Transfers for Oct. 29-Nov. 2

District 1

Baronne St. 626: $505,000, 628 Baronne Street Development LLC to Hartgrove Rentals LLC.

Baronne St. 626: $520,000, 628 Baronne Street Development LLC to Peter S. Dimartino.

Baronne St. 626: $515,000, 628 Baronne Street Development LLC to Jeffrey C. Boyne and Lacey M. Godeaux Boyne.

Cleveland Ave. 2527: $346,044, Rodosta Motors Inc. to Divincent Holdings LLC.

Cleveland Ave. 4700-02: $100, Travers Mackel to Brothers of The Christian Schools of New Orleans Inc.

Julia St. 330: $330,000, Huey Fen Song, Samantha C. Huo and Teh Li Huo to Homer J. Dupuy III, Pamela Scarlett Dupuy and Pamela Scarlett John.

Magazine St. 700: $10, Kalorama of New Orleans LLC to Cracklin Properties LLC.

Palmyra St. 2509: $341,000, CTN Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC to Joseph McRae Snowden II and Sabrina Windom Snowden.

S. Dupre St. 723: donation, no value stated, Nicole Prejean Fanguy and Timothy J. Fanguy to Owen Fanguy Trust No 1.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $370,000, Sara Davis Schwarz to John C. Streckfus Jr. and Sue L. Streckfus.

District 2

Bienville St. 3025-3027: $337,000, Marchal Cathleen Rodriguez Brownson and Marchal Cathleen Rodriguez Hirschler to Arthur Ray Collins II.

Bundy Road 4718: $13,000, Richard Green Jr. and Rinetta Green to Miskut Enterprises LLC.

Burgundy St. 837: $350,000, Laura Page Kennedy Rochon and Mark J. Rochon to Dana M. Cornwell Koehn and Dana M. Koehn.

Colbert St. 6404: donation, no value stated, Esteban O. Suarez and Marisabel Gomez Suarez to Joseph A. Rovira and Marisa Suarez Rovira.

Conti St. 2809-2811: $258,000, Wilfred J. Gravois Jr. to Avp2 Interests LLC.

Conti St. 5210-5212: $373,000, Janice Dicicco Schmalz and Kenneth E. Schmalz to Christophe Philippon.

Decatur St. 1237: $470,000, James E. Shields to Christine Weidner Isbell and William Martin Isbell.

Florida Ave. 908: $272,000, Ryan D. Rivault to Ryan N. Prejean.

General Diaz St. 5835: $336,000, Jamie Elizabeth Trahan Poche and Mitchell Louis Poche to Candice Quates Kirby and William Clay Kirby.

Memphis St. 5323-25: $385,000, Jamie Gagliano Singer and Randal F. Singer to Eve Sanders Kazik.

N. Dorgenois St. 1023: $305,000, Renola LLC to Dylan Armstrong Wade.

N. Miro St. 1108-1112: $296,000, Leah Graham Vautrot Perry to Jeremy Potter and Maxwell Potter.

N. Tonti St. 416: $295,000, Yacc Pack LLC to Dominique C. Cannelongo and Ruth L. Gilwit Cannelongo.

Orleans Ave. 6330: $190,000, Aida Deemer Kansas and Alan F. Kansas to Candice Pfister Arnett.

Ursulines Ave. 2519: $85,000, Erich W. Soraghan to Sam Restoration of New Orleans II LLC.

Walker St. 527: $395,000, Eileen Reid Laplante and William Laplante to Jamie Elizabeth Trahan Poche and Mitchell Louis Poche.

District 3

Agriculture St. 2317-2319: $11,200, Barbara Jean Wilson Causey and Barbara Jean Wilson Ruffin to James Carroll Butler Sr. and Joycelyn Lindsay Butler.

Allen St. 4514: $299,000, Tknolas Iinvestments LLC to Matthew C. Henry and Stephanie Stidham Henry.

Annette St. 4317: $163,500, Timothy J. Bell to Ronnie J. Brown Sr.

Baccich St. 5938-40: $30,000, Lawrence Waldo Blunt III, Lisa Daggs Blunt and Monique Marie Blunt to Gaynelle Stewart Davis and Patrick Lamar Davis.

Baccich St. 6421: $209,000, Isl Investments LLC to Princess E. Bornes.

Bonita Drive 4500-02: $140,000, Evangeline Smith Marin and Julian E. Marin to Latoya Daniels.

Brutus St. 1923: $12,000, Martha S. Lyle to Ant Promotions LLC.

Bullard Ave. 4944: $165,000, Donald J. Belsom and Lorraine Ann Gremillion Belsom to An Nguyen and Thao Tam Nguyen.

Caffin Ave. 818-20: $194,000, Barbara J. Rouzan Harness and Randy L. Harness to Tamarie Hall.

Camberley Drive 7040: $279,000, Earlean Fredieu King to Lolita Fox Rodgers and Shannon F. Rodgers.

Castiglione St. 3242-3244: $377,000, Cag & Ikg Holdings LLC to Dale Andrew Derischebourg.

Chatham Drive 22a; Chatham Drive 24: $143,000, Amanda Osburne Delaup and Andrew Michael Delaup to Kwame T. Autman and Shelly Chapital Autman.

Chef Mentuer Highway 26308: $285,000, Janet Strain Caminita and William Michael Caminita to Melanie Cheek Trahan and Troy Michael Trahan Sr.

Clouet 730; Dauphine St. 3060: no value stated, 3060 Dauphine Street LLC to 3060 Partners LLC.

Clouet St. 1613: $190,000, Magnolia Rayford McLaughlin to Frank A. Antonetti.

Concord Place 7707: $67,000, Dunia Attaway and Troy Attaway to Yvette Jones.

Corsica Place 4834: $128,000, Adrienne M. Yates to Delci Gloribel Mendoza Herrera Buruca and Odir Emilio Buruca.

Coventry St. 6721: $179,500, Byron Lee Isaac and Patricia Lindsey Isaac to Mallory L. Turner.

Creighton Place 7501: $60,000, Lynette M. Matthew Chandler to Anthony C. Antoine and Nelda Young Antoine.

Curran Boulevard 8731-33: donation, no value stated, Chante Antoinette Powell Pierre to Frank James Bivens III.

Dauphine St. 4111: $385,000, Christian Evan Rodriguez and Katie Lavigne Rodriguez to Kim Plescia.

Desire St. 1924: $54,700, Sean O. Curtis to Arcenia Ellis Green.

Eads St. 2322: $6,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Dmq LLC.

Eastover Drive S. 5501: $46,000, Tuan Anh Nguyen to Bill Vo and Sa Thi Nguyen.

Edna St. 2763: $130,000, Ann Marie Etienne Bennett to Calvin St. George Edwards and Sonia Richards Edwards.

Elysian Fields Ave. 1300-1302; Urquhart St. 2131: $170,000, Ellajean Jackson Ward, Hillery Jackson, Israel Jackson, Letha Jackson, Mindy Jackson and Rufus Jackson Jr. to Valene Developments LLC.

Esplanade Ave. 741: $149,900, James P. Peek Jr. and Tracey Gold Peek to Samuel Richard Stringer.

Forstall St. 2238: $135,000, Brian R. Lacour and Cecilia Caceres Lacour to Travis Sylvester.

Frankfort St. 2717: $171,000, 9205 5th Street LLC to Bryanna Cheneay Frazier.

Frenchmen St. 3135: $140,000, Jose Alex Merino Munoz to Zhane R. Nelson.

Hickman Ave. 7729: $119,000, Ronneisha Bryant Tardy to Keidra M. Brashears.

Kuebel Drive 6300: $150,000, Jose Edin Madrid to Derricka Brown Jones and Tyrohne Jones.

Lafon Drive 4541: $165,000, Tc International LLC to Marinesha Rotisha Green.

Lake Breeze Drive 33: $102,000, George Patrick Cooke to Ronald J. Baudy Sr.

Lake Willow Drive 6813: donation, no value stated, Michael Anthony Andry to Beverly Guillory Andry.

Liberty Terrace 105: donation, no value stated, Clyde Johnson and Ellen Grace Johnson to Sabrina Rochelle Johnson.

Lomond Road 8351: $190,000, Anthony J. Trepagnier and Belinda Aubert Trepagnier to Shontrell L. Johnson.

Mazant St. 1002: $235,000, Richard Jon Cardarelli to Ashland Property Group LLC.

Mazant St. 1212-14: $295,000, L&l Property Holdings LLC to Joseph Niall Kennedy and Lindsey Elizabeth Bock Kennedy.

Milton St. 1290: $24,500, Rene Williams Khalil and Rene Williams Wright to Isl Investments LLC.

Mithra St. 4201: $40,000, Robin Collin to Mcknight Homebuilders LLC.

Music St. 1304: $184,500, D. & W. Holdings 1 LLC to Brian Benadom and Kyle L. Morse.

N. Adams Court 11631: $127,500, Gloria Jean Brown Hicks to Thong Minh Nguyen and Thu Ngoc Tran Nguyen.

N. Derbigny St. 2215-17: $78,415, Ryan C. Marcomb LLC to Calypso Properties LLC.

N. Dorgenois St. 2005: $22,000, Us Bank Trust Na As Trustee For Lsf9 Master Participation Trust to Michael Mehiel.

N. Lemans St. 13635-37: $123,000, Duc Nguyen and Tien M. Nguyen to Best Journey LLC.

N. Miro St. 1867: $80,000, Joseph L. Relf Sr. and Shirley Tenette Relf to Relf Group LLC.

N. Rampart St. 2734; St. Ferdinand St. 940: $360,000, Brenda Joyce Packnett and Randy Wayne Packnett to Ey Development LLC.

N. Rampart St. 4817: $25,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to Diamond Living LLC.

Pasteur Blvd. 5738: $190,000, Georgianna Nichole Whitley to Anne Cheek Landsman and Melissa L. Byrd Keitel.

Pauger St. 2915: $60,000, Denise A. Crawford and Nelda Y. Antoine to Lizzell Brooks Williams.

Peace Court 2555: $19,000, Andrew Harrison Feldman and Yelani Reyes Leon Feldman to World Td LLC.

Piety Drive 4943; Piety St. 4943: $177,210, Isl Investments LLC to Danelle Guillory, Danelle Washington Guillory and Myron Guillory.

Port St. 1621: $15,575, In City Us LLC to Nola Wholesale Kings LLC.

Port St. 1621: $100, Nola Wholesale Kings LLC to Baptiste Holdings LLC.

Pressburg St. 1427: $420,000, Keith J. Dugas II to Mitchell L. Murrill.

St. Anthony St. 2317-19: $8,750, John R. Adams and Miguel P. Adams to Timothy J. Adams.

St. Bernard Ave. 5500: donation, no value stated, Thelma Brinson Walker to Thelma & Tony Walker 2018 Trust.

Toulon St. 4900: $55,000, Nhai Thi Hoang Nguyen to Dh & Tl Properties LLC.

Touro St. 1522-24: $71,000, St. Joseph Free Baptist Church to Salem Development LLC.

Tulip St. 4815: $130,000, Cas Properties LLC to Keith Kirkwood.

Vermilion Boulevard 5418-20: $150,000, 5418 20 Vermillion St. LLC to Cdc Properties LLC.

District 4

First St. 719: $10, Heather Rene Merten to Lance Covington Unglesby.

Baronne St. 2832-36: $307,000, Stacy J. Peckham to Kimberly S. Burritt.

Felicity St. 1300-04: $800,000, Jill Keough Nelson and Jill Keough Soeten to Bouligny Acquisitions LLC.

Jackson Ave. 1002: $297,000, Jodie Fink Luther and Jon W. Luther to Maylin Moncada.

Josephine St. 2815: $10,000, Lucille Chatman Davis to Guste Homes Resident Management Corporation.

Mary St. 1117: $170,000, 1117 Saint Mary LLC to Zola Kay LLC.

S. Dorgenois St. 2533-35: $25,000, Daniel T. Baird and Olivia Mandeville Ford to Praxis Group LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 2600: $100,000, Carol Fitzpatrick Priddy to James F. Geary and Lee Ann Ashby Geary.

District 5

Bacchus Drive 2820: $100,000, Smith & Wrights Consulting LLC to Calvin Rucker and Sharon Garrus Rucker.

Belleville St. 611: $308,000, Chris P. Lapeyrouse to Melysa Myerscough.

Brighton Place 5747: $160,000, Lejon Miquel Roberts and Natashia Goins Roberts to Telley S. Madina Sr.

Cypress Grove Court 190: donation, no value stated, Frank James Bivens III to Chante Antoinette Powell Pierre.

Eugenie Court 43: $189,000, Janet K. Taylor Stock Trust to Alfonso Torrescallazo.

Evergreen St. 1923: donation, no value stated, Debra Couresault Bullard to Clarence L. Courseault and Tiffany Brown Courseault.

Fairway Oaks Drive 27: $369,900, Lorraine Metzler Brenckle to Kathy Cazaubon Dauterive and Rene C. Dauterive Jr.

Halsey Ave. 2633: $87,500, Barbara Dean Lege, Cynthia Lege Dolan, Dawn Lege Premik and Howard A. Lege Jr. to Elegant Houses LLC.

Harbour Town Court 20: $50,000, Adriana Zapata Zabaleta and Jovanny Zabaleta to Martin Hal Peake.

Hudson Place 2529: $208,000, John G. Fiegel to Daniel Morriz Holstein and Kelsey Ariel Hieitmeier.

Inwood Ave. 3700: $295,000, Carol Marie Anderson Friedman and James P. Friedman to Victoria Ngoc Hoan Vu Nguyen.

Macarthur Blvd. 5808: $185,000, Kathryn Yowell Wendel to Bernice E. Jones Ashby.

Olivier St. 623: $310,000, Ronald L. Young Jr. and Vanessa Medlock Young to Daniel Peter Fletcher and Sarah Petters Fletcher.

Ptolemy St. 512-14: $123,000, Archie H. Martin III and Barbara Wahden Martin to Rodney Martin Johnson Jr.

Shirley Drive 1738-40: donation, no value stated, Joaquin Ros and Maria Nell De La Crus Ros to Carlos A. Ramirez.

Tita St. 1617: $37,000, Cynthia Marie Crosbie, Delores Sahf Crosbie and James Morton Crosbie IV to Peter Nelson.

Vallette St. 540-542: $380,000, Jodi Kamps Varela and Roberto Enrique Varela to Victoria Voelker Bristol and William Joseph Bristol.

Yellowstone Drive 49: $204,000, Louie O. Smothermon Jr. to Norma Jean Weaver.

District 6

Amelia St. 2425-27: $87,550, 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

Audubon St. 111: donation, no value stated, Mary Lee Lavender Gibson and White E. Gibson III to Gibson Family Trust.

Audubon St. 2417: $417,000, Alan W. Karr and Corey A. Witte to Sarah Scott Vizard.

Calhoun St. 2210: $825,000, Alma Joanne Gates McConnell and Marilyn C. McConnell Gates to Administrators of The Tulane Educational Fund.

Calhoun St. 3613-15: $324,000, Coliseum Holdings LLC to Connor Tomlinson Chestnut and Murphy John Foster Chestnut IV.

Foucher St. 1722-24: donation, no value stated, Eileen Saulsbury, Monique Webber and Rena Edwards to Eugene Hills.

General Pershing St. 2305: donation, no value stated, David C. Kimberly and Nancy Lee Wolfe Kimberly to Christian B. Pokorn.

General Pershing St. 4216-4218: $29,667, Edward Taylor Jr. to Sandra G. Jones.

Laurel St. 4027: $768,000, Marsden Leverich Moran and Vicki Gustini Moran to Edward Jerome Flynn and Jan Marsha Kasofsky Flynn.

Napoleon Ave. 3852-54: $315,000, Carly A. Kacvinsky to Geraldine Broussard Baloney.

Peniston St. 1900; Peniston St. 1908: $500,000, 1908 Peniston LLC to 1900 Peniston Street LLC.

Peniston St. 1925: $511,000, Bank of America National Association to Marclan Enterprises LLC.

S. Galvez St. 5417: $610,000, Cynthia Andry Pendleton and Robert T. Pendleton to Rachel Larkin Perlstein Janes and Titine Gaiennie Janes.

S. Prieur St. 4916-18: $165,000, Fay Armstrong Walker and Troy J. Walker to Amanda Musso.

Vincennes Place 3443: $460,000, Rachel Larkin Perlstein Janes and Titine Gaiennie Janes to Anne P. Birdsong Knister and Terrence K. Knister.

District 7

10th St. 157: donation, no value stated, John Paul Jaubert to Ashley Robertson Jaubert.

12th St. 159: $165,000, Louis Harold Orduna Jr. to Albert J. Schmolke Jr. and Suanne Fieramusca Schmolke.

Avenue B 6466: $464,500, Glen D. Wood to Mostafa Aboulseoud and Raven Aboulseoud Williams.

Belfast St. 9125-27: donation, no value stated, Delance Vanderhorst to Pamela Gie Vanderhorst.

Hollygrove St. 1615: $220,000, MLM Mlm Holdings LLC to Lianna Lindberg Patch.

Dante St. 1720-22: $294,500, Cathy Dube Ritter and Neil G. Ritter to Jill Keough Nelson and Jill Keough Soeten.

Jeanette St. 8818: $230,000, Barnes Childrens Trust LLC to Marilyn Norton O'Neal.

Leonidas St. 1824: donation, no value stated, Sidney A. Holmes to Keith Darby.

Lowerline St. 2226: $425,000, Rosemarie Howell Coffman to Mary Elizabeth Anderson O'Hara and Thomas O'Hara.

Monticello Ave. 1719: $350,000, Property West LLC to Christopher J. Craine.

Oak St. 8416: $375,000, Dixie Miner McIlwraith to Lisa Rosenbaum.

Oakland Drive 6505: $704,000, Walter R. Abbott Jr. Testamentary Trust to Heather Millican Doyle and John W. Doyle Jr.

Pontchartrain Boulevard 5066: $126,000, Walter R. Abbott Jr. Testamentary Trust to Heather Millican Doyle and John W. Doyle Jr.

St. Charles Ave. 7444: $199,000, Wilkinson Row Interests LLC to Lannis Lee Tynes Jr. and Susan Fournet Tynes.