Transfers for Oct. 5-13


Second St. 150: Shirley P. E. Garrison to Vilma E. Bustillo, $7,000.

Wiegand Drive 812: $80,000, Allen Torres and Maria D. Torres to Juan R. Pimentel and Marlenhny M. R. Pimentel.


Amaris Isle Plantation subdivision, lot 18: $760,000, Camp Amaris LLC to ISC Properties LLC.

Grand Beach 3. subdivision, lot 8, square B: $176,525, Jacquelyn K. A. Hand and Jacquelyn K. B. Allen to Aubrey W. McNally and Helen A. McNally.

Neptune Lane 154: $70,000, Acadian Management Properties of Thibodaux 2. LLC to Acces Ventures LLC.

Pirates Cove Landing condo, unit 47: $225,000, Irwin N. Callais and Neva C. Callais to Robert E. Picciola and Jamie Picciola.

Tropical Landing Addendum 2. subdivision, lot 14, square E: $430,000, Thomas M. Armstrong and Tina P. Armstrong to Gerard L. Smith and Kelly J. R. Smith.


4th St. 714: Donation, Christopher D. Delhom to Lora K. Delhom.

Bellemeade Blvd. 408: $226,500, Darren S. Pierce to Kelley McLaughlin and Brian R. Stacey.

Cedar Lane 7: $150,000, Stacie Alonzo to Deborah L. Dilmore.

Donna Drive 836: Donation, Phuong T. V. Le and Viet T. Vu to Huong Q. Vu.

Firethorn Drive 336: $81,000, Hien T. K. Tran and Loi T. Dang to Brian P. Legendre.

Franklin St. 830: $130,000, Clare Rodriguez, Helen Carpenter, Rhonda Guthrie, Cynthia Hoerner, Nancy Hamilton and Joseph E. Rodriguez to Jan Mitchell.

Glenbrook Drive 2885: $110,000, Dawn Plaisance and Roy T. Plaisance Jr. to Mohammed A. Hammad.

Marie Drive 77: Donation, Shirley Kleinpeter and George C. Kleinpeter Jr. to Kelly Johnson.

Mason St. 22: Donation, Keila L. Degauthreaux to Ronald D. Gauthreaux.

Matador Drive 856: $199,900, Woolsey Development LLC to Patrick J. Urcia.

Oxford Place 2425: Donation, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. to Darnell Clark.

Promenade condo, unit 143: $40,000, Edmond W. Hingle to APM Properties LLC.

Solon St. 820: $48,655, Gretna City to Douglas P. Curole.

Stonebridge subdivision, lot 5, square 1: $110,000, Kim Smail and Denny L. Smail to Rami A. Jabar.

Town Of McDonoghville subdivision, lot 5, square 107A: Donation, Joan D. Strohmeyer, Jon F. Strohmeyer Trust No 1. and Strohmeyer John F. Trust No 1. to Sigfredo Construction Inc.

Willow Drive 174: $225,900, Susan Roddy, Vera Schexnayder, Barry J. Schexnayder, Arthur C. Schexnayder Jr., Brian W. Schexnayder and Steven A. Schexnayder to Kori J. Digiovanni.

Willowbrook Drive 604: $124,000, Mary Boyd to Robert Parry.


Bridgewater Drive 3333: $44,000, Joseph A. Dillard to Holly V. Dao and Thong N. Dao.

Chalmette St. 504: Donation, Clarence Douglas Jr. to Clarence Douglas Jr. and Sharon D. Douglas.

Chriswood Lane 3872: Donation, Macbean Ireland Properties LLC to Pamela A. Pittman.

Cimwood Drive 3705: $64,150, Mellon Bank of New York to New Beginning Homes LLC.

Deerlick Lane 2300: $101,000, Kimberly N. Clark to Nhan T. Nguyen and Ha N. Than.

Fairmont St. 623: $129,000, Joshua S. Saladino to James R. Day.

Gardere Addition Extension subdivision, lot 3, square 5: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Mary Chapman.

Greenbriar Lane 3828: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Brandon Clark and Cheryl Harold.

Marion Ave. 625: $74,900, Peter P. Taulli Jr. and William F. Taulli to Wilton Matthews.

Max Drive 2632: $127,000, Legette Family LLC to Taskara S. Jackson.

Olive Ave. 525: $242,000, Barbara Cox to Charlene M. Miller.

Pailet Ave. 1205: $50,000, Sidney Anderson Jr. to 504 Investments LLC.

Ramona Via 4: $125,500, Danny D. Dupuis and Becky Trondsen to Bebo Realty LLC.

Spanish Oaks condo, Phase III, unit 168: $62,000, Mary D. Pitre to Kimberly A. M. Hallas.

Taffy Drive 2210: Donation, Donna J. A. Giovingo to Robert P. Meade.

Timberlane Village Phase I. subdivision, lot 6B, square A: $37,500, US Bank National Association to Nedal & Sons LLC.

Wedgewood Drive 1701: $40,000, Tammy O’Brien, John E. Comeaux Jr. and Johnny Comeaux to Brandi Diaz.


Perrin Drive 5703: $58,574, Julius J. Moll and Danielle Datusch to Daphne Desselle and Scotty J. Desselle.


Alpaca Drive 5301: $162,000, Paula St. Germain, Wayne G. St. Germain and Paula H. L. St. Germain to Glenwood S. Stancil and Toni A. Stancil.

Bayou Des Famillies subdivision, lot 2, square 8: $135,000, Ryan P. Betz to April S. Betz and Brandon S. Betz.

Becker St. 6004: $60,000, Peoples Choice Home Loan Securities Trust to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Cedarlawn Drive 2532: Donation, Kerry M. Bourgoyne to John P. Bourgoyne Jr.

Corinne Drive 2801: Donation, Jeannette Buras to Chad A. Buras.

Duckhorn Drive 7425: $233,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Robert S. Catoe and Janet H. Catoe.

Francis St. 1205: $115,000, Denicolas Rentals Ii LLC to Corey K. Mixon.

Garden Road 1208: $30,000, Joseph Young Jr. to Dena Watkins.

Glenoble Court 5057: $77,000, Sharon P. Dubret, Stacie P. Dufrene and Nicole P. Kieffer to Vi B. T. Dang.

Hamerick Drive 5557: $60,491, Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Jamie Lynn Drive 3832: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to BMRC Properties LLC.

Jared Lane 2523: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Anastasia J. Block.

Kismet St. 2565: $295,000, Jose M. Sarrio and Ana Sarrio to Linda Ivory.

Louis I. Ave. 5941: $57,500, Glen J. Kirkland and William C. Kirkland to Herbert Simmons and Natalie D. Gustave.

Melba Place 1921: $122,500, Smail Property Development Ltd LLC to Wanda V. Harry.

Mill Grove Lane 4849: $215,000, Stephanie Otero and Glen J. Otero Jr. to Cara E. Becnel and Blaine A. Richardson.

Oak St. 520: $100,000, Edgar R. Helm and Deborah F. Helm to Justin M. Domangue.

Orleans Village 4. subdivision, lot 29, square F: $69,900, Lpp Mortgage Inc. and Lpp Mortgage Ltd to Karen A. Leblanc.

Ranch Acres Extension subdivision, lot A4A1: Donation, Charles T. Buquoi to Delana Buquoi.

Seagull Drive 2652: $186,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Keisha T. Stanwood.

Wild Oak Lane 1804: $187,000, Dry Wall Building & Specialty Inc. to Lauren Stradley and Andrew Stradley.


Avenue Mont Martre 2458: $195,900, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC to Charles C. Henry.

Stumpf Blvd. 2100: Donation, Henry A. Gregoire to Barbara N. Gregorie.


Davenport St. 42: $79,000, Mickey J. Schmill and Amy Schmill to Bruce W. Carruth and Jillian Carruth.


Seventh St. 803: $50,000, Stephanie T. Carmadelle, Tina M. Terrebonne and Robert W. Terrebonne to 272 Properties LLC.

Tenth St. 636: $27,000, Paul J. Bourg to FAMZ Property LLC.

Victory subdivision, lot 7A1: Donation, Houma Ventures LLC to East Jefferson Medical Office Building I. LLC.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 1, square 44: Donation, Steve Penouilh and Pamela T. Penouilh to Steve Penouilh Jr., Clint J. Penouilh, Brad Penouilh Sr., Ken Penouilh Sr. and Steve H. Penouilh Jr.