St. Charles

Transfers for May 22-16


Schmill Subdivision, Lot 3 and Lot 4: $118,384, Capital One AKA Capital One to Wadhah Alhusseini.


Coteau De France or Randson Tract, Lots 15-A-2: $164,900, Dunn Homes, LLC to Christopher J. Canales and Nyra Gaudet Naquin Canales.

Eastern bank of Bayou Des Allemands, portion of Lot 152: $22,000, Beverly Standridge Lege to Carol Lewis White and Donnie White.

Pine Street Extension, Block 3, Lot 6: $30,000, Harry J. Brock III and Amy Green Brock to Joseph M. Bordelon and Lakyn C. Cortez.

Smith's Green Acres, East one-half of Lot 37: $70,000, Betty Ann Bernard Dufrene, Nicole Faye Dufrene, Clark W. Dufrene and Jael Dufrene Comardelle to Michial D. McCullough.

Sunset Drainage Subdivision, Lot 7: $215,000, Paul A. Heggelund and Martha Ramirez Heggelund to Trey J. Berthelot.

Sunset Drainage District, Lot 115: $178,000, Stephen A. Camardelle, Jeannie Comardelle Matherne, Timothy Comardelle, Sylvia Robichaux Weaver and Patricia Robichaux Soileau to Fawn Luquette.


Cypress Cove Subdivision, Phase 2, Lot 21: $494,800, Christina Lapenta McCloskey wife of/and Patrick A. McCloskey to Azeen E. Neko Lewis and Derick A. Lewis.

Gabriel Heights Subdivision, Square A, Lot 8, One-half of Lot 9, and One-half of Lot 7: $150,000, Terryl Joseph Schnexnayder to Skye Mhari Jenkins.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 30, Lot 1199: $254,000, Roberta Stetson Rivera and Richard E. Rivera to Kerry Badeaux Strawn and Patrick L. Strawn.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 6, Lot 289-A: $235,000, Joaquin E. Pearse Jr. to Ryan Anderson and Jena Hartley.


St. Charles Industrial Complex, Lots 81, 82, 83, and 84: $445,000, Progressive Waste Solutions of La, Inc. FKA IESI La Corporation to St. Charles Recycling, Inc.


Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-C, Square 9, Lot 9: $352,426.96, Milioto Custom Homes, LLC to Michael J. Melancon and Crystal Champagne Melancon.

Mimosa Park Subdivision, Lot 6A: $350,000, Vonnie Dufrene Savoie to TCC Real Estate, LLC.

Oak Ridge Park Subdivision, Block C, Lot 27: Donation, Anthony Davis gives one-half interest to Treshon Melonson Simoneaux-Davis.


Evangeline City Subdivision, Unit 6, Square 2, Lot 12B: $55,000, Cristina & Lauricella, Inc. to Reve, Inc.

Evangeline City Subdivision, Square 1, Lot 50, Lot 51, Lot 52, Lot 53, Lot 54 and Lot 55 in Square 1 of Unit 2: Donation, Joshua Taylor Vicknair, Jessica Marie Vicknair, and Taylor Lee Beard to Marie Violet Vicknair.

The Meadlands Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 83: $17,000, Valli Beatty Harry to Shantel Lions AKA Shantel Tabb.


New Sarpy Subdivision, Lot 20 A-1, Square 6: $10,000, Richard Michael Roubion and Vickie Zeringue Roubion to Mary Jane Falcon Zeringue.


Mule Subdivision, Number 2, Section 1, East half of Lot A of Good Hope Plantation Subdivision, designated as Part of Lot 1 and Lot 2 of Square 5: $116,000, Edward Charles Graebert, Jr. to Clint Michael Roussel and Tiffany Catherine Floyd.


Townsite of Paradis, Lot 19A: Donation, Kurt F. Breaux to Brody E. Breaux.


Almedia or Patterson Plantation, Lots 6 and 7: $10, Riverland Trailer Park, LLC to Wood Resources, LLC.