Transfers for July 2-6

District 1

Baronne St. 528: $431,152, Margaret Kay Bobbitt Fabrykiewicz to Kim M. Mehaffey.

Canal St. 2800: $350,000, Glenda Knox Spano and Joseph L. Spano to Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union.

Cleveland Ave. 2508: $277,000, Harold W. Smith to Isabelle L. Ard.

Commerce St. 700: $265,000, Janet Hendricks Langley and John M. Langley to Glenn E. Moran and Susan Marie Moran.

Dhemecourt St. 3125; S. Lopez St. 501-503; S. Lopez St. 505; S. Lopez St. 511-513; S. Lopez St. 515-517; S. Lopez St. 520-522 $1,400,000, 2927 Conti Street Realty LLC to 700 St. Joseph Lane LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Boni Black Ritter and Glen Jerome Ritter.

Julia St. 432-448; Julia St. 448: $395,000, Sushant B. Sharma to Pontchartrain Charters LLC.

Melpomene St. 1436: $292,000, Bradley B. Kilbourn and Pamela Tiffany Harrelson Kilbourn to Kevin Joseph Remmers and Michelle Navia Remmers.

Prytania St. 1615: $865,000, John C. Enochs to John Charles White and Katherine Grace Westerhold White.

S. Jefferson Davis Parkway 500: $90,000, William B. Broyard to Jennie Lou Phipps Cutler and Jennie Lou Phipps Thomas.

S. Saratoga St. 1605-1607: $206,000, Michael Allen Jones to Eriks T. Reks.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $140,000, Lucille Raphael Trosclair to 2609 General Pershing LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $205,000, Jobie F. Crear III to Anjali A. Deendyal, Surujdai Susan Singh Deendyal and Yoganand Deendyal.

District 2

Ada Place 5629: $280,000, Anthony E. Ladd and Kathleen J. Fitzgerald Ladd to Hanna Johnson Legrand and Stephen Gregory Legrand.

Bienville St. 2761: $447,500, 318 N. White LLC to Christina Mary Piron Sandlass and William Tyler Sandlass.

Canal St. 1201: $275,000, 1201 Canal Apartments LLC to Robert Tyree Greene Jr.

Canal Boulevard 6017: $255,000, Judy Russo Barrie to All Star Premier Homes LLC.

Canal Boulevard 6069: $260,000, Larry Gast to All Star Premier Homes LLC.

Canal Boulevard 6830: $355,000, Colleen Catherine Kelly Dupepe and Derek Raymond Dupepe to Buffalo Biloxi Revocable Trust.

Catina St. 6851; Catina St. 6889: $537,000, Julie L. Cardon Oneil to Eldon Dustin Peeples, Laura Leigh Madison Allman.

Colbert St. 6800: $265,000, Evelyn W. Robinson and Ralph C. Robinson to G. Roth Properties LLC.

Conrad St. 213: $677,500, David H. Bernstein to Barbara Haas Gahagan and Damon Patterson.

Dumaine St. 935: $447,400, 935 Dumaine LLC to Blair Gerard Brown Brown and Hanna Susan Gerone Brown.

Egret St. 10: $645,000, Lori Scurria Russo to Greer Cieutat Reisig and Roger Alan Vitter.

Egret St. 21: $580,000, Talal Ahmed Chohan to Kevin Michael Riley and Leigh Pleva Riley.

Germain St. 758: $430,000, Michelle Clarke Payne and Nicholas Downs Payne to Ann Thompson Brown and Thomas Walker Brown.

Governor Nicholls St. 2212-14: $235,000, Lugenia Theresa Devezin Tolbert to Barbara Franklin Apted.

Robert E. Lee Blvd. 887: $220,000, Arlington P. Fant Jr. and Stella Matejunas Fant to Ronald A. Faucheux.

St. Louis St. 515: $247,000, Keith M. Spera and Mary Giblin Spera to Candice Northrop Fontenot, Candice Northrop Knaps and Mark Edward Knaps.

Ursulines St. 1301-1303: $450,000, Eric Wilkinson to JFT Public Properties Lp.

District 3

Alice Court 7: $20,000, Reba Landry Beverly to Michael Anthony Fernandez Jr. and Michael Anthony Fernandez Sr.

Alvar St. 1633-33 1/2: $147,000, Cheryl Hewitt Brister, Lisa Hewitt Cureaux to Katherine Delia Lowrey and Michael Anthony Pajon.

Alvar St. 2325: $44,000, Lees Professional Properties LLC to Fatma Darwish.

Bell St. 3338-3340: $430,000, Ann Vuncannon Allen and John David Allen to Kyle S. Stackpole.

Bonita Drive 4943-4945: $115,000, Annie Ruth Andrews Turner and William Lawrence Turner to Jennifer Taylor Collins and Ron Collins.

Bunker Hill Road 6951-53: $124,000, JV Luxury Living LLC to Iesha Rayford Jones and Kevin Jones.

Briarheath Drive 7360: $33,500, Otis Signal Jr. to Shelia Roberts Comeaux and Shelia Roberts Webb.

Burgundy St. 1426; Burgundy St. 1434; Kerlerec St. 936: donation, no value stated, Carol Ann Becnel Thompson and Hays B. Thompson Jr. to Hays B. Thompson III and Stephen C. Thompson.

Cameron Boulevard 5553: $337,500, PCH Properties LLC of Nevada to Jason C. Calobrisi.

Carmel Place 12411: donation, no value stated, Jesseca Faye Dupart to Jeremy David Speed.

Chatham Drive 5910: $439,000, Emily Zellinger Wiltenmuth and James Michael Wiltenmuth to Christie Drury Squatrito and Joseph Squatrito III.

Chef Metuer Highway 25295: $330,000, Vuco Inc. to Travis L. Born and Victoria Ciko Born.

Daniel Drive 7540: $155,000, Miraldas Renovation LLC to Demetrica Brazile Winfield and Frank Winfield Jr.

Demontluzin St. 4457: $277,500, Bambi Winters Wingrave and Robert Stanley Wingrave to Annie Moran and Damon Burns.

Dinkins St. 8611-8613: donation, no value stated, Nicole Jeanpierre Hollway to Shannon R. Jackson.

Eads St. 6027: $177,000, Jeannea Christine Williams Clime and Nakita Jaquel Fields to Carl James Keith and Christina Tamara Lewis Keith.

Eastern St. 4625: $178,000, John E. Scariano and Linda Rufin Scariano to Lavonzell Nicholson Gray.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,750, Hotel De La Monnaie Homeowners Assn Inc., Hotel De La Monnaie Homeowners Association Inc. and Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Judy L. Martin and Walter Kerry McDade.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $500, Hotel De La Monnaie Homeowners Assn Inc., Hotel De La Monnaie Homeowners Association Inc. and Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Erin Griffin and Megan Griffin.

Gallier St. 1404-06: $310,000, First Choice Housing Investment Fund Xi LLC to Joshua James Logan and Leah Balczon Logan.

Gordon Plaza Drive 55: donation, no value stated, Edward C. Stemley Jr., Tyra Sims Stemley and Tyra Stemley to Janice Mitchell Stemley.

Heather Court 7324: $153,000, Albert King Jr., Earlean Fredieu King and Sharee L. King Williams to Karen Jean Tate and Karen Tate.

Independence St. 1814: $165,000, Top Property Solutions LLC to William J. Cosden.

Kentucky St. 1001-03: $409,000, Nathaniel Bamford Davisson and Sven Davisson to Elizabeth Schaefer Caniglia and Jason J. Caniglia.

Kildeer St. 1631: $395,000, Emmett Johnson to Edward F. Murhammer and Robyn Williamson Murhammer.

Kinneil Road 10840: $199,000, Garibaldi Investments LLC to Trina M. Parker Mosley.

Louisa St. 612: $775,000, Valene Developments LLC to Jonathan C. Liss.

Mandeville St. 3310-3312: $225,000, T. & Z. A1 Home Solutions LLC to Priyanshi Ritwik Debnath and Subir Debnath.

Mandeville St. 5219: $215,000, Mc Worldwide LLC to Meghan Kraft Obrien and Robert R. Obrien.

Marigny St. 5417: $359,000, Jse Investments LLC to Cathy Lynn Office Sewell.

Marigny St. 5829: $224,850, Emily Ann Brocato Regmi and Krishna Regmi to Kevin Matthew Legnini.

Marque St. 6417: donation, no value stated, Alberta Morris Porche, Ayanna Molina Reed, Cecily Petersen Foster, Derick Petersen, Gwendolyn Frederick Smith, Heather Frederick, Michael Molina and Shirley A. Morris to Maliek John Young.

Montegut St. 731-733: $280,000, Jeffrey S. Hall Jr. to Antonio J. Dias Laranjeira.

Murano Road 4344: $290,000, Cara Ladner Bryant, Carla Ladner Bodie, Carla Ladner Morgan and Robert E. Morgan to Donna Frazier, Donna Odell Frazier and John Frazier.

N. Claiborne Ave. 5707: $50,000, Charles J. Stewart Jr. and Kioka Williams Stewart to Dirk Frank McGill.

N. Dorgenois St. 2042: $118,000, Isla Investments LLC to Glenford Turner, Jennifer Laffin and Jennifer Turner Turner.

N. Johnson 1217-1219: $368,000, Belle Bayou Construction LLC to Shannon Elise Thomas.

N. Johnson St. 2429-2431: $250,000, Stamy Investments LLC to Ricardo Vega and Susan Brownbill Vega.

N. Johnson St. 2433-2435: $260,000, Stamy Investments LLC to Ryan Carson Rapose.

N. Lake Carmel Drive 12510: $57,000, Otis Signal Jr. to Ricky Tai Tran.

N. Tonti St. 1812: $103,443, 1812 N. Tonti LLC to Courtney H. Mahida.

Nottingham Drive 4725: $137,500, Alamar LLC to Sylvester R. Simms and Tara N. Eubanks Simms.

Old Spanish Trail 20825: $15,000, Felice Foster Fowler to Ronald L. Weber.

Oneida St. 7940: $100,000, Jerry D. Parker Jr. to Evelyn H. Parker and Evelyn Heedley Parker.

Peoples Ave. 5726: $19,500, Sandra Woods Johnson to Hd Real Estates LLC.

Piety St. 2013; Piety St. 48471: $14,000, Miriam Bell and William August Jr. to Frederic P. Sutter.

Piety St. 2303; Piety St. 2305-07: $10,000, Eddie Dollis Sr. and Mary Ball Dollis to 8920 Stroelitz LLC.

Port St. 1214: $134,000, Pepper Properties LLC to Lauren M. Fraiche.

Port St. 1919: $43,900, Ronald C. Oliver to Megan A. Edwards Irrevocable Trust and Shakari Fraser.

Prentiss Ave. 2529: $205,000, Pizazz LLC to John Riley Cain and Kathryn Ann Catinella Cain.

Queensway Drive 7250: donation, no value stated, Frederick Walker Jr. to Lorraine Wilson Walker.

Republic St. 3610-3612: $205,000, Cierra Barbarin to Linda Provost Acker and Matthew Acker Jr.

Rosewood Place 10177: $90,000, 2000 La Ave LLC to Ricky Tran.

S. Muirfield Circle 6080: donation, no value stated, Jasmine Ronita Guess to Sean Lewis.

 St. Anthony Ave. 6017: $358,000, Helio Ivan Zago to Kenneth Rogers.

Selma St. 2014; Selma St. 2102: $150,000, Douglas P. Soniat Sr. and Wanda Johnson Soniat to Antonio Thompson and Racquel Elizabeth Richards Thompson.

Selma St. 2161-63; Selma St. 2163: $63,500, Doris French Poirrier and John J. Anselmo to Martha Maldonado Vavala.

Spain St. 6129: $46,500, Sandra M. Ewell and Sandra Marceline Ewell to Ibuild LLC.

Spain St. 6215-6217: $335,000, Blue Hawk Properties LLC to Erin B. Rigsby.

Touro St. 1719: $162,000, Richard M. Moore to David C. Reynolds.

Turnberry Drive 181: $365,000, Andrew Thompson Benson Sr. and Jeana Louise Woods Benson to Alexander Fenno and Claude Nahalie Fenno.

Virgil Boulevard 3924: $220,000, Itpc LLC to Susan Rene Cline Klingsburg.

Wilton Drive 5740: $214,900, Home By Hand Inc. to Alisha A. Renfro.

Wingate Drive 5308: $185,000, Mallory Jordan Josol Corbin and Patrick Michael Corbin to Vincent E. Ekenga.

District 4

Coliseum St. 1805: $400,000, Germana Peggion to John E. Mueller.

Fourth St. 814: $365,000, John Christopher Davis and Julia Trechsel Davis to Heather Shauri Lonian.

Magnolia St. 2014: $31,000, Harmony Neighborhood Development Inc. and New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative Inc. to Deborah Small Fassitt.

Philip St. 2409: $145,000, Emile Hugh Wagner, Laura Hughes Hayes and Laura Hughes Wagner to Stephanie Anne White.

St. Andrew St. 1329: $325,000, Andrew J. Ference to Patrick L. Swonke and Tracie Guilbeau Swonke.

St. Mary St. 1119: $345,000, 1117 Saint Mary LLC to Erica Jamin Neely and Matthew Richard Neely.

St. Thomas St. 2100: $100, Fathom 4 LLC to Nariea Knicole Nelson.

St. Thomas St. 2100: $225,000, Fathom 4 LLC to Alison Naomi Brown.

St. Thomas St. 2100: $239,000, Fathom 4 LLC to Andre Tam Le and Calley Leigh Case Le.

Washington Ave. 913: $215,000, Stacey Goldberg Farrelly to Grete Viddal.

Washington Ave. 1016-1018: $213,000, Sonia A. Davila to Mark Davila and Sonia M. Davila.

Washington Ave. 2605: $352,000, Jon Wesley Smith and Lori Baudin Smith to John Jason Marien and Laurie Nelson Marien.

District 5

Alix St. 1020: $312,000, David K. Powell, Pamela Dowler Lay, Pamela Dowler Powell and Pamela Dowler Robbins to Harold John Lehman.

Cupid St. 2810: $180,000, Dana Lewis Perry and Laurence Eugene Perry to Courtney S. Williams and Domonique M. Foy.

De Armas St. 3334-36: $40,000, Brian Williams and Jammie A. Williams to Speedy Home Solutions LLC.

English Turn Drive 94: $711,000, English Turn Lots LLC to Jonathan Stone and Yen Van D. Vo Stone.

Fairfax Place 202: $130,000, Travis P. Talamo to Jessica Boykin Dooge and Jessica Dooge.

General De Gaulle Drive 3825: $1,285,000, Equitas Ajo LLC to Tririver Investment LLC.

Huntlee Drive 3730: $172,500, Judith Almon Killen and Lloyd Butler Killen to Nikki Marie Vitro Fischer and Todd James Fischer.

Huntlee Drive 701: $96,000, Lolita Ragas Barnes and Terrance B. Barnes to Matthew Barnes.

Inwood Ave. 3525: $235,000, Christine Coleman Gartling, Hunter Lee Coleman, James Preston Coleman III, James Preston Coleman IV and Kimberly Murphy Coleman to Amanda Taryn Lenz Tedesco, Amanda Taryn Tedesco and Brian Tedesco.

N. Teak Ave. 3835: $268,000, Carmen Yasmine Abdelrahim and Hani A. Abdelrahim to Matthew Bencik.

Park Timbers Drive 58: $307,000, Stephen K. Smolen to Ashley Dozier, Natasha Dozier.

Patterson Drive 1101: $371,000, Full Sail Investments LLC to Todd R. Hymel and Tracy Scott McLemore Hymel.

Peony St. 6604: $125,000, Lois Popillion Gloston and Ronald I. Gloston Sr. to Jacquelyn R. Antoine.

Pin Oak Ave. 3747: $190,000, Leon L. Johnson, Sandra Fells Johnson to Fredrick W. Powell Sr.

Roselyn Park Place 221: $144,000, Nicol J. Breaux Alipio and Nicol J. Breaux Hymel to Carolyn Barrios Breaux.

Shepard Court 4: $148,000, Kijuana Miller Moore to Cecil Reine and Doreen Oliver Reine.

Slidell Ave. 629: $8,500, Rekesha A. Harrell to National Housebuyers of Louisiana LLC.

Steeple Chase Lane 1640: $218,000, Michelle N. Joachim Ventura to Melissa Breaux Bankston.

Vallette St. 342-344: $193,150, Lue Keller Isaac and Lue Keller Palmer to Amy Fradella Moore, Amy Fradella Palmer and Eric R. Palmer.

District 6

Annunciation St. 4716: $320,500, Lee Michael Rudin and Skylar Calla Barbosa Rudin to Sarah R. Forman.

Audubon St. 3012-14: $115,000, Carmen Avila Lino to Raymond Gutierrez and Stephanie Ruth Kaston Gutierrez.

Calhoun St. 1839; Cromwell Place 18; Cromwell Place 20: $100, Rachel Wendt Wisdom to Bryan R. Payne and Kristen McClung Payne.

Calliope St. 4900: $665,000, Mas Investments LLC to Lzm Properties LLC.

Camp St. 4616: $390,000, Mary Diane Simons Casey to Damien Keith Lebeouf and Sabrina Wilson Lebeouf.

Coliseum St. 4927: $625,000, Asia Day Downing Ulcoq and Timothy W. Ulcoq to Dana Lubash Robertson and Lorne H. Robertson.

Constance St. 3614: $419,000, Frederick R. Horne II and Jane Deering Wholey Horne to Devin M. Brand.

Constantinople St. 1912-1914: $120,000, Dennis Michael McHale to Sherri K. Quaid and Zhandra V. Marin Vargas.

Delachaise St. 2234-36: $110,000, Derek N. Rabb to Dartez Investment Group LLC.

General Pershing 1706: $1,025,000, Harry Jack Bedrossian III and Sherry Bedrossian to Alvah Tyson Wickboldt Jr., and Teresa Nathalie Villfana Wickboldt.

Hurst St. 6112: $100, Barbara L. Arras to Cynthia Sue Cameron Gilly and George Moore Gilly.

Joseph St. 1919-21: $275,000, Patricia Rayburn Jordan to Peter Hall.

Joseph St. 3021: $390,000, Laura Dickson Blakeley to Catherine Grace Crouch Rumbley.

Laurel St. 4520-22: $420,625, Michael R. Allweiss and Stefanie Band Allweiss to Jennifer Elia and Mark Robbins.

Laurel St. 4524-26: $525,000, Jennifer Nicoll Jeanfreau and Mark William Jeanfreau to John C. Davis and Julia Trechsel Davis.

Milan St. 2521: $322,000, William Berry McGowen to Elizabeth Mazzucchelli, Louis Joseph Mazzucchelli Jr. and Susan Paffrath Mazzucchelli.

Patton St. 5900: donation, no value stated, 5900 Patton LLC, Jane L. Wolfe, Scott G. Wolfe Sr. and Wagner World LLC to Emily M. Wolfe and Scott G. Wolfe Jr.

Prytania St. 3308: $174,000, Courtney Mae Tomasz Martinez to Bruce Alan Powers and Nancy Kathryn Jones Powers.

Soniat St. 2311: $442,000, Nuevo Leon LLC to Christopher Becker Lambert and Whitney Young Lambert.

S. Robertson St. 4524-26: $161,500, James E. Woodside, James L. Lloyd and Lucille Lloyd to Olivam LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 4007: $187,000, Avia Lasalle Dimattia and Stanley Anthony Dimattia to Rachel Elise Taylor.

State St. Drive 3701: $450,000, Jeffrey J. Waltz and Jill Hrivnak Waltz to David E. Rice, Kathryn Bray Rice and Sarah Kathryn Rice.

Toledano St. 2028-30: $39,000, Karen Rachal Humphrey and Terrence Humphrey to Ibuild LLC.

Valmont St. 541: $406,000, Bryson Norwood Aust to Madeleine Clark Roy.

Webster St. 722-24: $125,000, Kenneth J. Breitling to Nober LLC.

District 7

18th St. 406-408: $275,000, Christopher York Wilken and Lois Kahle Wilken to David Miller Rodriguez and Elizabeth Joan Kelly Rodriguez.

Adams St. 1030-32: $550,000, Phillip Paul Rye and Stephanie Theresa Brunet Rye to Pennucci Anderson Family Trust.

Adams St. 1720-1722: donation, no value stated, Ernestine Caston to Ikeida Craig.

Bamboo Road 1: $10, J. & S. Real Estate Construction LLC to Angela Marie Murtagh Marie and John F. Marie III.

Cherokee St. 325-327: $725,000, Keith Joseph Vodanovich and Lindsey Powell Vodanovich to Achal Sahai and Reena Mehta Sahai.

Cherokee St. 230: $360,000, Am LLC to Daniel P. Freesmeier, Jeris Freesmeier and Ruth Jansen Freesmeier.

General Ogden St. 4137: $60,000, Ernest Jackson Jr. to Hilary Rose Huffman.

Jeannette St. 7501: $565,000, Michelle Ruth Lacey Hallen and Ross Hallen to Ewell Patrick Eagan and Sara Coury Eagan.

Jeannette St. 8405: $490,000, Baptiste Holdings LLC to Americo Ramon Osorio Jr., Kelly Bond Davis, Kelly Bond Osorio and Kelly Bond Wallis.

Jeannette St. 8417-19: $245,000, Detter M. Conway, Detter Williams Conway, Doris M. Williams, Janice Williams Davis, Kya Lichelle Bryan, Roosevelt Williams and Verlisar Williams Marquez to Andrea E. Ewalefo.

Joliet St. 3220; Joliet St. 3222: $240,000, Cta Lapalco LLC to Minh Tran.

Lake Marina Ave. 18-g: $1,050,000, Wilfrido R. Castaneda to Charles Steiner and Gina Hellwig Steiner.

Lake Marina Drive 500: $210,000, Neil Andrew Coggins to Michelle Roberts Davis.

Marcia Ave. 5269: $640,000, Kyle J. Smith to Catherine Barry Fabre and Michael R. Fabre.

Mistletoe St. 2620: $30,000, Bianca Branon Porter, Dana Williams and Donald Branon Jr. to C. & An Investments LLC.

N. Roadway 147: $225,000, J. Donald White Revocable Inter Vivos Trust Agreement to Karen Maxwell Monson.

Neron Place 31: $470,000, Carrel M. Epling Bouterie to James B. V Borders and Rosalind B. Borders.

Palmetto St. 8810: $164,000, Tyrone J. Sims to William Douglas May.

Pritchard Place 8511: $240,000, Fred G. Karnas and Virginia Forrest Karnas to Paris Woods.

S. Claiborne Ave. 8601-03: $173,500, Benton A. Weber and Rose Pedescleaux Weber to Brian Edward Hrabar.

W. Kenilworth St. 340: $686,000, Brisbi Development LLC to Sheila Johnson King and Tommy Gerard King.

Donation, no value stated: Sydney and Walda Besthoff Foundation to New Orleans Museum of Art and NOMA