District 1

Annunciation St. 1011-13; Annunciation St. 1049; Poeyfarre St. 920: donation, no value stated, Charles Barrett Smith to Charles Bouanchaud Smith and Emily Flake Smith.

Carondelet St. 335-337; Carondelet Street 339-43: $450,000, 339 Carondelet Holdings LLC to Ellis W. Chambless and Rory Panepinto.

Carondelet St. 335-37; Carondelet St. 339-43: $299,000, 339 Carondelet Holdings LLC to Lawrence James Tedesco Jr.

Erato St. 1525; Erato St. 1527; Erato St. 1553; St. Charles Ave. 1220-24-28: $134,900, Richard C. Sinclair to Gail Pruett Theard and Nelville Leo Theard Jr.

John Churchill St. 610: $540,000, Timothy P. McNeely to James T. Connick.

Julia St. 330: $360,000, 330 Julia Street LLC to Ted M. Falgout & Associates LLC.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $240,000, Kathryn E. Shubert to Vincent John Ebeier.

S. Saratoga St. 1630: $295,000, Gregory J. White and Tracy Pack White to Mark W. Thigpen.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $550,000, Judith Miralda Reese and Robert C. Reese Jr. to Muhammad Khalid.

Telemachus St. 621; Ulloa St. 3707; Ulloa Stret 3701: $100, Alice Jean Beard to Ulloa Tulane LLC.

District 2

Burgundy St. 837: $213,000, Rene Francis Uzee to Chris Thomas Luparella and June M. Carnegie Luparella.

Canal Boulevard 6441-43: $565,000, Tom Andrade to 6441 Canal LLC.Colbert St. 6640: $359,550, Brad Albert Barrois to Kyle G. Gray and Sallie Ellington Thomas.

Conti St. 2227-29: $190,000, 2229 Conti LLC to Joseph Peter Adams.

General Haig St. 6458: $445,000, Sandra Simms Roach to Adrianne M. Leblanc.

General Haig St. 6764: $389,900, Ned Hunter Coleman and Reed Morgan Coleman to Brett Otto Nickel and Rachel Sanders Nickel.

Harrison Ave. 331-33: $330,000, Monsour Realty II LLC to Sanh Van Nguyen Jr.

Hawk St. 49: donation, no value stated, James Leon Dennis to Judith Haik Dennis.

Lakeshore Drive 7300: $404,130, Zayed Realty LLC to Brett Edward Beter.

Madison St. 535: $840,000, Barbara Reilley Athmann and Louis G. Athmann to Jeffrey W. Moore and Susan Hill Moore.

N. Clark St. 223: $489,000, Road Home Solutions LLC to Keith Brian Hodge.

N. Tonti St. 817: $324,900, Andrea Chambers Peters and Kimberly P. Giveans to Lindsay J. Eccles.

Orleans Ave. 3104-06: $297,500, Zachary A. Thomas to Claren N. Jamerson.

Toulouse St. 3021-23: $295,000, Toulouse 3021 LLC to Chloe Elizabeth Raub Shedd and Daniel Timothy Shedd.

$535,500, Brandie Bergeron Dessauer and Michael Patin Dessauer to American International Relocation Solutions LLC.

$525,000, American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Andrew Woodroof and Mia Woodroof.

District 3

Adventure Ave. 7620: $137,500, El Roi Properties LLC to Akeem J. Langham and Alexie D. Gaddis.

Alabama St. 7643-45: $150,000, Jared L. Powell to Bryant Gair and Odelia Nixon Gair.

Andry St. 2033: $5,600, Michael T. Chimento to Tommie Lee Jones and Vera Mae McCollum Jones.

Annette St. 2705-2707: $125,000, Keia M. Stepter to Chris Freeman.

Babylon St. 5960-62: $6,000, Richard J. Ganucheau to Nola East LLC.

Baccich St. 5401: $35,000, Raljean Haines Henderson to Saiglann LLC.

Bill St. 8541-43: donation, no value stated, Kevin Branche Sr. to Lavern Branche.

Campus Boulevard 6312: $174,500, SBP Real Estate Inc. to Jon B. Hansen.

Eads St. 5708: $127,000, Building A. Better New Orleans LLC to Thomas Williams Alexander III.

Elysian Fields Ave. 2814; Elysian Fields Ave. 2828: $725,000, Elysian Fields Storage LLC and Syed Sami to Gino Romano Ray and Malinda Ochoa Ray.

Elysian Fields Ave. 5754: $80,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to Millennium Home Solutions Inc.

Elysian Fields Ave. 5804: $47,500, Thomas Peter Ragas to Austin Venture Properties LLC.

Elysian Fields Ave. 5804: $80,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to Millennium Home Solutions Inc.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Donna Smith to Reginald Browne.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,500, Marilyn K. Ray to Michael Saile.

Flood St. 1817: $9,000, Joycelyn Jagers Williams to Elevate Real Estate Professionals LLC.

Franklin Ave. 5537: $65,000, Gregory K. Voigt and Kellye Smith Voigt to Walden Investment LLC.

Frenchmen St. 519: $244,606, New Orleans Timeshare LLC to Intercity Escrow Services

Jourdan St. 1005-07: $270,000, Maori Investments of The Gulf Coast LLC to Theodore Pearson Marks and Vanessa Leah Nelson Marks.

Lapeyrouse St. 2017: $359,600, Shannon A. Jung to Molly Esther Sonenklar.

Lesseps St. 1842; N. Prieur St. 4226-26 1/2; N. Prieur St. 4228-28 1/2: $13,000, AZ Holdings LLC to Mendez Holdings 1842 Lc.

Martin Luther King Blvd. 2526-28: $65,000, Central City Housing Development Corp. to Danton H. Moses.

Middleboro Road 8941-8943: $150,000, Barbara J. Baker and Deborah A. Baker to Derryn M. Thomas.

Mirabeau Ave. 1483: $189,000, Regions Bank to Christine Dexter.

Moore Drive 4920: donation, no value stated, Edwick Flowers and Kenney Flowers to Charon Flowers Maple.

Music St. 4710: donation, no value stated, Edward Vernon Johnson Jr. to Dionne Minor Adams.

N. Broad St. 1743-45: $11,093.83, Tanya Capriotti Dimarco to Burnett Property Development LLC.

N. Claiborne Ave. 2021-23: $185,000, Tyra Ricks Gonzalez and Tyra Ricks Jefferson to Sean Svetlik.

N. Coronet Court 7810: $20,000, Marino Homes LLC and Marino Investments LLC to Aqar LLC.

N. Johnson St. 6221: $78,000, Pennie Tucker George to Leah E. Guey.

N. Robertson St. 1724: $90,000, Samantha Gebhard Jeanfreau and Shane Jeanfreau to Kurt R. Munstedt.

N. Rocheblave St. 1846-48: $200,000, Earnest W. Ricks and Tyra Ricks Jefferson to Newton J. Gordon and Pamela Jackson Gordon.

N. Tonti St. 2027-29: $45,000, Cathy A. Roberts to Ben Holdings LLC.

N. Villere St. 1522: $320,000, Chikita Blanchard Foucha and Stephen G. Foucha to Timothy T. Mink.

Old Spanish Trail 20601-03: $30,000, Hildrith Wegener III and Robin Lubrano Wegener to A.D. Geoghegan III and Susan Price Geoghegan.

Oneida St. 7950: $145,000, Chongsheng Zhu, Grace Sunshine Realty LLC and Lanjuan Zhao Zhu to Steven A. Rhodes.

Pratt Drive 4800; Pratt Drive 5015: $480,000, C. & An Investments LLC to Brian Mark Summa and Delila Omerbasic Summa.

Rhodes Drive 4969-71: $9,500, Richard Marie Hymes Prevost and Stacey L. Prevost Santiago to Observe LLC.

Trafalgar St. 3606: $125,000, Francis X. Fenasci Sr. and Melba D. Bird Fenasci Trust and Joseph G. Sanderson to Jason Albert Steger.

Treasure St. 2163: $145,000, Omar Diaz to Allen J. Villarrubia.

Turnberry Drive 131: $310,000, Doing Without LLC to Deshon Berry Debose and Rudolph A. Debose Jr.

Warrington Drive 501: $47,000, Casey Ann Merkle Sullivan, Christian Paul Sullivan to Clayton Ventures LLC.

Warrington Drive 5292: $361,500, R2h Investments LLC to Danielle Antionette Ashby Mbodj and Fatimata Octavia Mbodj Ashby.

Whitmore Place 7008: $70,500, US Small Business Administration to Taddese Bariagaber.

Willowbrook Drive 5089: donation, no value stated, Long Vu and Vi Nguyen Vu to Chuyen Viet Vu and Ngot Thi Nguyen Vu.

District 4

7th St. 9357: $425,000, Camille Rainer Breland to Benjamin Bailey Garnett and Christopher Garnett Bailey.

Fourth St. 722-724: $465,000, Ashleigh B. Flower Wilshire to Megan Nell Youngblood Winegar and Treb H. Winegar.

Philip St. 2721: $85,000, Paulk Properties LLC to Cassandra Joy Walcott.

St. Andrew St. 1329: donation, no value stated, Earl M. Bailey and Mary Barker Bailey to Lauren Adelaide Bailey.

St. Andrew St. 2239: $40,000, Derek A. Marigny to GD Central City LLC.

St. Mary St. 1444-46; St. Mary St. 1452-54: $155,000, Elizabeth C. Staton and Lance R. Staton to Tara Lipinsky Ryba and William Ryba.

District 5

Abalon Court 461: $240,000, Harold V. Ball Jr. and Patrick L. Ball to Edward W. Lambrecht and Nancy F. Lambrecht.

Atlantic Ave. 245: $225,000, Alastair Dennis Jackson to Diana Zoe Samuels.

Bacchus Drive 3421: $47,700, Kenneth J. Mercadal Jr. to Byron A. Vigne.

Delaronde St. 301: $421,500, Kathy Lynn Honaker Forbito to Douglas Sansted.

Elmira Ave. 604: $186,000, Ryan M. Williamson to Lisa Anne Finn.

Eton St. 2568: $135,000, Julie Phillips Henson and Michael R. Henson to Jackie Phillips Waguespack.

Macarthur Boulevard 5321: donation, no value stated, William D. Haas and William David Haas to Mary A. Goff Haas.

Patterson Road 11201: $467,500, Katie Reese Summers Turner and Stephen Herbert Turner to Byron Charles Brimmer and Marceline Duckworth Brimmer.

Pacific Ave. 532-534: $235,000, Molly Obrien Brown Pickett and Theodore Stephen Roberts Pickett to Ellen R. Salaun McCandless and John G. McCandless.

Pinewood Court 150: $45,000, Nora Lopez Fretes to Esteban Cardenas Reyna.

Steeple Chase Lane 1548: donation, no value stated, Tony Gerard Claiborne to Rui Zheng Claiborne.

Wimbledon Court 5515: $310,000, Gregory J. Lewis Jr. and Veronica Garibaldi Lewis to Andrew Louis Gorman and Angelina Marie Larson Gorman.

District 6

Audubon Boulevard 316: $685,000, William Justin Rogers to Barry M. Starr and Kelly M. McLaughlin Starr.

Audubon St. 2800; Walmsley Ave. 7101: $415,000, Christy Courvelle Cressend, John M. Cressend and Joy Grundmann Cressend to Luella Thirza Provenza, Paul Benton Provenza and Samuel Lenton Provenza.

Delachaise St. 2426: $359,900, Pleasant Properties LLC to Bonita A. Robertson and Frann L. Robertson.

Eve St. 4432-4434: $220,000, Stummgirls LLC to Kristen Boyles Austin and Matthew Eric Austin.

Laurel St. 4532-34: $445,000, Cristin Fitzgerald Bordelon to John Jameson Irish and Lauren M. Hammond.

Magazine St. 3400: $361,000, Debra Chetlin Pinsky and Richard Henry Pinsky to Colleen Lechler Whitten and Jeffrey Francis Whitten.

Neron Place 71: $5,000, Joseph M. Bruno to Kendra Elliott Bruno.

Octavia St. 3801-3803: $360,000, Brian J. Danos and Denise Moore Danos to Erica M. Dudas.

Palmer Ave. 2230: $507,000, Evelyn Murray Debarbieris, Gay Mary Debarbieris Brown, Jean Ann Debarbieris Conner and Michelle Lynn Marie Mancuso to Celia Lauve, David Lauve, Julia Lauve Parker, Margaret Lauve and Matthew Parker.

State St. 1941: no value stated, Bch Inter Vivos Trust to Amy Mmahat Closs and Lawrence Elton Closs.

Tchoupitoulas St. 4914: $100, J. Thomas Dunne and Sarah S. Ashe Dunne to Andrew F. Dunne and Sarah L. Winston Dunne.

District 7

34th St. 301; Ave. C 8528: $169,000, David Wayne Johnson and Polly Prince Johnson to Blake John Guidry.

Burthe St. 7631: $80,000, Raedell O. Reed to 7631 Burthe Street LLC.

Cambronne St. 1915: $225,000, Zayda L. Ellis Alonzo to Adam G. Kampen.

Cherokee St. 248: $132,000, Aiko Jessica Kuo and Jeff Kuo to Kiah M. Williams.

Eagle St. 1917: $65,000, 1917 Eagle LLC to Wilsonle Investment LLC.

Jeannette St. 8713-15: $220,000, Realty Krewe LLC to Dwayne J. Cola II.

Leonidas St. 4129-31: $53,000, Jacqueline Quillens Ebioiobe, Jacqueline Quillens Ruffin, Tiffernie Ruffin and Travis Ruffin to Security Development Company LLC.