Matthew A. Wellman, Herbert C. Wellman Jr., Anna M. Wellman and Cathy A. Wellman sold this home at 141 Barry Ave. in Jefferson to William S. Rohn and Megan M. Rohn for $235,542.


Transfers for Sept. 20-27


Dealers Ave. 1403: Spartan Coin LLC to Lisa Winter and David J. Winter, $676,500.

Gordon Ave. 323: Gordon E. Nordgren Jr. & Terren B. Nordgren Revocable Living Trust to 323 Gordon LLC, $85,000.

Jefferson Court subdivision, lot F, square L: Deborah V. Raymond to Tricia B. Chatelain, Eric M. Chatelain and Tricia C. Bourgeois, $63,000.

Kenmore Drive 565: Mary E. Trahan to Stephen M. Killett and Kymberleigh E. Bell, $170,000.

Lafreniere Plantation, parcels A and B: Luhr Bros Inc. to Rockonwood LLC, donation.

Macque Drive 172: Samuel S. Dalton to Suzanne Aviles and Julio A. Aviles, $362,900.

Ravan Ave. 138: Patricia Navarro and Arthur R. Cafiero to Janice Dawson, $163,000.


Barry Ave. 141: Matthew A. Wellman, Herbert C. Wellman Jr., Anna M. Wellman and Cathy A. Wellman to William S. Rohn and Megan M. Rohn, $235,542.

Helen Ave. 10: New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2004 2. to Edward B. Williams III, Joshua C. Williams and Josh Williams, $90,000.

Hyman subdivision, lot E, square 8: Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Thang Hoa II LLC and Hoa II LLC Thang, donation.

Markham Ave. 4451: Ralph J. Embree Jr. and Darlene L. Embree to Jeffrey S. Villemarette, $200,000.

Morris Place 4320: Patricia Kimmet, Doreen Rabalais and Rebecca Russo to Dawn A. Foy, $125,000.

Sherling Ave. 16: Marjory Broussard to Marlene Goebel and Michael H. Goebel, $145,000.

St George Ave. 839: John E. Laprime, Pamela Moss, Robert F. Laprime Jr. and Janet L. Laprime to Alma M. Laprime, donation.

Vinet Ave. 209: Sam D. Rizzuto and Vivian C. O. Rizzuto to Parish Property Investment Group LLC, $112,000.

William Ave. 12: VSK Properties LLC to Randolph G. Laborde, $350,000.


17th St. 2112: Wella Fargo Bank NA to Cezar O. Carvalho, $98,000.

27th St. 909: New Penn Financial LLC and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $90,852.63.

Bertolino Drive 424: Kimberly L. Kuhn and Phillip L. Kuhn Jr. to Nancy H. Green and Wayne J. Green, $220,000.

California Ave. 3903: Farhad Kaviani and Maryam F. Kaviani to Denise V. B. Kent, $175,000.

Castle Drive 3216: Marina Raquel to Gustavo Argueta, donation.

Chateau Haut Brion Drive 17: Frederick H. Myers Jr. and Suzanne Myers to Toni J. Holland, $480,000.

Chateau Lafitte condo, unit 11: Nathan H. Nguy and Van B. Nguy to Suzann B. Pierce, $221,500.

Clay St. 618: Vedora Carson to Sheryl L. Lee, $50,000.

Colorado Ave. 3907: Gadrel LLC to Meng D. Sun, $80,000.

Continental Drive 3341: Miriam Naranjo and Mario A. Naranjo to Shahida A. Begum and Syed S. Ahmed, $100,000.

Driftwood Blvd. 38: Tara T. Johnson and Jimmie R. Johnson to Joan D. Ruiz, $228,000.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 206A: Daniel P. Dicharry to Jennifer P. Dicharry, donation.

Houston Place 106: Justa P. Aguilar to Daime R. Alvarez and Reynier L. Garcia-Pellerano, $177,000.

Imperial Heights subdivision, lot 19, square 15A: John F. Maggiore Jr., Dale B. Maggiore, M&R Global Trading Inc., Michele Branigan and Steven W. Champagne to Growth & Grace Acquisitions LLC, $320,000.

Indiana Ave. 3240: Ryan J. Venturella to Matthews M. Zapata, $214,000.

Iowa Ave. 2006: Lynn J. Silbernagel to Oscar O. Santos, $43,000.

Kensington St. 2716-18: Morgan Stanley Structured Trust I. 2007 1. to Chatoya N. Connor, $112,350.

Kentucky Ave. 2220: Melanie K. Fenwick and Janice Fenwick to Melanie K. Fenwick and Fionn W. C. Casey, donation.

Lesan Drive 934: Barry W. Spates to Mareily Carreno-Hernandez, Ernesto Carreno-Alvarez and Mareily C. P. Hernandez, $80,000.

Louisiana Trace subdivision, lot 27, square B: Jan Jones and David T. Jones to Leslie Lewis and Dustin K. Lewis, $145,800.

Petit Berdot Drive 620: Nicole C. Normand and Matthew J. Normand to Phillip L. Kuhn Jr. and Kimberly Kuhn, $297,000.

St Thomas Drive 13: Deborah Prevost and John L. Prevost to Imelda Benitez and Luis A. Estrada, $330,000.

University City subdivision, lot 65, square 400: Learnine V. Roberson and Michael L. Roberson to Jefferson Parish, donation.

Woodlake Blvd. 100: Julie Stern and Henry Cacamo to Ali G. Zeas and Ligia M. Gutierrez, $284,000.


42nd St. 3524: Myrtle A. B. Babcock to Ellen Connor, $345,000.

44th St. 3117: Lachin Landry LLC to Ellie & Arnie Properties LLC, $165,000.

Airline Park Blvd. 804: RRL Real Estate LLC to Paula B. Atchley, $240,000.

Aris Ave. 625: Congetta Palermo to Brenda Keane and Michael J. Keane, $193,000.

Athania Parkway subdivision, lot 37, square C: Dolores R. Richard to Shirley F. S. Richard, $225,000.

Bayou State condo, unit 18: Legus Real Estate LLC to Syed M. Hussein and Sayeda Shaheen, donation.

Berne St. 5501: Samuel E. Rugamas and Kimberly Rugamas to Jorge A. Alsina, $228,000.

Beverly Gardens Drive 949: Robin M. Benedict, Kelly Benedict and John T. V. Benedict to Bayou Home Buyers LLC, $261,000.

Blanke St. 6800: Arthur T. Paine and Lesley Paine to Zaiyin Su and Yanqing Zhang, $253,000.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 7A, square 36: Leeroyal P. Martin III to Las Main Offices LLC, $325,000.

Bonnabel Place, no further data: Mallory K. Cantero, Nicholas L. Cantero and Mallory C. Kuss to Walter C. Moran and Kathleen B. Moran, $2,000.

Boutall St. 5705: Robert A. Bradbury Jr. to Deborah Bradbury, donation.

Bullard Ave. 1413: Rodger E. Labit and Roger E. Labit to Msl Homebuilders LLC, $100,000.

Canal Street subdivision, lot B, square 26: Jefferson Parish to Albert D. Royerre and Margaret V. Royerre, $29,000.

Carriage Court condo, unit 309: Christopher R. Walther to Maria Kart and Lisa M. Kart, $58,500.

Christine St. 7021: Elizabeth Peralta and Clinton J. Peralta to William R. Rieger Jr., $255,000.

Clearview Parkway 4609: Davd C. Evola and Kaci Evola to Rustin Devillier, $225,000.

Concord Ave. 1624: Leon H. Whitten to Brittany Grunberg, $317,500.

David Drive 1512: Gary J. McDonald to BH Wyatt Properties LLC, $40,000.

Dental Medical Plaza condo, unit 8: Veterans Dental Properties LLC to Oak Tree Chiropractic LLC, $85,000.

Dental Medical Plaza condo, unit 9: Benjamin Tekippe to Oak Tree Chiropractic LLC, $1,000.

Division St. 3715: Lisa Winter and David J. Winter to Jefferson Parish, $610,000.

Elmwood Parkway 5009: Michael R. Brinkman to Rebecca Alley, $220,000.

Focis St. 1349: Kirk J. Diez and Harvey M. Diez to Gregory J. Warnert and Erika B. Torres, $295,000.

Green Acres Road 2412: Toni S. Ritzmann and Gary P. Ritzmann to Ritzmann Family Living Trust, donation.

Green Acres Road 3609: Dufriend Homes LLC to Shana Mynatt and Jeffery B. Mynatt, $237,500.

Helios Ave. 1213: Lisa M. Cusimano to Vincent P. Cusimano, $38,000.

Hespeer Ave. 740: Jenny Lorusso to Eric H. Canahuati, $175,000.

Hessmer Farms, plot 271: 4310 Hessmer LLC, Amy Gitz and Peter L. Gitz III to Ideal Appliance Parts Inc., $1,460,000.

Holmes Park 2. subdivision, lot I, square 88: Joan P. Smith to James Mclellan, $178,100.

Kent Ave. 519: Marrone Investments LLC to Christine F. McPeek, $128,000.

Lausat St. 3125: Ronald E. Hansen and Laurie Hansen to Swan Valley LLC, $197,500.

Lemon St. 4020: Emmanuel Kardoulias to Adam S. Champagne, $230,000.

Lemon St. 4309: Daryl Childress to Courtney M. Speice, $259,000.

Loveland St. 4428: Sparta Properties LLC to Spencer Mai, $264,700.

Meadow St. 1308: Ailene Cabrera to MOS Realty LLC, $35,450.

Metro View condo, unit 117-A: Michael J. Miccio and Antoinette S. Miccio to Donna M.U. Pepper, $110,000.

Metro View condo, unit 206-B: Henry P. Kothmann III and Mary E. Kothmann to Melissa F. Bellaci, $125,000.

Metro View condo, unit C: Metro View Development LLC to Paul S. Guillie, $128,000.

N. Labarre Road 4015: Darren J. Murphy to Marin E. M. Casselli, donation.

N. Sibley Street 817: Christian M. Silbernagel III to Douglas Sires, $167,900.

N. Turnbull Drive 2313: Mark A. Graffagnini to Ellie & Arnie Properties LLC, $77,000.

Neyrey Drive 1617: Thomas A. Celestin Jr. and Bridget W. Celestin to Heidi P. Breaux and Cassi A. P. Breaux, $279,500.

Neyrey Drive 4213: Carol Moses and Kendall Roy Moses to Teresa Daigle and David G. Daigle, $375,100.

Neyrey Drive 4509: Bryan C. Hritz and Lindsey M. C. Hritz to Rachael D. Dauro, $337,000.

North Bengal Road 1217: Matthew W. Courtney to Michael Zingale Jr. and Lori Lopez, $251,000.

Pailet Place subdivision, lot 26, square 6: Kevin M. Coles to Richard L. Hartenstein, $258,700.

Palm Vista subdivision, lot 11, square 4: Pamela Hymel and Thaddeus A. Hymel to Lourdes Z. Estrada and Brian P. Raley, $524,000.

Papworth Ave. 1232: George R. Simno IV to Matthew L. Troescher, $247,500.

Papworth Ave. 411: Javelin 78 LLC to Sherri L. Montz, $375,000.

Phosphor Ave. 430: John R. Booksh to Holly S. Nichlos and James L. Nichols, $210,000.

Phosphor Ave. 824: Jamie Dallimore and David A. Dallimore to Ellie & Arnie Properties LLC, $175,000.

Pike Drive 5017: Clinton W. Shinn Jr. and Emily Shinn to Clayton D. Boothe and Sharla Boothe, $305,000.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 12, square 1: Laura Parsons to Julie H. Harris and Chad M. Harris, $510,000.

Poplar St. 409: Wayne J. Bergeron Jr. to Tyler J. Sykes and Randi M. Sykes, donation.

Riley Court condo I, unit 4401: Mark S. Poole Properties LLC to Karen P. Taylor, $100,000.

Riley Court condo, no further data: Magaly C. Cannatella to Stacey L. D. Mongrue, $92,000.

Riverside Court condo, unit 663: Scott A. Knight to Charles Grimm, donation.

Riverside Drive 6509: SZ Met LLC to SCF RC Funding IV LLC, $4,112,752.

Riverwood condo, unit 303: Dustin D. Lambert to Lloyd M. Roberts, $66,780.

Roberta St. 3108: Naglaa A. El-Rouby to Mohamed E. Morsy, donation.

Rosalie Court 6320: Toni A. Dugas to James Hayden, $213,800.

Ruth St. 6216: Jamie L. Walters and Christopher J. Breaux to Joseph M. Pannone, $212,000.

Sigur Ave. 1380: Terence M. Donahoe to Kevin P. Donahoe, $19,505.

Sigur Ave. 1380: Erin D. Druhan to Kevin P. Donahoe, $19,505.

Taft Park 1509: Frances Luse to Judy F. Hagan, donation.

Tartan Drive 4008: Lynda R. Crozier and Shannon R. Bell to 4008 Tartan Drive LLC, $137,000.

Tartan Drive 4008: Warren A. Moffett to Lynda R. Crozier and Shannon R. Bell, $125,000.

Trenton Building condo 4400, unit G: JWB Realty Inc. to R&M of Metairie LLC, $110,000.

Trudeau Drive 1117: Denise Parker to Justin M. Clark and Kelsey Graham, $189,500.

West Metairie Avenue South 3704-06: Thomas C. Aucoin Jr. to Jennifer G. Meyer and Robert E. Mirsberger, $245,000.

West Metairie North 3613-15: Kathleen L. Touchard to Richard T. Mudd, $209,000.

West Napoleon Ave. 4813-15: 4813 West Napoleon LLC to Him Investments LLC, donation.

West William David Parkway 921: Suzanne B. Penswick, Jefrrey Brough, Janet R. Brough, Janis Brough, Janet R. Perez, Stephanie M.D. Brough and Janet R.B. Labarre to Marrone Investments LLC, $140,000.

Whitney Place condo, unit 296: Juliette H. Larose to Brenda F. Badeaux and Jimmy A. Badeaux, $130,000.

Woodridge condo, unit 501: Gotts Properties LLC to David M. McGuire, $50,000.

Woodridge condo, unit 704: Gotts Properties LLC to Chris Nguyen, $50,500.


Dilton St. 501: Renee Hooter, Elizabeth Langhoff and Denise St. Pierre to Mike A. Corcoran and Eva Corcoran, $160,000.

Highland Acres subdivision, lot 75D, square H: Cynthia L. Pazos to Samanta I. Amedee and Gregory L. Ray, $388,000.

Moss Lane 913: Claire Aucoin and Derek Aucoin to Ardyn T. Treadway and Aaron N. Lofton, $408,000.

Sharla Park subdivision, lot 10A: Cupidean Musgrove and Edgar A. Luminais Jr. to Jill Poche and James P. Poche Sr., $290,000.

Sophia St. 420: Terry J. Decourt Jr. to Michael M. Guillot and Kelli Guillot, $187,500.

Southern Road 301: C. James Gelpi to David J. Main, $428,000.