Transfers for Sept. 21-27


Emerald Creek East 120: $172,000, Cherie O. Hazard to Keith M. Guy and Susan F. Guy.

La. 435 23298: $282,000, Peter A. Kirk to Jordan P. Falgoust and Emily K.M. Falgoust.


Sections 7, 18, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $68,000, John F. Gillespie to Edward H. Gauthreaux and Jamie G. Gauthreaux.

Alexiusville subdivision, portion of ground: $575,000, Northlake II LLC to Rainbow Covington Properties LLC.

Ann Street 108: $475,000, SKC Investors LLC to Cory Bowers and Heidi L. Bowers.

Barkers Corner Estates, lots 31, 32: $70,000, William E. Mayfield and Kasey L. Mayfield to Leo V. Jacob III and Jackie Johnette Tullos Jacob.

Bateleur Way 445: $210,000, Mindy N. More to Michael T. Margavio and Kristy G. Margavio.

Catalpa Trace 7: $305,000, Elizabeth G. Guillot to Leo J. Odom and Karen M. Odom.

Cottonwood Creek Lane 429: $410,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Matthew D. Carmichael and Andrea P. Carmichael.

Darlene Drive 2277: $225,040, DSLD Homes LLC to Melissa Ashley Binns.

Donahue Place 71345: $300,000, Randy E. Ryan and Kerry C. Ryan to Keith A. Barre and Margaret J. Barre.

Emerald Forest Boulevard 350, Unit 1110: $110,000, Linda R. Vitry and Suzanne Ryan Weidenbacher to Stephen M. Stewart.

Emerald Forest Boulevard 350, Unit 23107: $147,700, Jean M. Teachworth to Samuel M. Gordon and Mary Ann Dixon Gordon.

Emerald Forest Boulevard 350, Unit 23108: $135,000, James J. Mahoney to Bertha Zuelke Sander.

Fern Drive 114: $60,000, Ricky J. Saul and Christine M. Saul to High Ground Holdings LLC.

Homewood Drive 528: donation, no value stated, Hai Minh Lam to Luong Be Thi Nguyen.

Homewood Drive 528: $146,250, Tony Tran and Duyen Phan Tran to Hai Minh Lam.

Spring Division of Covington subdivision, lot 1, square 5: $280,000, Donald Miles and Laura D. Miles to H Factor LLC.

Tammany Hills subdivision, lots 2, 4, 6, 8, square 108: $24,000, Succession of John L. Bonnett and succession of Mary Manning Doyle Bonnett to Level Investments LLC.

Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1A-7, lot 322: $99,500, Terra Bella Group LLC to Jack E. Truitt.

West 22nd Avenue 917: $150,000, Equity Trust Co. to Kathleen Delery.

Wickfield Drive 4: no value stated, Richard Ponseti Sr., Richard Ponseti Jr. and Regina Ponseti Scanio to Richard Ponset Sr.

Wickfield Drive 4: no value stated, Richard Ponseti Sr. and Richard P. Ponseti to Richard P. Ponseti.

Woodsprings Court 919: $245,000, Dana P. Mintz to Juanita C. Paulsell.


Graci Road 14860: $300,000, succession of Augustus T. Bazin and Cynthia M. Bazin to Thomas D. Arnold and Margaret A. Arnold.

Section 24, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $500,000, Scott R. Begg to Timothy J. Kulage and Carol Joan Adams Kulage.


Glenwood Annex subdivision, lot 35: $14,000, Harry P. Solis, Kenneth L. Solis, Debra Solis Murphy and Patricia Solis Gehring to Patrick Casnave and Amanda Garrity Casnave.

Lacombe Park subdivision, lots 1-11, square 125: $52,500, Rance A. Lynch, Ruth Lynch Herrin and Susan Lynch Bullard to Principle Homes Inc.

Lacombe Park subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Gwendolyn Lynch Conner to Ruth Lynch Herrin, Rance A. Lynch and Susan L. Bullard.

Lacombe Park subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Louis Lee Lynch Jr. to Rance A. Lynch, Susan A. Bullard and Ruth Lynch Herrin.

Lacombe Park subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, John Duane Lynch to Ruth Lynch Herrin, Rance A. Lynch and Susan L. Bullard.

Woodlawn Addition to Lacombe Farm subdivision, lot 582: $400, Stanley G. Read and Greg A. Read to Dragonfly Enterprises Inc.


Bedico Creek subdivision, portion of ground: $42,000, Bedico Interests LLC to Alvarez Construction Co. LLC.

Cedar Creek Drive 353: $301,830, DSLD Homes LLC to Jaclyn Broussard.

Hawthorne Hollow Place 189: $585,000, Steven C. Kraus to Clarence J. Gelpi.

Old Ponchatoula Highway 938: $245,000, Raymond Iverson Smith, Marcia Bennett Smith, Marcia Smith and Raymond Smith Family Trust to David Iverson Smith and Jodie B. Smith.

Peony Court 1401: $425,000, Darling Designs Homes Inc. to Charles T. Adams and Doreen S. Adams.

Periwinkle Court 113: $379,900, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Daniel S. Pacut and Jill H. Pacut.

River Oaks subdivision, Phase 1, lot 10: $230,000, Artie J. Johnston and Donna D. Johnston to Jonathan S. Hindes.

Sandy Brook Circle 320: $700,000, Regions Mortgage to Charles Chaisson III and Stacey Rando.

Section 18, township 7 south range 10 east, portion of ground: $170,000, Michael J. Delahoussaye and Sharon D. Delahoussaye to Crystal B. Koratko.

Silver Oak Drive 540: $239,725, DSLD Homes LLC to Casey M. Parsons and Amanda T. Parsons.


Beau Chene subdivision, lot 7: $548,800, Jeremy Day Goux to Ronald A. Goux.

Brandywine Drive 162: $297,713, Richard V. Betbeze and Jeanne M. Betbeze to Shan M. Seymour and Heather A. Seymour.

Carroll Street 129: $830,000, Michael Karl Alfred Gurtler and Barbara E. Connaughton Gurtler to Jason M. Guillot and Betty B. Guillot.

Cayman Cove 140: $90,000, Kevin J. Roache and Carol S. Roache to Ellen A O'Connell.

Chinchuba Gardens subdivision, lot 4: $150,000, Paula A. Trombatore Wilson to Eva D. Conner.

City of Mandeville, lot C-1-B, square 84: $150,000, Herbert R. Alexander and Deborah B. Alexander to Marion J. Joffrion.

Cottonwood Lane 215: $222,500, Jaclyn Amedee Broussard to Ronald Guy Champagne and Kaitlyn Alyssa Strecker.

Delta Drive 267: $490,000, John R. Davis Jr. and Sarah Pais Davis to Nicholas B. Authement and Elizabeth K. Authement.

Emerson Street 67054: $280,975, Bella Property Investments LLC to Milton J. Fayard Jr.

Fay Street 802: $207,000, Jake B. Leger and Sarah E. Leger to Paul F. Plaisance and Angela H. Plaisance.

Grand Cheniere Drive 121: $268,000, James Baldwin and Janette Baldwin Living Trust to Elleen Plunkett Mashburn.

Joan Street 1436: $222,500, Kevin A. Caillouet and Irene S. Caillouet to Katherine Leigh Fradella Phelps.

Mark Smith Drive 47: $685,000, Merritt Cabal Edwards to Joey C. Fabra and Stephanie Lee Fisher.

Near Mandeville, lot 3, square 276: $420,000, May Investments LLC to Christian D. Trahan and Alicia V. Trahan.

Rue Orleans 652: $276,000, John E. Murphy and Kimberly D. Murphy to David J. Lee.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: $2,222,156, RML Investors LLC to Agree Stores LLC.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: $20,000, Kevin M. Lavelle to Kimnita Sue Gervais.

Versailles subdivision, lot 218: $70,000, I.M. Versailles Holding Co. LLC to GMI Construction Inc.

Weldon Park subdivision, lot 14, square 5: donation, no value stated, Brett Patrick Juneau, Dawn R. Juneau and Lesley Troncoso to Patrick J. Juneau and Dianne M. Juneau.

Woodlands subdivision, Phase 5, lot 44: $340,000, Christian D. Trahan and Alicia V. Trahan to Ryan J. McKibben and Tiffany W. McKibben.


Breckenridge subdivision, Phase 1-B, lot 90: donation, no value stated, Edwin L. Parker and Linda Dean Parker to Edwin L. Parker II.

La. 41 68041: $27,000, Kevin T. Sharp, Patti A. Harrington Burch and Joy E. Harrington Cheek to Investment Recon LLC.

Old Mill Loop 154: $239,900, Michael D. D'Antoni to Scott A. Beese and Melissa J. Beese.

Section 3, township 8 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $15,000, David J. Boyet to Louis H. Thompson and Carolyn M. Thompson.

Thomas H. Crawford subdivision, lot 8, square A-1: donation, no value stated, Billy R. Blackwell and Donna Leah Craddock Blackwell to Stacy Nicole Blackwell Maggio.

Tupelo Street 64561: donation, no value stated, Jimmie Darin Lang to Pennie Ann Moseley Lang.


Section 38, township 6 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $140,000, Randy J. Young and Suzanne LeBlanc Young to Jason Thomas and Robyn G. Thomas.


11th Street 1631: $130,000, Brian A. Dragon to Diane A. Audibert.

Arrowood Drive 400: donation, no value stated, William D. Kay and Christopher G. Kay to Gerard Kay.

Bayou Lane 2021: $113,501, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Belvedere Drive 1032: $134,000, Michael W. Guilott and Dudley P. Guilott to Kenneth E. Matz Jr. and Ruth H. Matz.

Bermuda Drive 155: $110,000, donation, Michael V. Tricou and Gwendolyn Barlow Tricou to Christopher M. Garcia Jr.

Brookwood Estates, Phase 5, lot 202: $156,500, succession of John W. Kan and succession of Beatrice Hall Kan to Charles W. Constant III and Callie Evans Constant.

Brushfire Lane 108: $260,000, Frederick Harris and Rebecca Ficarra Harris to Amanda R. Bourquard.

Central Park Commercial Sites subdivision, lot 5, square 15: $129,160, Billie Lynn Garrett Seemes and Debra Gaye Garrett Levis to Keith Glen Prestwood.

Chubasco Lane 205: $240,000, Jack V. Pertuit and Sonya G. Pertuit to Leonard Dauzat and Brennen J. Dauzat.

Clearwater Drive 6149: $169,900, Michael A. Havert and Evelyn M. Havert to Teresa L. Savoie.

Clearwood Drive 308: $65,000, Ronald Edwin Grice and Lynn E. Grice to La'Son Chalets LLC.

College Street 3026-28: $125,000, Gordon M. Brown Jr. to Jamon Lee Gaines.

East Lake Drive 220: $244,833, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Joseph M. Moore and Ann Marie Donovan.

East Lake Drive 277: $188,900, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Karen M. Lecompte.

Eastwood Drive 1549: $47,333, Kathryn Tracy Boyd Everard to Andrew D. Boyd and Kathryn H. Boyd.

Huntwyck Village subdivision, Phase 3, lot 210: $132,000, Ernest G. Walder and Jennifer J. Walder to Ray D'Aquin Jr.

Jay Street 2522: $128,000, Triumph Homes LLC to Brittany R. Martinez.

Kingspoint Boulevard 145: $48,750, Melissa P. Ruble to Laura B. Babitt.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-4, lot 319: $97,000, Wesley G. Wolfsefer and Michelle M. Willie Wolsefer to Owen McManus Sr. and Paula S. McManus.

La. 433 34514: $455,000, Bonnie Wright Taliancich to Michael P. Villavaso.

Magnolia Street 1605: $132,500, Scott T. Heisler to Helen Marie Jones.

Maine Avenue 940: $161,000, Jane Z. Halley to James R. Ramirez III and Nicole B. Ramirez.

Marin Circle 105: $155,000, JCH Properties LLC to Jonathan E. Eves and Jacquelyn M. Monteilh.

Marina Drive 1172: $279,000, James Ricker Sr. to Patricia A. Benoit.

Markham Drive 210: $82,500, William L. Giovingo, Nancy Giovingo Ferlita and others to Peter Ve Tran and Hien Pham Tran.

Meadow Lake Drive East 3048: $236,500, Josue Torres and Nadine B. Torres to Keioka Ford.

Near Slidell, portions of ground: no value stated, Tammany Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.

Oak Ridge subdivision, lot 58-A, square A: $7,500, Russell L. Smith and Alice Mae Peyton Smith to Evangelian J. Ussin Bazzle.

South Receiving Station Road 62389: donation, no value stated, Kelly Daniel Younce to Trinity Younce.

Pine Villa subdivision, lots 113, 114: $20,000, William J. Meyer III and Mary F. Meyer Enright to Charles W. Krieger Jr. and Suzanne M. Kireger.

Section 34, township 8 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $425,000, Shell Oil Co. LLC and 60239 Highway 11 to Meyers Petroleum Inc.

Silverwood Drive 119: $241,000, Kendrick Hawkins and Melina S. Hawkins to Christian R. Quarles and Vasity Moore LeBlanc.

Sleepy Hollow Lane 10: $365,000, Douglas Leroy Jones and Bridgette Lynette Temples Jones to Baotran Lieu and Thanh Trang.

Spanish Trail Highlands subdivision, lots 2, 3, 4, 5, square 20: donation, no value stated, Charles Martin and Martin C. Martin to Calvary Baptist Church.

St. Christopher Street 1250: $217,000, Joy Jacob C. Williams to Michael D. D'Antoni and Amy D. D'Antoni.

Sun Valley Drive 275: $155,000, Steven M. Camp Sr. and Joni Miller Camp to David A. Googins.

Turtle Creek subdivision, lots 254, 255: $120,000, Cross Gates LLC to Ray Beck Inc.

William Tell Street 3157: donation, no value stated, Leslie W. Zeringue to LWZ LLC.


Section 41, township 5 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Claire Elaine Randall to Hershal K. Randall.