Transfers for Aug. 13-17

District 1

Banks St. 2761-63: $281,000, Doris F. Bahr Bossier to Barbara Edmonson Goodson.

Camp St. 800: $155,675, Stephen Mark Middleton to DVL Properties III LLC.

Camp St. 800: $155,675, Harman McLellan Middleton to DVL Properties III LLC.

Loyola Ave. 212: no value stated, Saratoga Lofts LLC to Sonesta Nola Corporation.

S. Carrollton Ave. 920; S. Carrollton Ave. 922-924: $194,500, PMR Properties LLC to Lauren Perry.

S. Murat St. 424: $285,000, Gulfcoast Allied 2 LLC to Garrett Dane Micklin.

St. Charles Ave. 1600: $1,809,500, Ma Gonzalez Properties LLC to Atocha St. Charles LLC.

District 2

Bienville St. 1922; Bienville St. 1926: $205,000, Mercier Realty and Investment Company to Wells One Investments LLC.

Burgundy St. 421: $275,000, Lewin M. Williams Sr. to Donald Edward Jones and Gay Lynn Marchand Jones.

Burgundy St. 921: $948,000, George M. Markey Jr., Josephine Pope Hay to Cheryl Lynn Kirby Coppock.

Canal St. 1201: $375,000, Michael Francis Arace III to Fidelity Bank, Mers and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.

Colbert St. 6449: $440,000, Nancy Goodman Moragas to Laura K. McBryde.

Conti St. 2728-2732: $400,000, Conti Fab LLC to American Eagle LLC.

Dumaine St. 3041: $170,508.59, Margaret Bruce Camin to Yvette M. Voelker Cuccia.

Dumaine St. 823-25: $1,600,000, Harold M. Stokes and Leslie Snyder Stokes to Pam Dumaine LLC.

General Diaz St. 6468: $265,000, Denise Centola Crais and Kevin Robert Crais to Jessica T. Mc Alum Ricci and Robert D. Ricci.

General Haig St. 6118: $588,000, Derek D. Grantz and Julie Hoffmann Grantz to Daniel Robert Lyon and Mary Susan Lyon.

General Haig St. 6954: $837,500, Candice Pfister Arnett to Brian Matthew Patrick and Dixie Bunkley Patrick.

General Ogden St. 1304-06: $120,000, Alton Leonard Anderson III to Saving Our Whole Neighborhood Sown Realty and Management LLC.

General Ogden St. 3517-19: $55,000, Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition Trust 2017 Hb1 Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Not Individually But Solely As Trustee to Carl Leblanc Jr.

Hawthorne Place 5460-5462: $375,000, Cynthia Abide Edgett, Cynthia Abide Pacaccio and William R. Edgett to Hannah Tyler and Jourdan Tyler Cornelius.

Iberville St. 2737-39: $340,000, 2737 Iberville LLC to Dietric L. Hennings and Savannah Scalia Hennings.

Jewel St. 475: $630,000, Barry Holzenthal, Cheryl Leger Holzenthal to Charles F. Gay Jr. and Patricia Thompson Ross.

Milne Boulevard 6121-23: $385,000, Margot M. Castaing Rainold to Laurie Longmire Russell and Patrick J. Russell.

N. Lopez St. 827-829: no value stated, Gabriel John Mouledoux IV and Susannah Miles King Mouledoux to Brian Schwartz and Meghan Mekita.

N. Murat St. 701-03: $160,000, Foret Land Corporation to Albert J. Vallon III and Lee Ramsey Vallon.

St. Peter St. 1025: $525,000, William Edward Ursick to Rory Panepinto and Spencer Cortez.

$716,100, Amanda Buege Boyden and Joseph A. Boyden to Pooja Mehta Ramalingam and Vijay Ramalingam.

District 3

Alba Road 4400: $102,000, Karen Ann Dudenhefer Cardon, Lori Lynn Dudenhefer Howard, Robert H. Dudenhefer and Robert Joseph Dudenhefer to Belinda Talley Tinner and Bobby Tinner.

Allen St. 2849: $165,000, Chawanna Vappie Santa Marina and Samuel Joseph Santa Marina to Samuel J. Santa Marina IV.

Andry St. 820: $35,000, Estate of Shirley M. Gray to Belinda L. Moody Bruner and Belinda L. Moody Nishizaura.

Chateau Court 13018: $100,000, Yen Ngoc Tran to Duc Van Pham and Thi Bich Hang Nguyen Pham.

Chatham Drive 5501: $279,000, Sharon Mahan and Steven Mahan to Laura Lee Killeen and Robert V. Whittaker.

Coventry St. 6635: $182,500, Loyal Ventures LLC to Blair Conerly, Lashon S. Conerly, Lashone S. Snyder and Lashone Snyder Conerly.

Curran Road 8110: donation, no value stated, Jane Ramee to Janet Ramee Biggs.

Desire St. 1501-03: $125,000, Bazzel Hamdan and Mazen Hamdan to Jw Development LLC.

Dodt Ave. 4316: $18,000, Sec Real Estate LLC to Thao Duong.

Edward St. 7401: $120,000, Lauren Harris Pingul to Branden Abreace Daniel.

Gentilly Boulevard 3519: donation, no value stated, Adolph Henry Gabriel to Jill Gabriel Lenz.

Lafaye St. 5835: $242,000, Mlm Holdings LLC to Lakeysha Danielle Jackson.

Lake Willow Drive 7028: $25,000, Ricardo X. Hamilton to Community Improvement Agency, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Nora and Roslin Marie Guillory Holmes.

Lapeyrouse St. 1932: $35,000, Go Dutch LLC to Antoine Enterprises LLC.

Lapeyrouse St. 2421; Lapeyrouse St. 2423; Lapeyrouse St. 2425: $200,000, Shantel M. Henry Lewis to Maxine Quinn Henry.

Lark St. 2238: $220,000, Marian Clark Lau to Elba Capechi Carrillo and Ivan Ernesto Carrillo.

Ligustrum Drive 7540: $50,500, Elmer M. Ducorbier Sr. and Freda Cadow Ducorbier to Son Huu Tran.

Mazant St. 2209: $65,000, Sean Reed and Sherelle Alexander Reed to Angela Lessard McCleney and Jeffrey P. McCleney.

Music St. 1300-02: $170,000, Alexandra Tassiello Norton and Dwight Daniel Norton to Aristide K. Muganda.

N. Broad St. 1740: $265,000, Adrian F. Echelard and Celeste Echelard Keller to Jacquelyn Gibson Clark and Sean L. Clark.

N. Dorgenois St. 1661: $240,000, Sheri Ann Beyer to Anna C. Walden and Julian A. Wellisz.

N. Johnson St. 4220-4222: $5,500, Debbie Harleaux to Saiglann LLC.

N. Rocheblave St. 2554-56: $45,000, Mary Oliver Funchess to World Td LLC.

N. Roman St. 1566-1568: $182,000, Scott E. Veazey to Catherine M. Marcello.

N. Roman St. 1629: $198,000, 1629 N. Roman LLC and 1629 N. Roman Street LLC to Ram Wadhwa and Simarna Ram Wadhwa.

N. Tonti St. 3525-27: $50,000, Dupart Property Group LLC to Flipping Crazy2018 LLC.

Odin St. 2468: $60,500, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Morris Property Group LLC.

Odin St. 4815: $102,000, Kristen Nicole Williams Carey and Quianne Shortt Aguillard to Lori E. Vaughn.

Oriole St. 2221: $378,000, Qingxia Yuan Li and Shengxu Li to Jennifer A. Querzergue Alexis and Jennifer A. Quezergue.

Pauger St. 4824: $53,500, Clayton Ventures LLC to Ashley Elizabeth Barrios Seward.

Pauline Drive 4940: $168,000, R2h Platinum LLC to Ronika L. Williams.

Pratt Drive 5371: $266,400, Ashley Rose Meyn Anthony to Janet L. Davis.

Prentiss Ave. 4410: $165,000, Building A. Better New Orleans LLC to Tyesha N. Davis Guidry.

Pressburg St. 11624: $171,000, Hoan N. Vo and Thu Diem D. Nguyen Vo to Jarrod William Smith.

Rayne Drive 4324: $105,000, Rk Malcolm LLC to Michelle Marie Michler.

Royal St. 1430: $270,125, Louis H. Gomez to Carmen Pugliese and Madalaine Kirchoff Pugliese.

Royal St. 5466: $275,000, Cole Wollerman, Gary Wollerman and Patti Dwyer Wollerman to Meghan A. Webb.

Saint Ferdinand St. 1036-1038: $465,000, Nora N. Ghobrial to Anna Metcalf Tyler and Matthew B. Tyler.

Scottwood Drive 7731: $149,900, Regina Mitchell Ussin to Jared Guidry.

Spain St. 2930-32: $20,000, Mary Ann Ortiz Silva and Messias E. Silva to Observe LLC.

Spain St. 5417: $45,000, Anthony M. Whittington and Cheryl Anderson Whittington to Jl Legacy Builders LLC.

St. Bernard Ave. 1411: $257,300, D. & W. Holdings 1 LLC to Ram S. Wadhwa, Ram Wadhwa and Simarna Wadhwa.

Swift St. 7831-33; Wales St. 6040-42: $75,000, Cassandra Flot Lesassier and Errol J. Lesassier Sr. to Bennie Gerald Pete Jr. and Lameka Segura Pete.

Timoleon St. 2128: $340,600, Nola Dream Homes LLC to Fabrianne L. Pedregon and Teresa Pedregon.

Urquhart St. 2627; Urquhart St. 625: $168,000, Rana Ramia Dib to Kailee Janeile Brooks and Kandace Brooks.

Vermillion Boulevard 5509: $200,000, Heather Brinkman Beach to Dionne Richardson Porter and Landy Porter III.

Warrington Drive 5769: $302,500, Cojoe Homes LLC to Jonathan Richard Villien and Sarah MacOm Villien.

$75,000, Bryan T. Duplantier, Cathy A. Fleuriet Smith, Julie Coffin Duplantier and Spencer G. Smith Jr. to Sipitinas LLC.

District 4

Chippewa St. 2628: $290,000, Alexa Detloff and Rachel E. Detloff to Renee M. Russo Miller.

Coliseum St. 2033: $210,000, Rodney W. Skotty and Sarah Kelsey Skotty Powell to Kerry Pakucko Living Trust.

Constance St. 2518: $370,000, Steven Charles Jester to Susan M. Hecker Herzenberg.

Constance St. 2238-40: donation, no value stated, Jocelyn K. Horner to Anna R. Horner Affif.

Dauphine St. 3152-3154: $100,000, Nola Renewal Group LLC to 5124 Investments LLC.

Harmony St. 635: $385,000, Gen Diaz Investments LLC to Chris D. Fehrenbach.

Jackson Ave. 1427-29: $960,000, Callie Metzinger MacKenzie and Robert MacKenzie to Lindsay Walker Adair and Nathan Wade Adair.

Lamanche St. 2418-20: $9,250, Clifton O. Brumfield and Willie Jean Brumfield to Christopher James Senac.

Louisa St. 1217-1219: $335,000, Stellar Group Holdings LLC to David L. Harris, Tiffany G. Hall Harris.

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 3927-29: $185,000, 3923 Mlk LLC to Hotel Hope.

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 3923; Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 3927-29: $1,350,000, 3923 Mlk LLC to Hotel Hope.

Philip St. 1549; Philip St. 1553-1555; St. Charles Ave. 2236: $1,500,000, 2236 St. Charles LLC to Atocha St. Charles LLC.

S. Derbigny St. 2412-14: $60,000, Avian Kendrick Wilson, Bernard Kendrick Jr., Cathy W. Kendrick, Kendrick Kendrick, Reginald Cummings, Sylvia H. Kendrick to Mmh Management LLC.

S. Johnson St. 2401: $150,000, Jessie J. Jones to Nola Re Partners LLC.

Saint Thomas St. 2405: $455,000, Ewell P. Eagan and Sara Coury Eagan to Erik Ronald Gadzinski and Tammy Harris Gadzinski.

Second St. 825-827: $920,000, Allen J. Villarrubia and Philip P. Culotta III to Clay Paul Lancon, Mark Keith Fitch and Stephen Kent Bible.

Shalimar Drive 4823-25: $64,000, Kenneth Gaspard and Morris G. Gaspard to Chad S. Robert.

District 5

Blair St. 2954: $63,000, Send Investment Group LLC to Tranco Properties LLC.

Blair St. 3819: $92,000, Allen R. Crane to Michael Dewitt Smith.

English Turn Court 12: $381,500, Cynthia Toler Mason, Cynthia Toler Mendel, Cynthia Toler Stephenson and Samuel A. Mason to John H. Baker III.

English Turn Drive 613: $415,000, Kevin Patrick Murphy and Stephanie Noriea Murphy to Dana Lewis Perry and Laurence Eugene Perry.

Lakeway Court 8: $462,500, Glenda Daniel Anderson and Paul B. Anderson Jr. to Brittny Hastings Toca and Derek W. Toca.

Lawrence St. 1337: $35,000, Alexander Adkins and Shawn Porter to Alana Jane Justice, Alana Jane Twiggs Justice and Nolan Ross Justice.

Maumus Ave. 6718: $132,975, Cynthia Riley Edwards to Miskamishia M. Becnel.

Mimosa Court 3690: $235,000, Mary Deborah Faulk Schmidt to Kenneth Lindsey Jr.

Pacific St. 435-37: $307,365, Fay Cheryl Faron to MacKenzie L. Ferguson and Nathan M. Donolli.

River Oaks Drive 1931: $55,000, Lisa Dillehay Ennis and Lisa Dillehay Monzon to Hannan Al Bassisi.

S. Pin Oak Drive 3845: $287,000, Sandra Caicedo Sabik Kandel and Williams Sabik Kandel to Latasha H. Buchanan and Lloyd Buchanan.

Tita St. 1602: $125,500, Midsouth Property Investments of Louisiana LLC to Felicia M. Meyers.

District 6

Amelia St. 1216-1218: $597,500, Patricia Lynn Nalley Bowers to Aynsley K. Comer.

Amelia St. 1914: $200,000, Byron Rene Johnson, Deidra Johnson Mathis, Destiny Janae Johnson, Edward Johnson Jr., Edward Wills, Nicola Alfreda Pleasant Lee, Samuel Wills, Shirley A. Wills Tarves and Theodore Hudson to Gary J. Mack Sr., Justin Mack and Paulanner Rivers Mack.

Broadway St. 1840-42: $575,000, Studio 40 LLC to Patrick James Lynch, Robert W. Lynch and Tamra Schiroky Lynch.

Calhoun St. 3712-3714: $334,000, Shane Hennessey to Frederic Allen Youngs III, Jacqueline Lea Youngs and Kennedy Stanley.

Camp St. 7042: $770,000, Elizabeth Joanne Owen Stone and Michael Austryn Stone to Marianne Mattingly Van Meter.

General Pershing St. 2530-32: $335,000, Exemplar Capital Management LLC and Millennial Capital Management LLC to Amy Anderson King, Donald L. King Jr., Lisa B. Samuels King and William N. King.

Henry Clay Ave. 426-28: $175,000, Deborah Bland Jackson Matranga to Uptown Nola Investments LLC.

Laurel St. 3633: $247,000, Cathy Breland Lemay to Edward L. Nickolaus Jr., Ester Stephens Nickolaus.

Magazine St. 4850: $212,836, Courtney B. Gennaro to Eymard Land Company LLC.

Milan St. 2213 B: $234,000, Nicola Dack Wolf to Benjamin M. Dinapoli, Robin Rochefort Dinapoli and Thomas J. Dinapoli.

Prytania St. 4104: $950,000, Ann Plauche Lirette to Barbara Jane Clark Tanner and Philip S. Clark III.

Robert St. 1704-06: $815,750, Courtney Witmer Bell Frankowski and Jan Krzysztof Frankowski to Kaitlin Webster Lopiccolo and Ryan Lopiccolo.

S. Jefferson Davis Parkway 1632: $209,000, Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2017 2 Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Not Individually But Solely As Trustee to Mighty Oak Re Investments Inc.

S. Liberty St. 3501-03: $87,500, Quatre Soeurs LLC to Cane T. & T. LLC.

S. Liberty St. 3507: $87,500, Quatre Soeurs LLC and Renee E. Deville Villere to Cane T. & T. LLC.

S. Liberty St. 3509-11: $87,500, Jean Paul B. Villere and Renee E. Deville Villere to Cane T. & T. LLC.

S. Liberty St. 3515: $87,500, Quatre Soeurs LLC to Cane T. & T. LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 4525-4527: $405,000, Victoria Vivian Senna to Brooke B. Dimartino and Jacob T. Dimartino.

St. Charles Ave. 5200: $2,310,000, Frank C. Dudenhefer Jr. to Angela Haddad Blankenship and Will Owen Blankenship.

Soniat St. 1736-1738: $630,000, John Kelly Properties LLC to Charlotte Development LLC.

State St. 2508: $550,000, Gary P. Lagrange to Christopher Clement Wackerman and Cynthia Marie York Wackerman.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5255-59: $581,000, Marissa Totaro Stewart and Michael R. Totaro to Bridget Jernigan Crane and Gabriel Ray Crane.

District 7

Apple St. 9020: $135,000, Dkr Realty LLC to Jennifer L. Orellana.

Apricot St. 8941: $55,000, Juan Shelmire to George A. Williams III.

Birch St. 7534; Hillary St. 1539: $354,000, Caroline Concepta Tierney to Brian T. West and Virginia Eckert West.

Burthe St. 7531: $649,250, Fabrianne Lea Perez Pedregon and Teresa Pedregon to Marla Jasko Scruggs and Steven J. H Scruggs.

Cambronne St. 1106: $360,000, Daniel J. O'Brien and Erin E. Scott O'Brien to Aaron Lorenz.

Cambronne St. 3101-3103; Cambronne St. 3113-3115; Cambronne St. 3119-3121; Cambronne St. 3125-3127: donation, no value stated, Christian T. Sheline and Laura A. Martini Sheline to Two Martini Investments LLC.

Cherokee St. 257: $125,000, John C. Cantwell and Mary Gill Cantwell to Ponnampalam T. Jayawickramarajah and Shyamala Shakthi Jayawickramarajah.

Jeannette St. 7711: $842,500, Bradley Gill Hunter and Lori Wilder Hunter to France Louise Richard Roberts and Oritsejolomi Adetola Roberts.

Lake Marina Drive 318: $155,000, James William Skeeles to Kathryn Ann Frankola Welsh.

Lake Marina Drive 500: $200,000, Silva Castillo Marr to James Roussel Woods and James Woods.

Oak St. 8616; Oak St. LLC 8616: $745,250, 8616 Oak Street LLC to Havana Holdings LLC.

Pam St. 8614: $25,000, Ean Mitchell Fontenberry, Hozie Ronald Fontenberry II, Sable Venai Lewis Brooks and Shawn Antonio Lewis to C. & An Investments LLC.