Transfers for Jan. 11-19


N. Al David Road 1105: $495,000, Capia Properties Inc. to Zynn Properties LLC.

Pecan Grove subdivision, lot 12, square 8: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Donna Thiebaud.


Davis Blvd. 21: $300,000, Butterworth Development LLC to Mansoor Javeed and Najma Javeed.

Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 16, square 9: Donation, Gordon W. Campbell Jr. to Katherine N. C. Guidry and Joshua Guidry.

Lions St. 385: $140,000, Joseph R. Liebel Jr. to Cindy Denn.


Alabama Ave. 4008: $25,000, Irma Miller, Sharon Mcartor and Debra Miller to Neves Properties 3. LLC.

Alabama Ave. 4301: $45,000, Christopher J. Pela to Luis A. Sotomayor.

Aqua Vista subdivision, lot 50: $240,000, Arley G. Jaramillo and Barbara A. Jaramillo to Stephen M. Saltzmann and Carla Saltzmann.

Beaune Drive 4221: Donation, John A. Childs IV to Jennifer Guzzardi.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 42E: $126,500, Enrique O. Gutierrez Jr. to Althea T. Woodson.

Clay St. 525 and 525 1/2: $160,000, 525 Clay Street LLC to Ja Trust.

Colorado Ave. 3719: $80,000, Eladio Pezon to Ana D. Ortiz.

Colorado Ave. 4019: $137,000, Nicholas A. Aleman to Ricardo H. Infante and Cruz M. C. Infante.

Delaware Ave. 3636: $310,000, Peak Holding LLC to Delaware Avenue Apartments LLC.

Holy Cross Place 101: $145,000, New Hope Community Development Corp. to Geidy L. S. Maldonado and Marcos A. Reyes.

Holy Cross Place 212: $103,000, Valian R. Duong to Felipa V. E. Fernandez.

Huntsville St. 3044: Donation, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alessandra Reyes.

Imperial Heights subdivision, lot 14A, square 14A: $115,000, Faten Abdeljaber and Shareef Quattom to Krantz Residential Development LLC.

Iowa Ave. 2013: $185,000, JSSH Enterprises LLC to Allen P. Dolese Jr. and Christina M. Dolese.

Kansas Ave. 2407: $60,000, Dawn H. Sisung to 1300 Hudson Street LLC.

Kansas Ave. 2619: $85,000, Desiree D. Miller to Cesiree Duborc.

Kenner Heights subdivision, lot 26, square 2A: $105,000, Gloria M. Turner to Lynnette Realtors LLC.

Kenner Project 6. subdivision, lot 54, square 114: $15,800, Ann J. Christenberry and Herbert W. Christenberry Jr. to Pether Alonso and Peter Alonso.

Kenner Project 7. subdivision, lot 49A, square 158: $11,500, Tierre R. Johnson to Franklin J. Galindo.

Kentucky Ave. 2411: Donation, John H. J. Dendinger to Jean T. B. Dendinger.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 13, square 12: $26,000, Inspire Inc. and First Assembly Of God Kenner Inc. to Eugene Trice Sr.

Presidential Drive 3289: Donation, Erika E. G. Gonzalez to Edelmira A. Gonzalez.

Richland St. 2800: $150,000, Louise Duhe, Darrin J. Duhe Trust, and Derryl J. Duhe Trust to Many Blessings Property LLC.

Williams Blvd. 1704: $155,000, Frank W. Newfield Sr. and Claudia S. Newfield to BNY Properties LLC.


Airline Park North subdivision, lot 23, square 221: $129,000, Anthony J. Palmisano III, Irma S. Palmisano, Steven R. Palmisano and Terrye A. Rabalais to Sean M. Knipe.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 27, square 309: $174,000, Martin J. Buras III and Joel Rayborn to Sean P. Allerton and Mary E. Allerton.

Aris Ave. 600: $238,000, Trudy A. Melan to Steven D. Nance and Lorraine Nance.

Athania Parkway 70: $151,000, Yvette Gonzales to Terry L. Smith and Morris Landry.

Avron Blvd. 4225: $175,000, Sunilm Sanzgiri and Jyoti Sanzgiri to Michael Wagner.

Betz Place subdivision, lot 2B1, square 2: Leg Up 163 LLC to Vaikunth LLC, $1,050,000.

Bissonet Drive 5009: $200,000, Thomas J. Gardner Sr. and Peggy Gardner to Bradley S. Daigle and Erin Daigle.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 3, square 37: $230,000, Stanley R. Chatagnier to Matthew A. Fabacher.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot E, square 62: $140,000, Cheryl Prieur, Patricia T. Cesario and William G. Toujouse III to TAG Homes Inc..

Brockenbraugh Court 633: $500,000, Robert S. Heaslip and Gemma A. Heaslip to James B. Heaslip II.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 53, square 10: $152,000, Petra Smith to Trinh Properties LLC.

Carnation Ave. 835: $10,000, Carmel Fejka to Erik S. Fejka.

Cedar Ave. 717: $145,500, Larry P. Bolner and Mary C. G. Bolner to Wesley R. Barrera.

Clifford Drive 3520: $365,000, Lia M. Campisi, Joshua C. Reaves and Lia M. C. Reaves to Gwendoline A. Orr and Cobb M. Casey.

Condon Ave. 1900: $175,000, Norma B. Heurtin, S. H. Roberts Trust, F. L. Heurtin Trust, Frederick L. Heurtin and Suzanne Heurtin to Colin T. Brunet and Jessica N. Leslie.

Courtland Ave. 4404: $325,000, Christian E. C. Craven to Michael Kromirs and Carol D. Kromirs.

Dimitri Ave. 726: Donation, Michelle Helffrich to Lonzie Beamon Jr. and Danielle Beamon.

Fairfield Park subdivision, lot 1, square 3: $124,000, Staci E. Pelto to RGBB LLC.

Focis St. 349: $675,000, Focis Street Properties of Louisiana LLC to Joseph R. Biggio Jr. and Nancy C. Biggio.

Grand Drive 305: $162,650, Josephine F. D. Desplas, Lynn D. Hauck and Josephine F. Desplas to Cityside Office Suites LLC.

Harang St. 721: $170,000, Michael E. Johnson and Lindsey S. Johnson to Carmen A. Castellon.

Hector Ave. 321: $600,000, 321 Hector LLC to John A. Rodriguez and Peggy O. Rodriguez.

Hesper Ave. 131: $209,000, Stanley R. Chatagnier and Charlene B. Chatagnier to Jeremy B. Galiano and Katie P. Galiano.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 43, square 212: $215,000, Kevin Porter and Shanan D. Porter to Jian L. Liu and Mei Q. Liang.

Homestead Ave. 844: $170,000, Dianne M. Breaux to Daniel B. Danahay and Monique L. Danahay.

Houma Blvd 404: $59,000, Clarence A. Wells, Angele W. Crawford, Phillip Wells and William J. Wells to Raymond B. Gonzales III.

Ingleside Heights, lot 30 31, square 6: $280,000, Michael D. April to Frank B. Magne and Heidi C. Magne.

Ithaca St. 4444: $275,000, Dorothy V. Clement to Josh C. Jertberg and Toni R. Jertberg.

Judith St. 2516: $285,000, Victor Van and Anh T. N. Van to Dustin P. Gaspard and Chelsea R. D. Gaspard.

Lake Ave. 344: $570,000, Marjorie W. Sklamba and Carl J. Sklamba Sr. to Krewe Development LLC.

Lakeshore subdivision, lot 53B, square 12: $135,000, Robert S. Esler to Robert P. Charbonnet Jr..

Mayflower Drive 502: $15,375, Cynthia Davis and Sandra E. Jones to Jesse J. Tornabene.

Michigan Ave. 2509: Donation, Stephanie R. Smith to Debra Boudreaux and Alvin D. Smith Jr..

Milan St. 8401: $76,500, Lawrence J. Despenza to Monique Ebberman, Ryan L. Ebberman and Monique E. Picou.

N. Turnbull Drive 719: $332,500, Landcraft LLC to Christopher H. Willem and Taylor C. Jobes.

Nevada St. 8013: $45,000, Alison D. Pinkney to Hilary R. Huffman.

Neyrey Drive 4533: $475,000, JSH Investments LLC to James V. Signorelli and Lauren Signorelli.

Old Metairie Drive 801: $195,000, Larry V. Straatmann, Alexis Straatmann and Caroline E. Straatmann to Mark D. Holmes and John W. Holmes.

Parkaire Drive 5700: Donation, Mary S. S. Hawker to Stacy S. G. Bardwell.

Pontchartrain Gardens subdivision 2D, lots 10 11 12, square 7: $1,040,000, L. J. Chin LLC to 937 Yale LLC.

Ridgewood Drive 416: $205,000, Michael D. Hull to James B. Whitlow Jr. and Lana P. Whitlow.

Severn condo, unit D: Donation, Wayne L. Faucheux, Mickey S. Faucheux, Gary W. Vaughan, Cherie S. Vaughan and Debra S. Arzonico to Andrei Parvu, Helga D. T. Parvu and Ioan Tone.

West Metairie Avenue South 3420: $164,700, Rose H. Soldani, Erroll J. Soldani and Rose S. Hebert to William Verrett.


Garden Road 246: $1,375,000, John M. Omalley and Karen K. Omalley to Gasper T. Michelli.

Sophia St. 804: $227,500, Donald J. Hanemann Jr. to Sara E. Lee, Robert M. Lee and Sara L. Edwards.

Steamship Circle 2824, unit A.: Robert K. Dolin to Homer J. Durel Jr., $77,000.

Wendy Lane 617: $234,000, Therese P. Arroyo and T. Arroyo to Cole S. Louviere and Rachelle R. Louviere.