Transfers for Oct. 5-13


Clearview Commercial Park Extension, lot 2C, parcel 2: Donation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First MBC Bank to Elmwood 1105 LLC.

Elaine Ave. 115: $365,000, Earline D. Provenzano and Joseph A. Provenzano to Bridget M. Bonnecarrere and Ryan M. Bonnecarrere.

Evangeline Trace condo, unit 614: $60,000, Richard T. Leeman to Frank A. Pelicano Jr. and Shannon R. Pelicano.

Generes Drive 1825: $120,000, Grace H. Stokes and Robert E. Stokes to Maria E. Gutierrez.

Markhan Heights 2. subdivision, lot 44A, square C: Donation, Joseph H. Rosher Jr. to Rodney G. Rosher.

Oak Ave. 678: $131,511, Leslie Sloan to D106 LLC.

Oak Ave. 26: $475,000, Kevin J. Turner and Maria Turner to Claire T. Solomon.


Canton St. 764: $156,000, Leslie Y. Hirstius and Chris J. Rosenplanter to Blaise W. Leblanc.

Canton St. 837: $105,000, Angel Rose, Frank Rose, Francis M. Rose, Angel L. Cantu, David S. Rose and Frank M. Rose to Blaise W. LeBlanc.

Harding St. 101: $215,000, Jonathan Baynham and Christine N.G. Baynham to Yelena V. Yershova.

Labarre Place 37: $184,000, A&M 786 LLC to Debra S. Smith and Alvin D. Smith Jr.

San Carlos Ave. 5: $100,000, Chad M. Curtis Sr. to 5 Sancarlos LLC.


31st St. 938: M5 Investments LLC to Ernest Dunn Sr. and Kitty M. Dunn, $8,000.

Beaune Drive 4232: $274,000, Kim Morrow to Sherry L. Rosato.

California Ave. 3206: $82,000, Brian T. Veade to Tonya Hull.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 5G: $119,000, Joycelyn M. Colwet, Clifton O. Deslattes and Kim Traina to Brittani D. Joseph.

Chateau Estates North 1. subdivision, lot 18, square 4: Donation, Marilyn Maloney to Paul D. Longstreth.

Chateau Estates North 2. subdivision, lot 52, square 11: $148,500, Brittani D. Joseph to Usliyanage R. Perera.

Chateau Magdelaine Drive 48: $410,000, Tadeusz A. Cybin to Warren A. Mautz.

Cotton Bayou Lane 220: $118,000, Rhonda Halder to Ara M. Meguerditchian and Natalie M. Meguerditchian.

Fairway Drive 1115: Donation, Keith M. Chiro Sr. and Margaret Chiro to Jacquelyn E. Bruchis.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 228: $134,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Kayla F. Gilberti.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 242: $133,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Happy Jack Holdings LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 243: Donation, Gabriel Two LLC to Jordan Ruppert and John G. Finney IV.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 244: $264,000, Gabirel Two LLC to Eric Curlee.

Idaho Ave. 2014: $95,000, Guy A. Woodruff Jr. to Micaza Properties Inc.

Kentucky Ave. 2311: $125,000, John R. Radosevich and Leila Radosevich to Katie L. Tymon.

Louisiana Trace subdivision, lot 17, square A: $132,500, Scott J. Kippers and Peggy B. Belitz to Reve Inc.

Loyola Drive East 3705: Donation, Darlene H. Stevens to Austyn J. Stevens.

Macon Drive 4202: Donation, Frank Hogan to Michele Hogan.

Ole Miss Drive 3206: $175,000, Dorothy Burton and Richard Sayers Jr. to Luz V. S. Diaz.

Ole Miss Drive 3613: $139,000, Erika Alvarado to Desiree Thomas and Otis M. Ben Jr.

Spartan Lane 613: $128,000, Judy B. Calamusa, Pamela B. Wise, Stephen M. Byrd and Matthew P. Byrd to Oscar A. Chavez.

Tennessee Ave. 3025: $155,000, Khulood Alshareef and Bahjat Seder to 3025 Tennessee Ave LLC.

University City subdivision, lot 18A, square 99: $260,000, John W. Abbott II and Peaches Abbott to Roland P. Vidrine and Christine Vidrine.

W. Louisiana State Drive 332: $118,000, Adam J. Keen and Alfred J. Keen Jr. to Celin Deharris and Eduardo F. Harris.

West Louisiana State Drive 3741: $135,000, Inez Quintanilla to Marlon Turnil.


06 N. Arnoult Road 2104: $204,000, Rita J. Brignac to Peter Marcello & Vanessa Marcello Living Trust.

19 Maryland Ave. 117: $189,900, Arthur E. Wise Jr. to Mark A. Bearchild and Carmencita Wise.

Academy Drive 5017: $176,000, Gulf South Development LLC to Beverly B. Daigle.

Airline Park Blvd. 1404: $170,000, Garett C. Henry to Christine G. Sanderson.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 15, square 412: Donation, Donna J. A. Giovingo to Ancona Living Trust.

Alexander Drive 5220: $222,000, Lois Yates to Jason A. Bryan.

Aurora Ave. 841: $725,000, Natural Concepts LLC to William M. Clark.

Bauvais St. 3817: Donation, Edward Alberado Sr. to Jason E. Alberado.

Betz Ave. 339: $732,000, Victoria M. S. Kingston to Scott R. Huete and Whitney D. Huete.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 3A, square 66: $235,000, Rebecca Pilie and Louis M. Pilie Jr. to Scott A. Corcoran and Gina Corcoran.

Bridgedale C. subdivision, lot 15, square 109A: Donation, Kevin J. Berry and Ashley R. Berry to Todd E. Roser.

Bridgedale subdivision, lot 5A, square 112: $275,000, Anna Manger, Ruben A. Manger Jr. and Stephen A. Manger to HAJOM LLC.

Carmen St. 6508: $210,000, David A. Krottner to Jeremy M. Forrester and Jennifer J. Lotz.

Clearview Parkway Unit C. 205: $70,400, Brenda R. Taquino to King Cake Properties LLC.

Colony Road 1804: $307,000, PD Properties LLC to Jonathan Baynham and Christine G. Baynham.

Concord Ave. 1716: $170,000, Betty Porter and David F. Porter to Kayce A. Fruchtnicht.

Courtland Drive 4400: Donation, Stephanie E. Kazanis to Kristopher R. Halvorson.

Danny Park 2200: $199,000, Jacqueline N. E. Davies to Donald R. Nay.

Eastbank subdivision, lot 27, square 3: $60,208, Willena Fountain, Ruby Chatman, Ellison Robinson III and Estralita Robinson to Marie Reed, James D. Martin and Jimmie D. Martin.

Edenborn Ave. 1800: $325,000, Collette Wagner and Cory M. Wagner to Sheila Leonard and Edward F. Leonard III.

Edenborn Avenue 2618, units 101-104, 201-205, 301-305: $536,000, 2618 Edenborn LLC to Bergeron Motors Inc.

Elise Ave. 607: $230,000, Walter J. Martinez-Montoya to Leslie Claverie and Keith Claverie.

Estate Developments LLC, no further data: $50,000, Estate Developments LLC and Sandra Pace to Steven C. Lagraize.

Focis St. 1101: $320,000, Kelly Landry and Jonathan Matessino to Robert Beauchamp.

Green Acres subdivision, lot 18, square 14: $140,000, Angela Copeland to Ana M. Moran and Francisco Flores.

Haring Road 2009: $155,000, Jennifer Heath to Madeline Mederos and Rudy Mederos.

Harlem, no further data: $9,500, Jefferson Parish to S. Causeway LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 5, square 20: $42,000, Ronald Guichet to Stephen R. Sackett and Lana Sackett.

Lemon St. 2913: $207,000, Catherine S. Nieto Testemtary Trust and Nieto Catherine S. Testemtary Trust to Ashley E. Kies.

Lighthouse Square condo, unit E: $194,000, Cheryl L. Messina to Vu V. Nguyen and Vuong V. Nguyen.

Ligustrum St. 4436: $136,000, Ligustrum Street LLC to Jeanell Trippi.

Madison St. 1209: Donation, Jennifer J. Dileo to Joseph L. Dileo III.

Manson subdivision, lot B56, square 316: $300,000, Bin Hang to Xue Yang.

Merlot Court Townhomes Phase Ii subdivision, lot 42: $232,500, Varsha S. Taskar and Joseph P. John to Frank C. Martinez.

Metairie Court 3801: $665,000, Tag Homes Inc. to Neil T. Glennie and Maya Begalieva.

Metairie Heights Ave. 375: $280,000, Miles B. LaRose to Douglas B. Wood and Olivia H. Wood.

Mississippi Ave. 2601: $195,000, Marcos Mejia and Juana Mejia to Maria A. Roberts.

Missouri Ave. 2400: Donation, Micaza Properties Inc. to Richard Ortego Jr. and Cheri Ortego.

N. Turnbull Drive 721: $290,000, Landcraft LLC to Thomas K. Monnerjahn and Susan B. Monnerjahn.

Napoli Drive 4200: $322,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Alexandra Serpas, Nicholas Schlacter and Alexandra S. Schlacter.

Neyrey Drive 1013: $212,000, Tracey Powell to Katie Stuard.

Neyrey Drive 4208: $252,000, Mark L. Carter to Wilton J. Walker.

No further data: Sears Roebuck & Co. to Oakwood Anchor Acquistion LLC, $6,000,000.

North Sibley St. 2408: $160,000, James E. Rose to Ray J. Hingle Jr. and Sylvia Hingle.

North Turnbull Drive 2033: $116,000, Hamilton A. Montreuil Jr. to Dari Waltzer and Patrick J. Adams Jr.

Nursery Ave. 1520: $360,000, Alma Aucoin Family LLC to Christopher J. Hernandez and Nancy H. Hernandez.

Old Metairie Place 832: Donation, Martha Curtis to Sara C. Bradford.

Orion Ave. 517: $218,750, Morvant Restorations LLC to Avd LLC.

Pharr St. 3920: $300,000, Lisa Freibert to Ann Plaier.

Pike Drive 5217: $275,000, Glenn J. Gauthreaux to Katherine J. Tipton and Paula Rhinehart.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 6, square 58: $10,000, Justin H. Trick to Keith J. Bauer.

Ponte Vista subdivision, lot 25, square 32: Donation, Marion Gatti, Rebecca A. Quintal, Deborah A. Lepre, James M. Gatti, Elizabeth L. Breuer, Ursula Refer, Marietta Brackeen, John M. Gatti III and Katlyn Gatti to David C. Selser.

Purdue Drive 4835: $350,000, Mark Hartenstein to Todd J. Crisp.

Radiance Ave. 512: $414,000, Verdin Investments LLC, Rose Hebert and Erroll Soldani to Melissa Mahony and Terrence J. Joyce.

Rebecca Blvd. 4524: $230,000, Gary Herty to Gwendolyn A. D. Williams.

Ridgelake Drive 1319: $195,000, RAW Homes LLC to JLRA LLC.

Riverside Court condo,unit 106: $27,000, Kamm Realty LLC to Weijuan Z. Luo.

Roman St. 3933: Donation, Catherine G. Moriarity to John R. Moriarity III.

Rue Saint Ann 211: $710,500, Claude D. Mitchell and Patricia B. Mitchell to Kathy Rabin.

St Rene St. 3004: $575,000, Mary E. Brown, Gerald A. Brown and Mary E. Ferro to Amy E. Knower.

Taft Park 2001: $235,000, Beverly E. McBride to Julie A. Decorte.

Transcontinental Drive 3517: Donation, Johnie M. Todaro to Gwendolyn A. McBride, Gwnedolyn A. Ware and Gwendolyn A. M. Casteel.

Utica St. 5241: $167,500, Joan M. Dufresne, David M. Dufresne, Douglas P. Dufresne, Suzanne M. Gillund and Daniel C. Dufresne to Jennifer L. Holden.

Whitney Place condo, unit 409: $75,000, Matthew J. Muhoberac III, Stephen J. Muhoberac and Ann M. Heier to Patricia Stirling.


Arbor Lane subdivision, lot 7, square H: $345,000, Maurice A. Lonergan III and Paula L. Lonergan to Andrew S. Trigo and Carly L. Trigo.

Douglas Drive 224: $210,000, Paul M. Fox to Kayleigh Bumbarger and Michael C. Bumbarger II.