Georgette Breaux sold this home at 213 Amelia St. in Gretna to Timothy R. Duncan for $273,500.


Transfers for July 13 to July 18


Helen Drive 173: $117,000, Marcus J. Taylor to Angelica D. Jenkins and Daniel D. Gray.


District of Barataria, no further data: $20,500, Rhonda M. Barrilleaux, Larry P. Barrilleaux, Rudy J. Barrilleaux, Priscilla Barrilleaux, Kathleen Barrilleaux and Donald T. Orgeron to Donald J. Walker and Maureen Guillot.


Ninth St. 120: $13,500, Raymond P. Boudreaux to Ryan M. Lowe.

Wiegand Drive 113: $290,000, Jimmie H. Grant and William A. Rau Jr. to Chad R. Bourgoyne and Kimberly W. Bourgoyne.


Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 9, square 23: $220,000, Wendell C. Cifreo and Rebecca A. Cifreo to Jackie D. Davies and Lisa Davies.

Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot H1: $250,000, Walter J. Birdsall and Betty C. Birdsall to Martha J. A. Birdsall, Daniel G. Fort and Lisa B. Fort.

Grand Beach 7 subdivision, lot 3, square O: $55,000, Warren J. Roussel and Joann V. Roussel to Christopher P. Graham and James Graham & Gail Graham Revocable Living Trust.

Queen Bess Bay subdivision, lot 2: $300,000, Jambon Queen Bess LLC to Clifton A. Oestriecher III and Wendy A. Oestriecher.

Tropical Landing, no further data: $72,500, Thomas M. Armstrong and Tina P. Armstrong to Scott Boudreaux and Alita Boudreaux.


Amelia St. 213: $273,500, Georgette Breaux to Timothy R. Duncan.

Commerce St. 184: $359,900, Kevin D. Grubbs to Kevin M. Rodrigue and Hollie H. Rodrigue.

Dolhonde St. 616: $200,000, Federico Martinez Jr. to Amy Martinez.

E. Monterey Court 945: $159,000, Cecil G. Palmer and Betty L. Palmer to Harrell L. Jones Jr.

Glenbrok Drive 2840: $85,000, Darrell A. Brown to Jammie Russell.

Hero Drive 2904: $79,000, Eric L. Manuel to Agee Investments Inc.

Hero Drive 3136: $94,000, John Hill Jr. to Shondreka D. Thomas.

Kepler St. 1004: $200,000, Bergeron & Humer LLC to Jennifer N. Landry.

Lasalle Ave. 2169: $180,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Ihab Shebli and Mohammad Jamhour.

Madison St. 930: $58,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Gordon G. Ramsay.

Mary Ann Place subdivision, lot 17: $38,000, Ruth S. Nunez and Amilcar I. Nunez to Toi N. Kim.

Oxford Place condo, unit 2425: $58,500, Gillian H. McKay and Brittny J. McKay to Jimmie J. Duplessis.

St. James Drive 119: $210,000, Benjamin J. Clark and Zerlene Clark to Gwendolyn M. Taylor.

Timberlane Estates 4 subdivision, lot 16, square 10: $30,000, Faizur Rahman to Theodore F. Stamant III.

Village of Brooklyn subdivision, lot C14, square 52A: $260,000, Kevin M. Rodrigue and Hollie H. Rodrigue to George H. Hepting Jr. and Edna S. Hepting.


Dogwood Drive 1364: $105,000, John B. McElwee to Sean McElwee.

Harvey Canal subdivision, lot 15, square 13: $131,900, GHS Properties LLC to Lonnie J. Gaudet.

Harvey Canal subdivision, lot 39, square 27: Donation, Andrea Williams, Jeffery L. Williams, Ovile Williams and Jeffery Williams to Wanda J. Williams.

Maplewood Drive 1604: $120,000, Juneau Family Irrevocable Trust to Kenneth P. Barrios.

Redbud Lane 3817: $96,301, Standard Mortgage Corp. to secretary of housing and urban development.

Spanish Oaks Phase 3 subdivision, lot 358A: Donation, Inthia P. Carter and Felice W. Pierce to Devron & Inthia Carter Family Trust, Devron Carter Family Trust and Inthia Carter Family Trust.

Squirewood Drive East 1919: $440,000, Stephen W. Leblanc to Micah P. Blechner.

Woodmere 6. subdivision, lot 1665, square UU: Donation, Joann Willinsky to Tamara Jones and Daryl A. Jones.

Woodmere South subdivision, lot 653, square O: $170,000, Trinette A. Gregory to Danielle Caldwell.


Jean Lafitte Blvd. 1449: $135,000, Lindsey Morris to Brandon L. Ochello Sr. and Kourtney L. Ochello.


Ames Farms subdivision, lot 5, square BB: $90,000, Stacy Thomas to Michelle R. Keyes and Nicholas A. Keyes.

Ave. A 720: $137,500, Wrigley Enterprises LLC to Marcus T. Pfister.

Ave. A 918: $118,000, Sandra M. Olejnik, Peggy O. Brown, Mary A.O. Marks and Joseph S. Olejnik to Robin M. Honore.

Ave. B 626: $154,000, Ramon D. Fernandez Jr. to Samantha L. Bechel.

Ave. L 452: $132,500, Frederick E. April Jr. to Julio Lopez.

Birchwood Court 1608: $168,900, Dsld Homes LLC to Roxanne Mccray.

Buccola subdivision, lot 18, square 4: Donation, Reginald Jasmin to Anthony K.I. Bennett.

Farrington Drive 1024: $80,000, Amber G. Rodrigue to Frank E. Piascik and Charlotte M. Cortez.

Foliage Drive 2549: $129,000, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Ricky Phan and Yen Phan.

Ida Plantation subdivision, lot 55B: $650,000, Jody Williams and Troy D. Williams to Gina Arcement and Lance M. Arcement.

Leaf Lane 2604: $190,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Neirdra Pressley.

Oak Forest, lot 16, square 13: $150,000, Barbara Wright and Donald B. Wright to Evelyn Faraone.

Pelican Drive 5222: $77,000, Michael P. Cedotal and Ashley T. Cedotal to William F. Schell III and Renie P. Schell.

Sabine Drive 5509: $101,000, Matthew J. Dantin and Candice M. Dansereau to Wesley J. Blanchard and Rachel H. Blanchard.

Sand Bar Lane 2649: $220,000, Joshua P. Blanchard and Nicole L. Blanchard to Steven Dauterive and Jennifer Dauterive.

Victoria Drive 2832: $80,600, Rodney A. Meyer Jr. and Steven J. Meyer to BMRC Properties LLC.

Westminster Park Extension 8 subdivision, lot 10, square 21: Donation, Norris M. Revader Jr. to Nmr Holdings LLC.


Blossom St. 432: $123,500, Reeven L. Fontenot to Kenneth A. Hughes and Maitlyn R. Keller.

Deerfield Road 796: $235,000, Nabhan A. Monem to Gary Ogle Jr. and Connie L. Ogle.


Azalea Drive 368: Donation, Norris M. Revader Jr. to NMR Holdings LLC.

Helis Drive 409: $39,000, Mellon Bank of New York to David Daniel.

Holmes St. 324: $20,000, Sandy C. Guidry to Henry C. Lecompte Sr.


Ave. A 1207: $104,000, Rosary Bourg and Bruce W. Justice to Payton L. Percle.

Carnahan King Tract subdivision, lot CK14: $30,000, McLincoln Lands LLC to Mullen Properties LLC.

Kenney Drive 1238: Donation, Henry Quintanilla to Sara Quintanilla.

Laroussini St. 115-117: $310,000, Sandras Family Properties LLC to Real Estate Carrier LLC.

N. Clark Lane 901: Donation, Norris M. Revader Jr. to Nmr Holdings LLC.

Oak Ave. 353: $105,000, Samantha Bechel to Jeanette Richard, Jeantte R. Leblanc and Horace Richard Jr.

West Drive 610: $135,000, TBF LLC to Brett M. Lindsey.

West Drive 713: $25,000, Edith L. Granier to Jax Construction LLC.

Westwego Realty Company subdivision, lot 5, square 21: $68,000, Bienvenu Brothers Partnership to RV N. SL Properties LLC.