• Transfers for Nov. 20 to Nov. 23




  • HACKBERRY ST. 4716: $175,250, Jouandot Enterprises LLC to Betsy K. Scallan.
  • KAREN AVE. 4600: $95,000, Jefferson Parish to Nicholas P. Sweeney.
  • SCOTT ST. 2716: $74,000, Succession of Leon E. Gassiot to Angela F. Willis.
  • TUCKER AVE. 549: $182,300, Louis M. Jeanfreau Jr. and Nicole L. Jeanfreau to Scott J. Grayson.
  • WARE AVE. 4435: $243,500, Mary Emmons and Dorothea M. Suthon to Kevin P. DeDual and Kristen S. DeDual.


  • ANDROUS AVE. 62: $243,000, Mark A. Cancino and Brandi W. Cancino to Stephen C. Woodard II and Stacy C. Woodard.
  • ANTIGUA DRIVE 14: $137,500, Aasmaan A. Gulati to Louis B. Merhige.
  • DRIFTWOOD BLVD. 34: $140,000, William Rivera Jr., Warren Rivera and Stephen Rivera to 34 Driftwood Blvd. LLC.


  • ANTONINI DRIVE 4916: $265,000, Succession of Maria A. C. Gremillion to Ahmad Almassi and Robabeh M. Almassi.
  • ARGONNE ST. 4901: $110,000, John P. Mikell, Lori A. Mikell and Paula M. Brown to Verdin Investments LLC.
  • ARIS ST. 515-17: $227,000, Barbara M. Whitener to LSCG LLC.
  • ARMY ST. 4810: $63,650, Live Well Financial Inc. to Lima One Homes Inc. and Gustavo Figueiredo.
  • BARBARA DRIVE 3752: donation, no value stated, Brenda N. Marse and Claudia N. Richard to Guy A. Naquin.
  • BROCKENBRAUGH COURT 1233: $310,000, Ray M. Chatagnier and Jeanne M. T. Chatagnier to Gilbert J. Simonson Jr.
  • BULLARD AVE. 1401: $169,000, Grant M. Gremillion and Simone D. Gremillion to John O’Leary.
  • CLEVELAND PLACE 4005: $250,000, Steven P. Alberti and Melissa J. M. McKie to Tyler J. Folse and Erin M. Kennedy.
  • FAIRFIELD ADDITION NO. 2 SUBDIVISION, LOT L, SQUARE 83: donation, no value stated, Kathleen Rougelot to Eldon Rougelot.
  • FOCIS ST. 701: $208,000, Ford Joint revocable trust to John C. Healy Jr.
  • GIUFFRAIAS AVE. 1301: $185,000, Charles J. Lamare and Mary F. Lamare to Blancher Properties LLC.
  • GREEN ACRES ROAD 1513: $105,000, Patricia D. Perilloux, Bryan J. Perilloux Jr., Shawn P. Richard and Nicole P. Gardette to 400 Waldo Inc.
  • HARIMAW COURT EAST 1021: $95,000, Diversified Foods and Seasoning Inc. to F. P. Richard Construction LLC.
  • HECTOR AVE. 611: $2,100,000, P.B.O. Investments LLC to Elizabeth M. H. Dimitri.
  • HENICAN PLACE 3913: $219,000, Lester Rodriguez and Stacy S. Rodriguez to Manuel A. Silva-Gonzalez and Carla A. Silva.
  • HOUMA BLVD. 3805, UNIT C-109: $133,000, Succession of Lee G. Kallaway to Lucille S. Williams.
  • LAKE VISTA SUBDIVISION, LOT 10-A, SQUARE 26: $160,000, Daniel I. Deichmann and Linda P. Deichmann to Thomas W. Schnatz and Darlene B. Schnatz.
  • MAINE AVE. 2349: $100,000, Pamela M. Courville, Jessie P. Courville, Patricia C. Shanahan, David W. Courville and Mark I. Courville to Thomas N. Blomquist.
  • MARION ST. 3725, UNIT 8: $78,000, Heather J. Hernandez to Ivy N. Gottet.
  • METAIRIE CLUB GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT 34-B: $1,450,000, 15 Englewood Parkway LLC to Ryan P. Gootee and Sara F. Mayer Gootee.
  • METAIRIE LAWN DRIVE 604: $530,000, Elizabeth Haik Johnson to Hao Jiang and Huimin Xie.
  • N. CUMBERLAND ST. 1300: $138,000, Brian D. Gauthier, Gary I. Gauthier and Diana G. Gremillion to Maria A. Corte.
  • OLD METAIRIE PLACE 909: $205,000, Kevin G. Higgins and Higgins Metairie Properties LLC to 909 Old Metairie Place LLC.
  • ORION AVE. 849: $168,000, Shawn M. Pattison and Melissa B. Pattison to Justin R. Clinton and Kristen M. Clinton.
  • PARK ROAD 423: $1,481,675, Ewell E. Eagan Jr. and Kay W. Eagan to Marshall M. Redmon and Melissa J. Redmon.
  • RICHLAND AVE. 1508: $200,000, Linda D. Keir, Gerard J. D’Aquin Jr., John T. D’Aquin, Cheryl A. D. Leggett and Mickal P. D’Aquin to Diana Savoie Irrevocable Trust.
  • SENA DRIVE 225: $1,170,000, Craig S. Sciambra and Lee A. S. Sciambra to Scott W. Smith.
  • THIRBA ST. 353: $14,600, David J. Pons and Francis A. Pons Jr. to Robert H. Pons Sr.


  • TUDOR AVE. 113: $272,000, Anthony R. Mazerat Sr. and Deborah G. Mazerat to Impastato Properties LLC.
  • TULLULAH AVE. 915: donation, no value stated, Linda M. Caldarera to Glenn C. Caldarera.