Transfers for Sept. 25-29

District 1

Annunciation St. 1451-1453: $520,000, Catherine I. Lair Sabin to Thomas R. Wirth.

Delachaise St. 2230-32: $100, Christian Restrepo and Claudia Berenice Rea Jimenez Restrepo to David Reid Demsey and Jessica Amber Lozano Demsey.

Erato St. 4011: $165,000, Krystal M. Fontana to FBR Investments LLC.

Felicity St. 2309-11: $82,500, Carrie Givens Jinks, Jacqueline Ann Jinks and Stephanie M. Jinks Williams to New Hope Baptist Church Inc.

S. Peters St. 1107: $365,000, James L. Fewell and Mary Lou Claunch Fewell to James Lamar Pound III and Kendall Elizabeth Patterson Pound.

S. Rampart St. 413: $1,000,000, River Park One LLC to Jaeger Foundation.

S. Telemachus St. 512-14: $175,000, 512 South Telemachus LLC to Controlled Entropy Telemachus LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $319,000, Alicia Anne Keaty Judice to Marsaline Gumpert Bradley and Robert C. Bradley Sr.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: donation, no value stated, Carmel Collins Mire to Darren G. Mire.

District 2

Canal St. 1201: $300,000, Elizabeth Tappan Mann and Stephen J. Mann to Quatre Soeurs LLC.

Catina St. 6155: $494,000, Thomas E. Desormeaux and Thomas F. Desormeaux Jr. to Andrew Levine.

Conti St. 1918: $40,000, Marsha Pleasant to Jay Whipple LLC.

Conti St. 1918: $55,000, Jay Whipple LLC to 1415 Homer St. LLC.

Dauphine St. 611: $260,000, Marilyn Smith Aguilar and Marilyn Smith Wilson to Ted R. Murkerson.

Dumaine St. 2625: $303,501, Nu Homes LLC to Aldo E. Martinez Saenz and Myron M. Shaffer.

Homedale Ave. 892; Homedale Ave. 946: $340,000, Elspeth Virginia Chance Norquist to Emily M. Bisso Pordoy and Javier E. Pordoy.

Lark St. 46: $465,000, Kenneth Vignes Ward Sr. to Kimberly Schoennagel Hosch and Peter Hosch.

Lemoyne St. 876: donation, no value stated, Kira Gregore to Kyle Gregore.

Louisville St. 6544: $640,000, David M. Hodges Jr. and Karen S. Hodges to Jonathan Larsen and Lisa Larsen.

N. Derbigny St. 200 and 218: no value stated, M&W Properties LLC to Phoenix Development Company Inc.

District 3

Alabo St. 1921-23-25: $8,800, Charles Edward McCrary to Mailson Sales Dasilva.

Athis St. 2235: $60,000, Joel G. Dominick and Vanessa D. Banks to Windy Marie Smith Khan.

Athis St. 2470: $55,800, Denise Armstrong Davis to HOF Investments LLC.

Benson St. 7931-33: $130,000, Gary L. Kennedy, Jason B. Kennedy and Patricia Trovato Kennedy to Stephen Logan.

Briarheath Drive 7558: $33,900, Yvette Davis O'Hara Jones to Next Level Properties LLC.

Briarwood Drive 7555: $143,000, Clara Marie Ali Crockett to Aaron Branch.

Buchanan St. 3819-21: $14,500, Alden W. Bynum III, Juanita Coole Bynum, Marcellus D. Bynum, Messina Bynum and Montague D. Bynum to Mlm Renovations LLC.

Cessna Court 4413: $24,500, Christopher Joseph Jr. to Jasmine Berfect Gillis.

Chef Menteur Highway 6601: $425,000, 6601 Chef LLC to Chef 4 Jenna LLC.

Chef Menteur Highway 23934: $151,000, Robert Edward Byrne to Frances Whitten Smith and Terry Ross Smith.

Clouet St. 1528: $20,000, Walter Lackings to Hip Flips LLC.

Desaix Blvd. 3363: $25,000, Delores Wicker Newton to Be Rich Enterprise Inc.

Desire St. 1400: $283,022, Nicholas M. Vivion to Donald Laverne Trott.

Deslonde St. 824: $227,500, Adam E. Farrington and Amy Kasten Farrington to Dana Zimmerman.

Eastover Drive 5710: $424,500, Donald Joseph Chester to Deborah Ford, Deborah Hardy Ford and Lyman T. Ford Jr.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Doyce Boone and Eric Boone.

Feliciana St. 3127: $4,000, Billie Carroll Davis to Jimmie Horne Sr.

Fieldston Road 7621: $204,900, Brandon J. Eames to Angela W. Daliet and Damon Williams.

Flounder St. 8010: $98,000, Chad E. Martin to Mattie Brooks Cooper.

Forstall St. 1730-32: $107,000, Jessica Hong to Carolina Osorio and Jose M. Osorio Jr.

Gabriel Drive 4843: $90,000, Allegra Michele Piear Ball to Betty M. Clay Piear.

George Nick Connor Drive 2545-2547: $116,000, Gail Robinson Richardson and Gregory Richardson to Corey P. Boland and Tara Chauffe Boland.

Hamburg St. 4228: $79,000, Isabel Miranda, Juan Miranda and Pilar Miranda to 4228 Hamburg LLC.

Highway 90 25505: $205,000, Thelma Barrios Hingle to Always In His Presence LLC.

Jasmine St. 2751: $118,450, Donald A. Beaulieu Jr. to Linda N. Launey.

Joycelyn Drive 4466-68: $60,000, Chi Van Nguyen and Sylvia Tham Thi Pham Nguyen to Nghien Van Pham and Vui Thi Nguyen Pham.

Law St. 2013-15: $100,000, Adam Anthony Diaz Sr., Carroll Joseph Diaz Sr., Robert Louis Diaz III and Yolande Diaz Bevrotte to NKC Realty LLC.

Law St. 2017: $100,000, Adam Anthony Diaz Sr., Carroll Joseph Diaz Sr., Robert Louis Diaz III and Yolande Diaz Bevrotte to Nkc Realty LLC.

Law St. 2019-21: $75,000, Adam Anthony Diaz Sr., Carroll Joseph Diaz Sr., Robert Louis Diaz III and Yolande Diaz Bevrotte to NKC Realty LLC.

Lehigh St. 7569: $16,000, Hubert E. Hahn to Christian Fellowship Cathedral.

Manchester St. 6601: $188,000, Faustino D. Melendreras and Tenaj L. Taylor Malendreras to Eddison A. Walker and Jasmine Jones Walker.

Marigny St. 3529: $40,000, Advanta Ira Services LLC and Carl Fanaro Ira to Chester Development LLC.

Marigny St. 5404: $128,000, Ora Minor Prater to Wesley Nash.

Marigny St. 6029-31: $225,000, Pathways To Home Ownership New Orleans Inc. to Kermit Joseph Buggage Jr.

Marigny St. 3332-34: $157,000, Dawn Santora Woolley and Robert Walter Woolley to Daymond Franklin Faust.

Mouton St. 940-42: donation, no value stated, Patsy Frank Vulcano Jr. to Scott M. Vulcano.

Myrtle St. 2678-80: $11,000, David H. Strong to MLM Renovations LLC.

N. Broad St. 1723: $335,000, K&t Institute LLC to Jennifer Liggin Krass and Michael J. Krass.

N. Dorgenois St. 1645: $90,000, Kenia McDowell to Juan B. Gil Jr.

N. Galvez St. 1117-19-21: $190,000, Charles R. Baquet Jr. and Lucille Duminy Baquet to H&K Real Estate LLC.

N. Tonti St. 2616: donation, no value stated, Alexander Smith Sr. to Geralyn Dowell Smith and Geralyn Marcia Dowell.

N. Tonti St. 2616: $35,000, Geralyn Dowell Smith and Geralyn Marcia Dowell to Banikah A. Jackson.

Nottingham Drive 4722: $72,000, Nancy M. Emerlin and Robert W. Emerling and Nancy M. Emerling Revocable Living Trust to Keith A. Rousseve.

O'Reilly St. 2841-43: $185,000, Percy Raymond Harrell III to Priyanshi Ritwik Debnath and Subir Debnath.

Pauger St. 3516: $105,000, Darren Dehesa to Steven L. Dehesa.

Riviera Ave. 1324: $285,000, Home By Hand Inc. to Edwin P. Smith and Sushma Jasti Smith.

Saint Helena Place 13213: $116,000, Jacqueline Smith Diaz to Tram T. Van Truong and Vu X. Truong.

Spain St. 4335: donation, no value stated, Nadine Rachal Savwoir to Dalton Savwoir Jr.

St. Anthony Ave. 2720: $70,000, Glen Soule, Gregory Soule and Lloyd T. Soule to Paul J. Catafago.

Urquhart St. 6424: donation, no value stated, Orbelina L. Larios Mendoza to Juan J. Espinal Henriquez.

Vermillion Boulevard 5716: $57,100, Rosalia Damico Wright to JNG Construction LLC.

Warrington Drive 5313: $110,000, Joanne Kelt Kapesis to James R. Kelt.

Warrington Drive 5736: $38,000, Anastasia Williams Smith and Sean Smith to NDT Investments LLC.

Warrington Drive 6037: $100,000, First NBC Community Development LLC to Gregory M. Alugas.

Wildair Drive 1909: $84,500, Sunshine Clarke to Mallori Williams Torregano.

District 4

Jackson Ave. 1938: $330,000, Tara Ryan Cole Smith to G. Bennett 3 Investments LLC.

Josephine St. 1716-161/2-18-181/2; Josephine St. 1720-20½-22-24: $172,900, Shannon Kelly Ryerson to Kristen Whitmire.

Josephine St. 2416-18: $93,500, S&P Real Estate Holdings LLC to Aaron S. Williams.

Sixth St. 915: $530,000, Elizabeth Ricca Huete and James Gary Huete to Kevin P. Rucker.

S. Dorgenois St. 2609-2609a: donation, no value stated, Bassam A. Barakat to Mohannad Fadl Azzam.

Washington Ave. 503: $312,500, Leeann Escobar to Cartus Financial Corporation.

Washington Ave. 503: $312,500, Cartus Financial Corporation to Alicia M. Lynch and Christopher F. Lynch.

District 5

Behrman Highway 2510: $82,000, Geraldine Whelan Samanie, Patricia Samanie Hermann, Ronald Joseph Samanie and Stephen Michael Samanie to Velma A. Fleming.

Blair St. 3411: donation, no value stated, Edward Felo III, Joseph Tribble Jr., Chantal M. Petit and Brian Keith Tribble to Ava Felo Irvin and Lois Felo Landry.

Brooklyn Ave. 926: $389,000, 926 Brooklyn LLC to Donna S. Stetler Revocable Trust.

Carlisle Court 6010: $159,000, Cynthia Ann Benedict Franks to Shelley Aubert Thompson.

Comet St. 2012: $190,000, David C. Johnson and Wendy Simpson Johnson to Deborah M. De Kok.

Cupid St. 2637: $60,000, Sarah Cathryn Edwards to Benjamin K. Edwards.

Elton St. 2901: $134,300, Benita Williams Scott and Nathan Haynes Scott to Carol Alecia Dolliole Causey and Michael Causey.

Harbour Town Court 98: $448,000, Deidra Lewis Pierre and Joseph Thornwell Pierre to Byron Martin and Kendra M. Barrier.

Heritage Lane 26; Heritage Lane 7: $35,000, Bank of New York As Trustee For The Certificates of The Cwabs Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006 26 and Bank of New York Mellon to Mosel Properties LLC.

Kings Canyon Drive 33: $310,000, Jerry Gerard Fiegel, Pamela Duett Fiegel to Kenneth Bernard Wade and Onita Jackson Wade.

Lawrence St. 1115101: $5,000, Tamara Gaskins Prosper and Thaddaeus Peter Prosper to Oliver Thompson.

Leeward Court 10: $370,000, Elizabeth W. Maitland Held and Howard F. Held to Deidra Lewis Pierre and Joseph T. Pierre Jr.

Lennox Court 165: $165,000, Kathryn Denison Abate to Alan James Tupper and Joanne Aliza Lewis Solarte.

Mississippi River Road 1373401; Willow Drive 11510: $231,000, Cheryl Hines Pierrotti, Gilda Hines Hamilton Nichols, James Andrew Hamilton, Kenneth M. Pierrotti and Sheryl Raelynn Hamilton Lanius to Lee P. Dupont Jr. and Nancy Ilyankoff Dupont.

Oxford Place 5601: $181,200, KRF Construction LLC to Suzanne Fontan Gonczy and Todd Christopher Gonczy.

Red Oak Court 3601: $292,000, Thao Phuong Dola to Jose O. Marquez.

Roselyn Park Place 221: $138,500, Michelle Wilson Grosch and Todd Anthony Grosch to Nicol J. Breaux Alipio and Nicol J. Breaux Hyme.

S. Inwood Ave. 3801: $211,000, Kenyatta M. Veals Barnes and Otho Barnes Jr. to Yul B. Mitchell.

Silver Maple Court 3709: $235,000, Alexandra Elizabeth Priebe Yimer and Dawit Messele Yimer to Alfred Hatcher III and Tracie R. Hatcher.

Southlawn Blvd. 1109: donation, no value stated, Henry Joseph McAnespy and Louis Elwood McAnespy to Luanna McAnespy Burlet.

Tullis Drive 5800: donation, no value stated, Susie Ann Hayes Saunders to Darnell E. Saunders.

District 6

Amelia St. 1022: $449,000, Alastair D. Jackson to Geoffrey Jacques and Windsor V. Richmond.

Amelia St. 2529-31; Delachaise St. 2530: $50,000, Beryl P. Chesser to CCC Ventures LLC.

Annunciation St. 4878: $215,000, Tukandu Inc. to Ace Equities LLC.

Audubon St. 111: $990,000, 111 Audubon Street LLC to Alison G. Hartman Lauricella.

Broadway St. 2001-03-09-11: $868,000, West Campus LLC to Brian A. Shepard.

Cadiz St. 1838: donation, no value stated, Tuyet Thi Ngoc Le to 9 Cleaners LLC.

Coliseum St. 5201: donation, no value stated, Abigail A. Burton Wehr to Robert E. Burton.

Clara St. 4719-4919: donation, no value stated, Griffin P. Rodgers to Belinda W. Rodgers and Howard Rodgers III.

Coliseum St. 5201: $321,500, Robert E. Burton to Lanier Family Properties LP.

Constance St. 3965: $531,000, Christian Robert Vozar and Tracy Moran Vozar to Christine Mischler Keating.

Dufossat St. 1215: $270,000, Hans Andersson and Whitney Stewart Andersson to Christoph Andersson.

General Pershing St. 2609: $315,000, Courtney Marie French Williams to Lisa M. Kingsolver.

General Pershing St. 2724-26: $460,000, Tallahatchie LLC to Nola C. and N. LLC.

Jefferson Ave. 2407: $579,000, Coury Group Inc. to Michael E. Critchlow, Molly Critchlow Liberto and Patrick Liberto.

Laurel St. 3724: $645,000, Leonard William Black and Sheelah Strong Black to Alexander A. Yiannopoulos and Magdalini Galitou Yiannopoulos.

Laurel St. 5124: $10, 5124 Investments LLC to Andrew Treuting and Catherine Treuting.

Nashville Ave. 2430: $1,110,000, Allen Villarrubia and Angelle Marie Villarrubia Culotta to Leigh H. Hines and Michael H. Hines.

Robert St. 2615: $60,000, G. Hess Holdings LLC to R4a2 Enterprises LLC.

Robert St. 822: $790,000, Mary Arnold Jain and Prabhat Jain to Josh David Collen, Nicole Constance Siegel.

S. Roman St. 3728-30: $58,000, Butterbean Two LLC to Gustavo Morter, Licy Gamez Morter and Licy Morter.

S. Rendon St. 1307-09-11-13: $325,000, Vasquez Properties LLC to Hoke Investments LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 3419-21: $88,500, Reginald J. Commodore to 3419 S. Saratoga LLC.

Webster St. 305-307: $398,000, William W. Waring III to Shelley Huff.

District 7

12th St. 428: $422,750, Kim Lala Garvey and Richard Joseph Garvey Jr. to Christopher W. Kaul and Margaret Alsfeld Kaul.

Rue Le Ville 8: $705,000, Melissa Harris Estess and Steven Hunter Estess to Irvy Ernest Cosse III.

Apple St. 8300; Dante St. 2538: $69,000, Dreamality LLC to 2518 Dante LLC.

Apple St. 8405-07: $98,000, Detter Williams Conway Foster, Doris M. Williams Mitchell, Janice Williams Davis, Kya Bryan, Roosevelt Williams and Verlisar Williams Marquez to Federation Properties LLC.

Ave. A 6450: $480,000, Victoria Rosich Terry and William Hutchinson Terry to Seenu Jolly Tharaken and Vineeth Jose Tharaken.

Burdette St. 1206; Oak St. 7811-13: $200,000, Louisiana Coastal VII LLC to Ashmac Grantor Trust.

Burdette St. 1209-11-13-15; Oak St. 7729-39: $500,000, Louisiana Coastal V. LLC to Ashmac Grantor Trust.

Cherlyn Drive 5637: $560,000, Dana Moser Padgett and Paul Maxwell Padgett II to Jorge Palavicini and Sonia Comas Palavicini.

Cherokee St. 510: $575,000, Colleen Grace Loria and Paul Leonard Loria Jr. to Sherry Lynn Shirah Spreter.

Cohn St. 8501; Cohn St. 8505: $120,000, Leona Robinson Davis to Vieux Orleans Holdings LLC.

Eagle St. 1300-02; Eagle St. 1304; Eagle St. 1308: $275,000, Maori Investments of The Gulf Coast LLC to Rgg Investments LLC.

Hickory St. 8613-15: $38,500, Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church to Property Gamma LLC.

Joliet St. 3109: $9,650, City of New Orleans to Forstall Follies LLC.

Monroe St. 1512: $228,000, Jessica Edmondson Beacham and Lee H. Beacham to Justin Greeley Allison and MacKenzie Stewart Peschka.

Oak Tree Drive 110: donation, no value stated, Loretta Chiasson Frommeyer and Weldon A. Frommeyer Jr. to Katherine Alford and Weldon A. Frommeyer III.

Olive St. 7814-7816: $130,000, Joseph E. Hermo to FBR Investments LLC.

Olive St. 7832-34-42: $240,000, Traivor M. Morrison to FBR Investments LLC.

Panola St. 8500-02: $305,000, South Coast Capital LLC to William Matthew Taylor.

Pear St. 8722-24: $35,000, Marydia Breckenridge Jennings to Np Investments LLC.

S. Carrollton Ave. 905-907: $935,000, Elma Gil Francewarem to GCH LLC.