Transfers for Dec. 28-Jan. 3


Money Hill Plantation subdivision, Phase 6, lots 381, 383: $120,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to Highland Homes of LaPlace Inc.

Northwoods Drive, Phase 1, lot 86, block E: $204,000, Stephen J. Walton Sr. and Sandra G. Walton to Michael J. Chappetta and Kathryn P. Chappetta.

Orchard Row 124: $300,000, Succession of Sharon L. Witry to Stephen J. Walton Sr. and Sandra G. Walton.

Ryan Ave. 406: $181,000, Kerney F. Craft Sr. and Ruby M. Craft to Kerney F. Craft III and Brittany N. Craft.

Sloupe Place 71164: $207,500, Shirley P. Schnyder to Robert L. Regan and Laura G. Regan.


Avenue Des Marquis Drive 1424: $351,000, Larry P. Lamaison and Sharon M. Lamaison to Matthew C. Rau and Yuliana G. Rau.

Bascle Estates, Phase 2, lot 14: $38,000, Lawrence L. Pregeant III and Veronica L. Pregeant to Evan M. Ross.

Bateleur Way 580: $219,900, Kendall R. Blue to Brandon L. Box.

Bertel Drive 183: $267,500, John G. Curren III to Donald A. Manalla Sr. and Janis D. Manalla.

City of Covington, portion of ground: $1,050,000, Kitterman Covington LLC to 73009 Highway 25 LLC.

Cypress Point Drive 4159: $469,000, Selah Builders LLC to Brad M. Drury.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot C-2, square 607: $279,000, Olivia Heintz Romano to Rodolpho C. Carnaval.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lots 4, 5, square 1012: $625,000, F&M Badon Construction Inc. to St. Tammany Parish Hospital.

E. Eighth Ave. 444: $880,000, CM Combs Homes LLC to Patrick M. McMath and Jayne C. McMath.

Flower Estates, lot 86: no value stated, Matthew J. Hensgens and Natalie Hanks Hensgens to Thomas A. Salvant and Amy B. Salvant.

Garden Walk Drive 100: $425,000, Garden Walk LLC to Errol V. Roberts and Mary Grace R. Roberts.

Louisiana Highway 1077 69485: $575,000, Randal M. Roth Sr. and Rhonda P. Roth to Gerald A. Guarino and Sindy F. Guarino.

Magnolia Mound Ave. 148: $348,850, Highland Homes of LaPlace Inc. to Lawrence J. Barreca and Leonora C. Barreca.

N. Tallowwood Drive 409: $799,000, Brad M. Drury and Kristen S. Drury to Shawn P. Doyle and Thyme B. Doyle.

N. Verona Drive 408: $280,000, GRQ Investments LLC to James D. Burnett and Kimberly S. Burnett.

Near Covington, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, James B. Lake III to Dale Hauck.

Near Covington, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Thomas J. Laizer III to Candice C. Laizer.

Nursery St. 72425: donation, no value stated, Thomas J. Laizer III and Candice C. Laizer to T3 & CC Enterprises LLC.

Park Drive 122: $880,000, Patrick M. McMath and Jayne C. McMath to Matthew D. Crumhorn and Michelle W. Crumhorn.

Partridge St. 256: donation, no value stated, George S. Lovecchio to Anthony J. Lovecchio and Charissa R. Lovecchio.

S. Verona Drive 124: $273,725, DSLD Homes LLC to Dwight A. Champagne and Brenda Champagne.

Simpson Way 736: $239,000, Michael A. Beninato and Shannon C. Beninato to James C. Garcia and Elizabeth Y. Garcia.

Tezucco Court 905: $567,117, Ron Lee Enterprises Inc. to Kenneth W. Thurman and Denise R. Thurman.

Village subdivision, Phase 2, lot 16: $60,000, Andrew C. Davidson and Julie Woodall Davidson to Haspel Homes LLC.

W. 31st Ave. 712, N. Tyler St. 1101, 1109: $33,700, Succession of Sarah Lee Williams Walker to Barataria Ridge LLC.

Washington Ave. 20450: $25,000, Donald P. Robles and Laurie L. Robles to Hortencia Torres Rubio Gonzales and Angel Gonzales.


Near Folsom, lot 5-A: $135,000, Succession of Clarence Raymond Dutruch to Charles W. Long.

Hay Hollow Road 12381: $172,000, Heisser Constrution LLC to Lionel D. Penn.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $150,000, Barney L. Core and Regina B. Core to Michael A. Galloway and Sharon L. Galloway.

Section 27, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $250,000, Vince A. King to Dupont Investment Properties LLC.

Section 8, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $22,560, Jade M. Sherman to Fredaco LLC.

Toney Road 16419: $265,000, Troy Himel, Allison Sieta and Patrick Himel to Troy M. Billiot.


Liberty Acres subdivision, lots 30, 31, square 2: $20,000, Bruce D. Wing and Janet O. Wing to Fallon Investments LLC.

Canal Drive 28557: $142,850, Richard F. Franzo Jr., Filomena Cesaro Franzo, succession of Andrew H. Franzo to Stephan A. Tranum and Cassie Robyn Tranum.

Jackson St. 27337: $157,000, Lisa Tadlock to Larry A. Newman.


Guste Island Estates, lot 305: $298,000, GMI Construction Inc. to Michael T. Gidman and April S. Gidman.

Autumn Gardens Drive 600: $190,000, Succession of Beverly Garcia Tomeny to Michelle E. Preau.

Canary Drive 6021, Southpark Drive 157: $134,900, Christopher J. Cone and Shellie W. Cone to Kendell D. George.

Deer Park Drive 1017: $279,900, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Glenn A. Maise and Kim S. Maise.

Greentree Lane 412: $303,500, Dean G. DeArmond and Susie H. DeArmond to Dustin J. Breaux and Brittany V. Breaux.

Lost Lake Lane 3072: $272,150, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Brandon M. Rogers and Ameia C. Rogers.

White Myrtle Drive 2041: $238,000, Jonathan B. Swift to Richard Lee Stifle and Julie C. Stifle.


Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Marty A. Rogers, Robert S. Rogers, Connie L. Trier, James E. Rogers and Sharen S. Brigham to Donald J. Rogers Jr.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Hana Hess Jeansonne, Honee Ann Hess, Heather Hess Rodrigues and others to Holly Grace Hess.

Bon Temps Roule 603: $174,000, Elizabeth M. Bauer to Joel T. Hill.

Cedarwood Drive 539: $119,900, Blanche C. Bordelon to Matthew F. Jolicoeur.

Chateau Andelot 616: $437,000, MJB Construction LLC to William G. Wilmette and Aimee P. Wilmette.

Colbert St. 706: $140,000, Gast Properties LLC to Diane Louise Pratt.

Evangeline Drive 250: $759,000, James W. Seitz and Connie A. Seitz to Matthew Mcclanahan and Sellers Westover Mcclanahan.

Heavens Drive 720, Unit 19: $108,000, Paul J. Dwyer and Rhonda Dwyer Alleman to Bruce M. Danner.

Koop Drive 21489, suites 7, 8: donation, no value stated, St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation Inc. to Northshore Community Foundation.

Mandeville Annex subdivision, lots 22, 24, square 8: $13,000, Joseph T. Pepitone to Michael J. Alexander Jr. and Vanessa E. Alexander.

Marion St. 68326: $235,160, Terrence K. Sullivan to James D. Erskin and Emily C. Erskin.

Monroe St. 1929: $188,000, Kevin P. Moran to Jeremy L. Sims.

Pine St. 66092: $150,000, Theresa Randol Graham to Randy Savoie.

Remmy Court 160: $155,000, Chester D. Brown III to Rowland J. Skinner.

Remmy Court 166: $155,000, Jared Allen Brown to Rowland J. Skinner.

Tranquille Place 303: $445,000, Gary H. Auchmoedy Estate and Sharon R. Auchmoedy to Ralston Family Trust.


Ridgewood subdivision, lot 22-B: $23,000, donation, William P. Gilchrist and Paula D. Gilchrist to Shane L. Gilchrist Sr. and Misty N. Gilchrist.

Gus Baldwin Road 34655: $29,795, Luke Matthew Higginbotham Sr. to C-T Homes LLC.


Dixie Circle 110: $144,700, Christy M. Farrell Berggren to Jonathan Boudreaux.


Alton subdivision, lot 18, square 15: donation, no value stated, Charlie V. McMooain to Cedric D. McMooain.

Eden Isles subdivision, lot 715: $370,000, Nigel Robert Bard to Kerry Stafford and Priscilla Stafford.

Pontchartrain Drive 4771-73: $70,000, Thirl R. Haston to James P. Richard and Mary Donna Colwart Richard.

Bellingrath Lane 610: $250,000, Cajun Renovation Group L3C to Jeffery D. Berggren and Christy F. Berggen.

Chinchas Creek Road 40587: $152,000, Jessica Annette Summers to Mario Fernando Fernandez.

Clipper Estates, Phase 4-B, lot 33: $55,000, Vela Developments LLC to Brian M. Sweeney and Dawn M. Sweeney.

Coin Du Lestin Drive 103: $66,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Danny Giardina and Mary Giardina.

Cousin St. 1127: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Cousin St. 1127: $55,000, MSE Sub I LLC to BAHC Properties LLC.

Eddie Drive 102: $199,000, Brian K. Macaluso and Jennifer M. Koehl Macaluso to Jared A. Readenour and Kimberly K. Combel.

Fremaux Ave. 1300-02: $256,000, Norma Jean Finnan to 1300-1302 Fremaux Ave LLC.

Hollow Rock Court 122: $129,900, Linda H. Cook to Lena K. Griffith.

Kingspoint Blvd. 189: $36,500, Kabran Johnson to Andrew D. Locicero.

Lafitte Alley 103: $310,000, Stasney Living Trust to Jay B. Henry and Tiffany E. Pittman.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-4, lot 313: $80,000, Julian P. Brignac Jr. and Lori B. Brignac to Robert J. Blanchard and Kimberly Holden.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 2-B, lot 73: $82,000, Tammany Holding Co. LLC to Corey R. Senez and Jessica L. Senez.

McManus Drive 57035: $25,000, Venson E. Fields, Alvin O. Fields, Reverend Frederick L. Fields and others to Thomas J. Green and Machalle Dupree Green.

Napoleon Ave. 122: $46,500, Succession of Arthur W. Quick Jr. to Equity Trust Co.

Northshore Lane 486: $122,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Takenya Collins.

Northwood subdivision, Phase 7, lot 116: $139,000, Spring Luebe Truax to Sandra A. Baudin.

Oak Harbor Commercial subdivision, Phase 11, lots 3, 4: donation, no value stated, Andrew Kobesko and Elizabeth Kobesko to Kasia Terrill and Ula Holland.

Oaklawn Drive 57405: $120,000, Rodney O. Hereford Jr. to Mark P. Maehler and Jewel A. Hereford.

Ozone Heights subdivision, lots 15, 16: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Danny R. Letsch Sr. and Johnnie Lynn Preis Letsch to Habibi Holdings LLC.

Parkbrook Drive 4015: $121,000, Patrick Milligan, Eric Milligan and Colleen Milligan Sevin to Terrie M. Early.

Pearl St. 4161: $150,000, Melvin Prange Jr. Construction LLC to Amanda Sisk.

Pelican St. 2026: $145,000, Margo E. Mitchell to Dustin J. Oswald.

Pelican St. 2306: $125,000, Valerie J. Redman Morgan to Brian Morgan and Rachel Morgan.

Poitevent Road 32196: $62,000, PK Renovation Management LLC to James W. Parker III.

Stanton Lane 2514: donation, no value stated, Randy Jablonowski to Edna Palisance Jablonowski.

Teddy Ave. 721: $188,000, Mary Lois Ellis Harvey to Frank R. Duvic IV and Allison M. Noto Duvic.

Weems Island subdivison, lots 16, 17: $237,800, Daniel E. Rebstock and Jennifer J. Rebstock to Dolly Ann Miramon.


Section 18, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $69,030, Elizabeth Albin LeBlanc to Byron C. Sharp.

Louisiana Highway 40 25195: $238,000, Mesa Parker Mitchell and Ashley M. Mitchell to Ronald W. Ruple and Melinda M. Ruple.

Louisiana Highway 1083 78561: donation, no value stated, Deborah Ann Dutsch Wickham to Melissa Ann Wickham.