St. John the Baptist Parish property transfers for July 21-July 25 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Galen A. Barnard and Dolly Mahabir Barnard sold this home at 1808 Tiffany Drive in LaPlace to Vanessa Joseph Winchester for $121,987.




  • OAK POINT DRIVE 510: $121,800, Bank of America, N.A. to Maneet Singh.
  • WALNUT STREET 524: $76,000, Donation by Suzanne M. Schexnayder, Donor, Connie Schexnayder Rutherford, Donor, and John C. Brady and Jeanette Schexnayder Brady, Donee.
  • WALNUT STREET 522: $90,000, Donation by Jeanette Schexnayder Brady, Connie Schexnayder Rutherford, Donor and Suzanne M. Schexnayder, Donee.
  • WINDSOR DRIVE 1400 UNIT 4A: $110,000, Shaun M. Lamonte to Michael P. Wright.
  • CARROLLWOOD AVENUE 1500: $109,000, Kent Louis Roussel, Sr. and Deborah Guedry Roussel to Tramaine L. Simoneaux.
  • SAINT JAMES PL 324: $33,000, LNV Corporation to Alisa Hutchinson.
  • OAK POINT DRIVE 465: $209,500, Brian Louis Florane and Rebecca Lynn Hood Florane to Jonathon Hardy Smith and Danielle Jackson Smith.
  • TIFFANY DRIVE 1808: $121,987, Galen A. Barnard and Dolly Mahabir Bernard to Vanessa Joseph Winchester.
  • ELLERSLIE AVENUE 1401: $126,000, William G. Terry, Jr. and Sylvia Arnold Terry to Erin Bacas Remondet.
  • LAFRENIERE DRIVE 1523: $149,371, Standard Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • CHAMPION DRIVE 2160: $216,000, Panzavecchia Properties, LLC to Jacqueline Lindsey Hagan, wife of /and Darrell W. Hagan.
  • SOMERSET STREET 137: $210,000, Mary Lillian Winters Ruppe to Corey Joseph Cotton and Raquen Martin Cotton.
  • LEMOYNE DRIVE 745: $122,000, Marion Maney Jackson and Michael Jackson to Brian J. Andino.
  • YORKTOWNE DRIVE 2732: $115,299, Standard Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • FAIRWAY DRIVE 909: $150,121, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.


  • W. 7TH STREET 268: $120,000, Rebecca Teate Brock to Ian Michael Melancon.
  • LOT NO. 6 AND THE NORTH PORTION OF LOT NO. 7 IN BLOCK NO. 2 AND WEST 9TH STREET 125: $145,000, Scott Michael Luminais to Brian F. Cancienne, Jr.


  • HISTORIC WEST STREET 192: $95,000, Wallace Martin, Sr. and Alice Jane Martin to Keith Daryl Bentley, II.


  • PARCEL E SECTION 18 TOWNSHIP 11 SOUTH RANGE 8 EAST: $400,000, Lacroix Cellular, LLC, Nathaniel P. Phillips, Jr., Edmund McIlhenny, Jr., Anne B. McIlhenny Gardiner, Louise W. McIlhenny Riddleberger and Henry Chaffe McIlhenny to Bayou Lodging, LLC.
  • LOT 21, SQUARE E, NEW ERA PLANTATION SUBDIVISION: $63,000, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to GMRC Properties, LLC.
  • LOT 154, LAKESHORE ESTATES, INC: $10,000, Martha Fisher Bridges, wife of /and Grovr W. Bridges to Ashley Poe Bridges, wife of /and Joseph Wiley Bridges.