St. Charles

Transfers for Dec. 18-22


Ama Heights Subdivision, Square F, Lot 10A: $134,390, U.S. Bank Trust N.A. as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Keith M. White.


Dufrene Subdivision, Block A, Lot 6: $110,000, Wayne P. Breaux Sr. to Tina A. Hebert.


Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 3, Square 21, Lot 828: $445,000, Lydia Bacon Selle and Edward R. Selle to Renae Garrett Baker and Kevin Lorenzio Baker.


Flagville Subdivision, Lot 23: $25,000, Cornelius J. Darensbourg and Alice Darensbourg Cunningham to Bridge View Properties LLC.

St. Charles Terrace Annex Subdivision, Square 2, Lot 55: $11,300, St. Charles Parish to Kenneth Miller.

St. Charles Terrace Subdivision, Square A, Lot 11: $13,000, St. Charles Parish to Ardean Miller-Marbley.


Broussard Tract, Lot 1: $10,000, Sheila Lorio, Gail Lorio Ferchaud, Gary Lorio, the Estate of Kevin Lorio, Lashondra Lorio and Kevilyn Lorio to Laquita Celestine and Dirk Summers.


Ashton Oaks, Lot 23: $176,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Billie Jean Ichi Okada.

Davis Plantation Park Subdivision, Lot 231: $289,900, Marcia Chalk AKA Marcia Wells Chalk to Traci Donellan Howerton and Christian Michael Howerton.

Ellington Gardens, Block A, Lot 39: $63,000, Daniel T. Gardner and Danielle N. Gardner to Francis Residential Rentals, LLC.

Ellington Gardens, Block A, Lot 39: $80,000, Francis Residential Rentals, LLC. to Matamoros Properties LLC.

Ellington Plantation, Square 4, Lot 18: $160,000, Margaret St. Amant Flegenschue to Michael D. Stephany.

Hidden Oaks Subdivision, Phase II-A, Lot 24: $121,500, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC to Brandy Lynn Nichols

Lagattuta Addition  No. 1 to Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block 8-A, Lot 16: $35,000,  Succession of James Joseph Huges, Jr. and Succession of Freda Sita Huges to James J. Huges, III.

Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block C, Lot 99: $199,500, Succession of Leola Jean Gebhard Anderson, Deborah Anderson Peres, Tamara Anderson Abadie, Daniel Robert Anderson and Pamela Anderson Matherne to Damian Joseph Folse and Pamela Anderson Folse.

Rose Lawn Terrace Subdivision, Square B, Lot 4: $160,000, Linda Normand Adams and Dwight J. Adam to Jennifer Comeaux White and Michael J. White.

Tracts No. 100-1, 100-2, 100-3, 100-4 and 100-5: $1,385,000, Rathborne Land Company LLC to West Jefferson Levee District.


Country Cottage Estates, Phase 3C-A, Lot 85: $75,000, Cypress Venture, LLC to Stacy Lynne Schexnaydre and Jake Michael Schexnaydre.


Mule Subdivision No. 1, Section 3, Block M, Lot 13: $142,000, Roxann Williams Gort to Troy R. Salisbury  Sr.