Vicky Barbier and Thomas C. Barbier sold this home at 3025 44th St. in Metairie to Katie Resor and Matthew S. Resor for $449,500.


Transfers for June 22-28


Ashlawn Drive 745: $270,000, Arrin W. Khanbashi to Daniel Kaszubski and Ushma J. Patel.

Bailey St. 433: $285,000, James S. Fuselier and Cynthia C. Fuselier to Stephen T. Erwin and Barbara C. Erwin.

Berkeley Ave. 105: $340,000, Robin Tobelman and David C. Cobb to Melissa Savarese and Brian J. Savarese.

Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 43, square 15: $308,000, Kathryn O’Boyle and Freddie C. O’Boyle to Tarek Costandi and Alane Lineberry.

Jefferson Highway 8401: $167,700, Friedel Living Trust to Acadian Medical Consultants LLC.

Jefferson Park Manor subdivision, lot 1, square A: $155,000, Faye Z. Mccann to D. Stop Prop LLC.

Kenmore Drive 537: $126,000, Judith H. Pajares to Anthony P. Sequeira and Wendy L. Sequeira.


Parkway Ave. 740: $130,000, Joann Pecoraro, Janice Pearia and Gay Gaeta to Richie Enterprises LLC.

Riverdale Drive 329: Donation, Brittanie D. Baughman to Baughzer Real Estate LLC.

Vinet Ave. 320: Donation, Mary A. Roche to Kevin M. Roche.


34th St. 1905: $130,000, Sheila R. Agnelly and Jesse M. Lee to May K. Chuan.

Arizona Ave 3905: $140,000, Tina L. Tardo, Melda A. Lalonde, Mary L. Williams and Daniel J. Lalonde to George E. Merritt III and Jennifer T. Merritt.

Bertolino Drive 316: $213,000, Dung H. Truong to Elizabeth E. Parulan and Lamberto G. Parulan.

Bertolino Drive 320: $200,000, Bruce M. Bourgeois Sr. and Lorna O. Bourgeois to Jimmy Chau.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 24C: $95,000, Laverne L. Flannigan to Mercedes A. Beteta and Ernesto Schweikert III.

Connecticut Ave. 4009: Donation, DTJ Properties LLC to Michael J. Hardy and Kristi L.D. Hardy.

East Loyola Drive 4072: $183,000, Aberdeen Investments LLC to Hector B. Canales.

Fairway Drive 1410: Donation, Clinton J. Jones to Reyna L. A. Jones.

Fairway Drive 1722: $132,000, Alice Melancon to Bishnu Sarkar.

Greenlawn Terrace subdivision, lot F, square 143: $50,000, Heather E. Owens to Rogerio N. Dossantos.

John Hopkins Drive 403: $195,000, Madonna Deist and Ricky E. Deist to Gissell J. Rivera and Hector R. Rivera-Rosales.

Kenner Project 10 subdivision, lot 34, square 225: $115,000, SLHF LLC to Maria E. Lopez.

Kenner Project 10 subdivision, lot 34, square 225: Donation, Maria E. Lopez to Wilson D. M. Carias and Sobeyda Moya.

Kenner Project subdivision, lot 22, square 186: $23,000, US Bank National Association to Jared Folks.

Madera Court 43: $444,000, Michael J. Carter and Christina Carter to Joseph F. Lahatte III and Virginia Lahatte.

Maine Ave. 1931: $112,500, Carole C. Quigley to Peggy A. B. Barcellona and Lawrence P. Lawson.

Maryland Ave. 3313: $208,000, Eric D. Chatagnier to Brandyn Swinney and Brittnei Alvarez.

Ohio St. 3141: $140,400, Stevie G. Bush and Joshann Bush to Alexander W. Moore and Loren Moore.

Ole Miss Drive 4044-46: $135,000, Darlene G. Maxwell Living Trust and Todd Nagel to PK Homes LLC.

Ole Miss Drive 4232: $159,900, Hiep C. Dang to Kevin Nunez and Kelley Nunez.

Roosevelt Blvd. 1109: Donation, Kim N. G. Hicks to Walter Graham IV.

Roosevelt Blvd. 1109: Donation, Maxine M. G. Graham to Walter Graham IV.

Saint Bridget Drive 12: $309,500, Ronald F. Jouandot and Bertha Jouandot to Diego F. Soria and Dasia I. Soria.

Southlake Villages Ii subdivision, lot 49A, square B: $135,000, Stacey Piazza, Paul R. Piazza and Stacey C. Newsom to Chad J. Perez.

Taylor St. 1311: Donation, Catherine Maller to Roger D. Hall.

Taylor St. 1311: Donation, Robert C. Hall to Roger D. Hall.

Tennesse Ave. 3045: $275,000, Herminio L. Rodriguez and Rosa M. T. Rodriguez to Thomas E. Noble and Jennifer R.B. Noble.

Teton St. 4: $309,500, Justin Groetsch and Jennafer Groetsch to Jody P. Vicknair and Kristine M. G. Vicknair.

Vintage Drive 720: $245,000, Lisa Mack and Patrick S. Mack to Dulce M. Bevier and Robert A. Bevier.

Woodlake Blvd. 76: $260,000, Maria E. Florek and Michael J. Florek to Ashey J. Carew.


2118 Edenborn Ave. 2116: $287,500, Kathleen G. Roberts, Robin D. Dunn and Vicki B. Dale to Charles E. Stewart.

44th St. 3025: $449,500, Vicky Barbier and Thomas C. Barbier to Katie Resor and Matthew S. Resor.

45th St. 3608: $199,000, Shirley M. Leblanc to Kent A. Fulk and Deborah W. Fulk.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 5, square 102: Donation, Lynn B. Raymond, Donna Altmyer and Michael W. Borne to Darrel P. Borne Jr.

Alphonse Drive 4712: $280,000, George J. Marshall III Special Needs Trust to Vitrano Family Irrevocable Trust.

Aztec Ave. 1454: $171,500, Gregory Hyla, Henry Hyla and James Blue to JYB Homebuyers LLC.

Bauvais St. 3930: Donation, Clayton J. Diamond Jr. to Jennifer Diamond.

Bridgedale, no further data: $12,581,800, SC Metairie Portfolio LP to NNN Metairie La I. Owner LP.

Carnation Ave. 1821: $140,000, Harry F. Blust III and Mary F. Blust to Dufriend Homes LLC.

Cecile Park Addition subdivision, lot 4, square 10: $430,000, Mia C. L. Cradeur to William G. Shackelford Jr. and Martha B. Shackelford.

Cherokee Ave. 1375: $330,000, Matthew A. Ziifle and Krissie M. C. Ziifle to Charles V. Cusimano II, Kathleen L. Cusimano and Charles Cusimano.

Clearview Estates B. subdivision, lot 10A, square 13: $118,000, R&D Investments of Metairie LLC to Danny P. Puglis.

Colony Road 1913: $305,000, Jerry L. Kubnick to Matthew Ory and Aimee Ory.

Crestmont subdivision, lot 23, square E: $1,085,000, Richard D. Paulk and Mary C. Paulk to Robert S. Maloney and Bonny Maloney.

Cypress St. 3824: $168,000, Brenda S. Walters to James F. Long and Kathleen B. Long.

Danny Park 2708: $225,000, Dale A. Diaz II and Cameron Diaz to Andrea N. Hill and William D. Hill.

Francis Ave. 1204: $90,000, April M. Pennington to Antoinel M. Caldeira.

Gulf Stream Park subdivision, lot 68, square 6: $35,000, Bordis Properties LLC to Mark A. Landry and Penny D. Landry.

Haring Court 5016: $290,000, Edwin C. Laizer, Janet L. Angelo and Martha I. M. Laizer to Jonathan M. Coates and Melissa P. Coates.

Hastings St. 6308: $276,000, M&L Estates LLC to Sue Ellen Eugster Trust.

Irene Drive 1517: Donation, George E. Freeland to Janet J. Freeland.

Jasper St. 4940: $325,000, Robert G. Haley Jr. and Jessica A. Haley to Shannon G. Lewis, Marc E. Lewis and Shannon G. Wolshleger.

Jefferson Drive Extension 1. subdivision, lot 15, square 2: $200,000, Kristy L. Lacoste to Madonna Deist and Ricky E. Deist.

Lake Trail Drive 3321: $224,000, Rosario Cruz-Alvarez to Katie O’Brien and Timothy R. O’Brien Jr.

Lake Villa Drive 4613: $265,000, Julio A. G. Duray to Adam Jacob and Carla M. Jacob.

London Towne condo, unit 102: $84,500, Audrey Cochiara to Kevin M. Marshall.

MA Green subdivision, lot 37, square C: $113,000, Jason A. Burke to Adriane Burke.

Manson Ave. 701: $276,000, Danny & Nick Schmidt Investments LLC to Jason M. Baer.

Margie St. 2609: $217,500, Laurie A. M. W. Giglio to Duane Jeansonne.

Marseilles Place 4809: $413,500, David E. Crosby and Janet H. Crosby to John Tran, Phung N. Tran and Ruby N. Tran.

Mayflower Drive 501: Donation, Gail A. Andrew and Joy M. Buford to Bryan O. Andrew.

Metairie Club Gardens subdivision, lot B, square G: $100, George S. Ellis Jr. to Gulf South Development LLC.

North Bengal Road 800: $300,000, Nola Girls Investments LLC to Brent Jeansonne and Julie Jeansonne.

North Lester Ave. 605: $179,000, John J. Randall Jr. and Patricia A.S. Randall to Mir N. Ali.

North Woodlawn Avenue 4009: $450,000, Suzanne C. Lagarde and Frank W. Lagarde Jr. to Marie Bulathsinghala and Charles M. Bulathsinghala.

One Metairie Place condo, unit 12-219: $129,000, Paige E. Leblanc to Tanja Milosavljevic.

Peyton Place condo, unit 123: $80,000, Edward F. Gallagher and Rose D. Gallagher to Iurii P. Kryzhanovskyi.

Phosphor Ave. 1116: $605,000, Michael P. Cruppi and Janet R. Cruppi to Matthew L. Madary.

Ridgelake Drive 1205: Donation, John C. Simpson to Maria Fiz.

Ridgelake Drive 1616: $199,000, Mason Properties of New Orleans LLC to Bancroft Property Investments LLC.

Ridgewood Drive 225: $810,000, Jorinda J. Junius and Robert D. Rogers Jr. to Laura Goodson and Bradley R. Goodson.

Riverside Court condo, Phase II, units 244, 224 and 247: $78,000, First Pelican LLC, Thomas C. Hebert and Cynthia C. Hebert to 6320 208 Riverside LLC.

Rosedale Plantation subdivision, lot 2, square 2: $428,000, Susan Gueydan to John D. Jackson.

Satsuma St. 1917: $239,000, Celso E. Hernandez to Rosemary Cobb.

Satsuma St. 1917: Donation, Rosemary Cobb to Natalia S. Varona.

Seminole Ave. 1352: $235,000, John L. Jennings to Michael Bilalis.

St. Mary St. 4508: $260,000, David A. Krippner and Karen A.P. Krippner to Billy M. Saunders II and Jacqueline B. Saunders.

Taft Park subdivision, lot 11, square 46: $284,000, Jessica Hernandez and Randy J. Hernandez to Christi J. Rice and Bryan J. Rice.

Teuton Pointe condo, unit 202: $129,000, Stein Management LLC to Antonino Vellino and Diane L. Vellino.

Tree Tops Townhouse condo, unit 4059: $95,000, Meng Luo to NPR Property Management LLC.

Trudeau Drive 312: $82,450, Rosemary Cade to Victor L. Barbe III.

Waldo St. 505: $220,000, Kevin J. Lanigan to Travis Beslin, Sierra Beslin, Matthew G. Beslin and Christine Beslin.

Wilshire Heights subdivision, lot 69, square 11: $200,000, Joseph D. Beams to William S. Vincent Jr.


Douglas Park subdivision, lot 62: $236,000, Lynne L. Cole to Deanne Quiggle.