• Transfers for Aug. 6 to Aug. 11


  • AVONDALE GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT 37-A, SQUARE 1: $45,000 and other good and valuable considerations, Wells Fargo Bank NA to David D. Raymond Sr. and Gwendolyn M. Raymond.
  • SENATE DRIVE 276: $31,000, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to 3 Boys Investments LLC.


  • BAYOU HARBOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 67-A: $180,000, William S. DuSang and Mary J. A. DuSang to Joel A. Barras and Paula A. Barras.
  • DEBORAH ANN DRIVE 4920: $205,000, Clifton Fabre Jr. to Christopher J. Bourgeois and Dawn B. Bourgeois.


  • HOOTER ROAD 708: $57,800, Sandra F. W. Simmons and Helen J. Wilson to Luis E. P. Mancia.
  • OAK AVE. 1112: $59,000, Ronald Manuel to Tung V. Mai.


  • BOUDREAUX LANE 128: $40,000, Virginia R. Thayer to Webster J. Bourgeois Jr., Danette A. Bourgeois and Adam J. Bourgeois.
  • CRO-GAVE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 5, 6, SQUARE A: $65,000, Larry L. Johnson Jr. to Grand Isle Marina Acquistions LLC.
  • GRAND BEACH NO. 10 SUBDIVISION, LOT 5, SQUARE M: donation, no value stated, Sybil S. Mire to Gerald Mire and Sybil Mire Trust.
  • OCEAN BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOT 7, SQUARE A: $27,000, Andrew J. Hutchinson Jr. and Lois A. N. Hutchinson to John R. Latino Jr.
  • PEACHTREE LANE 148: $40,000, Bennie J. Hughes to Susan B. Schexnaider.
  • REBECCA LANE 3004: $99,000, Adrian Waguespack to 3004 Rebecca Lane LLC.


  • BELLEMEADE BLVD. 873: $101,111, Federal National Mortgage Association to Belt Rima LLC.
  • DIPLOMAT ST. 526: $75,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brenda K. Hart.
  • DORY DRIVE 726: $230,000, Dang H. Vo and Nga Q. Tran to Diane N. Trieu.
  • HERMES PLACE 765: $150,000, Brenda A. S. Bourgeois to Arnold Cambal and Maria F. Cambal.
  • HOLMES BLVD. 440: $87,500, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Huong Vu.
  • NATIONAL AVE. 629: $125,000, Stephen A. Villere and Nicole P. Villere to Jennifer Nguyen.
  • OAKWOOD DRIVE 661: donation, no value stated, Kim T. T. Nguyen and Ngoc H. Nguyen to Huy X. Nguyen and Loan K. T. Bui.
  • PALFREY ST. 1721: $35,000, Anthony J. Mccrosen to Cheramie Trust.
  • VILLAGE OF GRETNA, PORTION OF GROUND: $400,000, Gry Investments LLC to 501 Lafayette St. LLC.


  • EASTMERE ST. 2208: $95,000, Succession of Mary S. Jones to RBTM LLC.
  • FOS AVE. 437: $80,000, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust to Alawamleh Investments LLC.
  • HEATHERWOOD DRIVE 3324: $345,000, Douglas J. Durand and Alise A. Durand to Michael J. Smith and Toni B. Smith.
  • LAKE LYNN DRIVE 26: donation, no value stated, Kevin C. Green to Glenda M. Green.
  • LOUISE ST. 2728: $170,000, Romana Martinez and Eder D. Sosa to Mohanad Z. Abdelfattah and Evelyn Pajon.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2932, UNIT 173: $59,000, Laura L. Caruso to Chad M. Roberts.
  • MAPLEWOOD DRIVE 1472: $77,000, Van Le to Trinh N. N. Vuong.
  • MORRISWOOD DRIVE 3813: donation, no value stated, Linda R. Track to Tyrone R. Moss.
  • NATHAN KORNMAN DRIVE 4013: donation, no value stated, Trinise A. Walker to Jerome J. Hardin.
  • S. INDIGO DRIVE 4036: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Quynhtrang T. Dao.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 18, 19, SQUARE 23: $17,500, Succession of William Whitney Jr. and Josie Williams to Living Word Full Gospel Ministry Inc.
  • THIRD AVE. 820: $126,500, Russell L. Rudolph, Dorothy H. Rudolph, Jeffrey P. Rudolph, and Jennifer L. Rudolph to Harry J. Buras.
  • W. FRIENDSHIP DRIVE 2717: $152,000, Garland Baynes Jr. and Patricia T. Baynes to Keisha Y. Black.
  • WOODMERE SOUTH SUBDIVISION, LOT 99, SQUARE C: $116,000, Wachovia Bank NA Pooling and Servicing Agreement Asset-Backed PassThrough Series to Precious O. Nelson.


  • VILLAGE OF LAFITTE, LOT 8-A, SQUARE A: $32,500, donation, Roubin J. Maise Jr. and Elaina T. Maise to George Collins.


  • BALD EAGLE PARK 4740: $198,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Paul Hidalgo.
  • BONNIE ANN DRIVE 2113: $121,000, John C. Guillory and Carolyn S. Guillory to Rojelia V. Martinez and Luis M. Martinez.
  • CARRIE LANE 2416: $174,900, Dell R. Galloway and Dominica T. Galloway to Gordon W. Barber IV.
  • COLONY COURT 2756: $55,900, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Merlin J. Seminary Jr.
  • DUELING OAKS AVE. 5137: $160,000, Mitchell J. Boulas to Justin T. Thompson and Rachel V. Thompson.
  • ELIZABETH ST. 2800: $115,000, Tedrick L. Eugene to Ashli N. Nicholson.
  • GENTRY ROAD 7208: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and urban Development to Yaisel M. Perez.
  • HIGHLAND MEADOWS DRIVE 2612: $139,900, RPM Ventures LLC to Colby Calderone.
  • JEANNE ST. 2549: $68,000 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Darrin Ditcharo and Darian Ditcharo.
  • KENNETH SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 1: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
  • KRUPP DRIVE 1200: $136,850, donation, Huynh C. Tran, Luu C. Tran, Binh C. Tran, My D. T. Tran, Khai C. Tran and My-Lin T. Tran to Lieu T. Nguyen.
  • MANSON DRIVE 1221: $114,000, Robert M. Robbins and Gena R. Morgan to Jeremy O. Hunter.
  • MICHAEL ST. 1044: $122,500, Christopher S. Vado to Jacquelyn Mitchell.
  • VILLEMONT COURT 2778: $289,000, JBL Properties Ltd. to Julia Carcamo.
  • WILLOWTREE ROAD 5212: $143,800, Joseph Hymel Jr. to Chuong Pham.
  • WOOD FOREST DRIVE 4912: $160,000, Joy C. Gomez to Victor H. Ramos and Elizabeth C. Ramos.


  • FAIRLAWN DRIVE 510: $115,000, James V. Bell and Renee M. Bell to Charles Fotsch and Samantha Fotsch.
  • GOODSON DRIVE 732: $155,100, Harold E. Chastant Jr. to Vincent Bergeron and Mallory Bergeron.
  • N. MARLIN COURT 525: $178,000, Nolan J. Eason to Krystalline S. Wilson.
  • RUE SAINT LOUIS 2440: $199,900, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC to James E. Upkins and Carolyn C. Upkins.
  • TERRYTOWN SUBDIVISION, LOT 13, SQUARE 154: $180,000, Anthony H. Roe to Christopher L. Borne and Jennifer L. Wortmann.


  • AVENUE E 858: donation, no value stated, Michael Rogers and Rosalie R. Palmisano to Phyllis Rogers.
  • FIFTH ST. 825: $124,009, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing&urban Development.
  • PETUNIA COURT 29: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.