
  • CONSTELLATION DRIVE 211: $316,500, Salvador J. Judice and Sharon Judice to Steve L. Gros and Connie C. Gros.
  • ELLWOOD CIRCLE 105: $57,600, Terry Cardaro and Jo Ann Scalise Cardaro to William R. Fortenberry and Bettye C. Fortenberry.
  • EVELLA DRIVE 227: $150,000, Kenneth E. Howes and Joan P. Howes to 227 Evella LLC.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 433 54099: $166,900, Mark S. Lawson to Paul B. Bair and Lori C. Bair.
  • MAPLE AVE. 57372: $154,531, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Meadow Lake Drive West 3658: $183,500, Michael R. Lightfoot and Andria S. Lightfoot to Richard T. Griffin and Sara B. Griffin.

  • PALERMO DRIVE 310: $249,449, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Associaton.
  • PORTSIDE LANE 310: $499,000, Jimmy G. Hanna to Mark Stephens and Jo Lynn G. Stephens.
  • RUE BRENDA 402: $266,000, Robert C. Bay, Sharon C. Bay and Mary Lou L. Bay to Lindsey M. Lowery and Jonathon D. Lowery.
  • RUE CHARLEMAGNE 125: $235,000, Michael R. King and Cheritha G. King to David S. Castaing.
  • SALT BAYOU SUBDIVISION, LOTS 13, 15, SQUARES O, Q: donation, no value stated, Jerry E. Whitman and Nona P. Whitman to Jerry E. Whitman and Nona Peterson Whitman revocable living trust.
  • SECTION 18, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 15 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $35,000, Lamont L. Murphy to Abdul J. Madison.
  • SPARTAN TRACE BLVD. 102: $172,052, Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • TANGLEWOOD DRIVE 508: $143,000, Johnny W. Wyatt and Tanya B. Wyatt to Anthony M. Estrada Jr. and Maria A. Acosta Estrada.
  • WESTCHESTER PLACE 304: $150,000, Edward A. Thornhill Jr. and Jennifer T. Thornhill to Calvin Coats and Tiffany M. Coats.


  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 40 24104: $92,600, Hillary MCF LLC to Cheryl Ann Meral.
  • OGISE RICHARDSON ROAD 31303: $360,000, St. Tammany Homestead Savings and Loan Association to Martin C. Sigler and Deborah S. Sigler.
  • SECTIONS 39, 40, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 12 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $220,845, Lydoris LLC to Gas Properties LLC.