Paul J. Dufour sold this home at 1113 Focis St. in Metairie to Jennifer T. Lopez and Alberto M. L. Cordova for $395,000.


Transfers for Nov. 30-Dec. 8


Colonial Lane 15: $335,000, Bryant Konermann Bypass Trust, Leo L. Konerman Jr., Ivan M. Konermann, Bryant M. Konermann and Konermann Trust. to Thomas C. Hughes IV and Lori H. Hughes.

Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 23, square 24: $195,000, Urban Financial Reo LLC to Cindy B. Copling.

Ferriday Court 677: $635,000, Christopher E. Dodge and Gina J. S. Dodge to Stephen P. Indest and Mandy S. Indest.

Hickory Haven subdivision, lot 57C, square 4: $351,000, Edgar Arguello to Duc N. Phan and Kim L. T. V. Phan.

Own Your Own subdivision, lot 1S, square 55: $170,000, Tina B. Micheu to Zachary C. Stonge and Abbie M. Graffeo.

Riverside Park subdivision, lot 48, square C: $176,114, Jesse D. Noel and Melody P. Noel to Reve Inc.


Betz Ave. 701: $252,000, Marcelyn Landry to Angelo A. Annacarto and Arlie Cheramie.

Bonnie Park subdivision, lot 9, square 104: $293,500, Johnathan K. Burks and Kendrea B. Burks to GPW Properties LLC.

Brooklyn Ave. 2230: $25,000, Karen S. Penns to Luis G. M. Castillo.

Central Ave. 686: Donation, Gulf South Development LLC to 6. Eighty 6. Central LLC.

Claiborne Drive 1311: $42,500, Three F. Properties Of Louisiana LLC to Nola Girls Investments LLC.

Jefferson Terrace subdivision, lot 12, square 12: $150,000, Michael G. Vollenweiler and Cynthia Vollenweiler to Andre M. Roques Jr. and Katherine V. Roques.

Labarre Heights subdivision, lot 23: Donation, Mary L. Quinn to Chad M. Harris and Julie H. Harris.

Orleans Blvd. 4717: Donation, George L. Dickinson III to Mary K. C. Dickinson.


Tupelo St. 2632: $100,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Hong Tu Real Estate LLC.

Arkansas Ave. 3702: $45,000, Leslie Lococo, Frank L. Kimble Jr. and Keith P. Kimble to Jerson D. Ruiz.

Arkansas Ave. 4008: $145,000, Charlene B. Totora to Jessica M. Davis, Dawn E. Pittman, Jessica M. D. Pittman and Dawn E. Davis.

Avant Garde condo, building 10, unit 149: $108,000, Michael H. Pomes, Richard G. Pomes and Nick J. Pomes to Muhammed Siddique.

Bordeaux Village Townhome Extension subdivision, lot 16: Donation, Catalina S. Gumataotao to Christina Erapalli.

Champagne Drive 933: $221,000, Edward J. Daboval and Adrienne Daugherty to Carmen Floyd and Jonathan Floyd.

Colorado Ave. 4236: $205,000, Danny J. McMyne to John E. Thomas III.

Dawson Ave. 2729-31: $135,000, Schillesci Real Estate Trust and Jesse S. Young to Darin T. Sibile.

Delaware Ave. 3723: $90,089, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jehova Shammah 1. Realtor LLC.

E. Loyola Drive 3541: Donation, Ralph A. Freeman and Joseph E. Freeman to Suzette F. Conner.

East Louisiana State Drive 512: $100,000, Rollins J. Welch and Mary L. R. Welch to Aim Louisiana Investments LLC.

Furman Circle 46: $20,000, Anthony Gomez to Kenia G. M. Landa.

Greenlawn Terrace subdivision, lot Z, square 140: Donation, Joseph D. Maunoir Jr. to Monica W. Maunoir.

Huntsville St. 3137: Donation, Olivia P. Leonard, Marie P. Hutchinson and Allen R. Polk Jr. to Allen R. Polk Jr.

Indiana Ave. 4104: $215,000, Donald A. Thomas III to Jonathan C. Brenes and Brittany N. S. Brenes.

Lincoln Manor subdivision, lot 59, square 158: $18,200, George W. Small Sr. to JOGA Development LLC.

Loire Drive 4127, apartment C: $135,000, Oleksii Novikov and Nataliia K. Novikov to Iryna Sarafunuik.

Loyola Drive West 3541: $137,500, Byron A. Travers to Rachel M. Frickey and David L. Bergeron.

Madrid Ave. 59: $257,500, Mossadiq Jaffri and Priscilla Jaffri to James E. Reech Jr.

Maine Ave. 3013: $295,000, Brian J. Brocato and Adrienne N. Brocato to Danielle P. Romero.

Martinique Park condo, unit 3500C: Donation, Jorge Pineda to Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. and Jpmorgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2007 CH4.

Maryland Court, lot T, square 1: $341,000, Christine V. Bruno and Chad M. Bruno to Douglas A. Adams.

Minden St. 839: $57,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Kyra Macaulay.

Montrachet Drive 4161: $229,500, Joel S. Dorsa and Charmaine D. Dorsa to Leon Perret III and Bess Perret.

N. Bengal Road 317: $104,500, Bank Of America NA to Grupo Icaza LLC.

Newport Place condo, unit 1: $47,900, Adele M. L. George to Joseph M. Durham Jr. and Carolyn L. Durham.

No data available: $5,800,000, Affordable Housing America NOLA to Malcolm Kenner Apartments LLC.

Roosevelt Blvd. 3208: $208,000, James E. Reech Jr. to Timothy J. Cowart.

Sequoia St. 72: $265,000, Paul R. Lejeune and Shannan E. Lejeune to Melissa Savoie, Aaron J. Savoie and Melissa S. Hebert.

Texas Ave. 3032: $202,500, John B. Schembre and Jean M. Schembre to Alain T. Cervantes.

University City subdivision, lot 44: $109,066, Embrace Home Loans Inc. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

University City subdivision, lot C, square 48B: Donation, Domingo Sanchez to Elsa G. Sanchez.

University City subdivision, lot N, square 96: $50,000, Cathy J. V. Vargas to Regina V. Brown.

University City subdivision, lot N, square 96: Donation, Joyanna V. Huntley to Regina V. Brown.

Virginia St. 2832: $325,000, Jose R. Buezo Jr. and Christine Buezo to 1485 29th St LLC.

Williams Blvd. 1506: $745,349, Leese Properties LLC to Trahan Legalcy Holdings LLC.


26th St. 8829: $139,000, Martha A. Guthrie to Elaine Ferguson.

Abadie Ave. 1804: $243,000, Louis F. Conners III to David M. Caffarel and Jessica E. Caffarel.

Airline Highway 3757: $550,000, Albert J. Krail Jr., Krail Trust, Brain J. Krail Sr., Diane H. Krail, Dianne K. Tenhundfeld, Benjamin A. Krail, Jessica K. Celentano and Andrew D. Krail to Spay Mart Inc.

Airline Park Blvd. 1800: Donation, Paulette R. Burke to Donald G. Rhodes.

Andrews Ave. 1208: $430,000, John L. Bonano and Michelle K. Bonano to Henry P. Kothmann III and Mary Z. Kothmann.

Beaulieu St. 3120: $225,500, Bryan P. Melan and Melissa A. Melan to Benjamin C. Moise II and Michelle M. Moise.

Bella Drive 304: $1,700,000, AVD LLC to Ronald E. Chaddock.

Belmont Place 2501: $70,000, Wayne R. Brown and Linda V. Brown to Judith A. Gambino.

Beverly Knoll Extended subdivision, lot 15, square 8: $350,000, Whitson M. Christy to Ravindra R. Reddy and Suma S. Reddy.

Bonnie Park 2. subdivision, lot 30, square 102: Donation, Barbara B. K. Jones to Duane J. Koch Jr. and Joy E. Koch.

Boutall St. 6516: $150,000, Ethel J. O. Smith to Thomas M. Smith.

Breanon St. 719: $284,000, William R. Edgett and Cynthia A. P. Edgett to Elliot M. Workman and Elliott M. Workman.

Carnation Ave. 1805: Donation, Littlejohn Revocable Living Trust to Jessica Littlejohn.

Carriage Court condo, unit 205: $66,900, Patricia L. D. Porrazzo to John E. Marion.

Catherine Ave. 4104: $125,000, June F. Donnelly and John J. Donnelly Jr. to Robert L. Maurin and Maria M. Maurin.

Dona Ave. 1109: $215,000, Frank Disimone III and Christy G. Disimone to Wayne J. Plaisance Jr. and Rachael M. Tornabene.

East William David Parkway 414-416: $175,000, Richard Z. Wilson and Catherine R. Wilson to PR Properties of Metairie LLC.

Edenborn Avenue 3030, unit 109: $52,000, John E. Stahl Trust to Susan I. Stahl and Melissa A. Stahl.

Fairlane Drive 4: $165,000, Silvia Diaz and Jordan A. Posso to Katherine Leroy, Jason L. Leroy and Katherine L. Ravencraft.

Focis St. 1113: $395,000, Paul J. Dufour to Jennifer T. Lopez and Alberto M. L. Cordova.

46th St. 3000: Donation, John A. Costello and Tina V. Costello to David M. Dyer and Concetta B. Dyer.

Fountain Court condo, unit 26: $51,000, Tracie S. Chaix to Lynn M. Deshotel.

Francis Ave. 1213: $325,000, Jeffrey J. Hannis and Krista R. Hannis to Max Miller.

Gardenia Ridge condo, unit 13: $75,000, Rapina Properties LLC to Edward G. Sherman Jr.

Glenwood Drive 605: $746,000, Kim I. Miller and Jayme H. Miller to Yang Zhou and Shan Jiang.

Hackberry Ave. 1405: $393,000, Maurice J. Ripoll to Monika R. Crossley and Kerry Crossley.

Haring Road 2813: $284,000, Jason M. Bauer and Sheena Q. Bauer to Michelle Hagler.

Hastings St. 6809: $80,000, Maria Alessandra to Steven P. Keller and Christine L. Keller.

Heaslip Ave. 4117: $197,000, Tammy V. Weller, Nancy L. V. Cole, Pamela V. Frank, Charles Varnado Trust, Varnado Charles Trust and Pamela Mercier to Jordan L. Johns and Brian P. Klibert Jr.

Henry Landry Ave. 605: $75,000, Bessie M. Falgout to Perry J. Laborde.

Highway Park subdivision, lot L, square 428: $100, Christioher F. Lay and Melissa A. Lay to Terron K. Armstead and Samuel Z. Armstead.

Hodgson Ave. 6225: $170,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Quiana Hunt.

Homestead Ave. 611: $167,500, Lessie F. Bohnenstiehl to AVD LLC.

Houma Blvd. 500-504: $210,000, Joseph P. Dummet Jr. and Patricia G. Dummet to Jeremy S. Lecarpentier.

Ithaca St. 5032: $207,000, Lynn M. Deshotel to Jingjia L. Liu.

Labarre Lane 2613: $850,000, Jordan S. Schulman to Jacqueline A. Hedlund and Scott J. Hedlund.

Lake Ave. 1010: $2,300,000, Riverlake New Orleans Properties LLC and Riverlake Cherokee Properties LLC to Craig T. LLC.

Laurel St. 1310: Donation, Emmer W. Maxwell to Elaine Maxwell.

Lemon St. 2909: $180,000, David L. Bryant Jr. to Heather A. Robelot and Anthony C. Grego.

Leslie St. 6301: $189,900, Raymond C. Blancher Jr. and Rebecca R. Blancher to Amanda M. Laville.

Mercury Ave. 1100: $164,000, Teresa N. S. Tuller to Steven N. Tumminello and Katie M. Garner.

Metairie Court Parkway 2121: $325,000, Rita F. Grosz to Vamsi Boyapati and Madhuri M. Boyapati.

Metairie Nursery subdivision, lot 33, square 14: Donation, Mary L. Quinn to Chad M. Harris and Julie H. Harris.

Metairie Towers condo, unit PH29: $179,900, Robert D. Webb Jr. and Joan I. V. Cziment to Willie Defelice.

Metairie Towers condo, units 328 and 329: $255,000, Narendra Dedhia and Padmini Dedhia to Margaret C. Wood.

N. Turnbull Drive 1104: $261,500, Madhui Mandepudi and Vamsi K. Boya to Judith G. Ogle.

N. Woodlawn Ave. 1009: $255,900, Brian J. Driskill and Brandy H. Driskill to Travis P. Detillier and Audra R. Detillier.

North Hullen St. 3741: $379,100, Philip M. Pearse to Robert S. Walker.

North Labarre Road 508: Donation, Nelson E. Oliva and Denise D. Oliva to 504 North Labarre Road LLC.

North Sibley St. 121: $47,000, Monica Pursell and Earl J. Pursell III to VSK Properties LLC.

Ridgeway Drive 600: $292,000, Curtis P. Bouton to Susan A. Hentze, Brett A. Hentze and Susan H. Alexander.

Riverside Court condo, Phase 1, unit 506: $42,000, Michael Villarejos to Simon Cheng.

Riverside Court condo, phase II, unit 112: $40,000, Roslyn L. Jones to 6320 208 Riverside LLC.

Rosalie Court 6412: $325,000, Cristian Valentim to Joseph N. Marcal IV and Olga U. Prestin.

Rue Laurent 4716: $540,000, Betty A. Davis and Alvin H. Davis to David J. Doukas and Jeanne M. Doulas.

S. Upland Ave. 1012: $40,000, Sheryl A. Osborne to Armando A. Carcamo and Iris C. R. Carcamo.

S. Upland Ave. 1012: Donation, Shirley M. Osborne to Sheryl A. Osborne.

Sena Drive 110: $680,000, Carol O. Blanchard, Marie O. Licciardi and Paulette O. Nelson to Donald C. Oster Jr.

Sena Drive 405: $395,000, Alberto M. L. Cordova and Jennifer T. G. Cordova to Michael N. Abdelmalak and Martina N. G. A. E. S. Abdelmalak.

Severn condo, unit 3412D: $128,000, Gail B. Curry to Bongard Investments LLC.

Shrewsbury subdivision, lot 7, square 67C: $300,000, Corrine Comeaux and Sterline W. Comeaux Jr. to Comeaux Furniture&appliance Inc.

Taft Park 3101: $205,000, Gloria M. Plauche, Ronald J. Plauche, Dennis M. Plauche, Glenn B. Plauche and Beatrice P. Perdue to Abdulrahman Aldash and Hanan D. Aldash.

Trenton Building condo, unit I-4400: Donation, Sally B. Ansel to JWTS LLC.

Veterans Heights subdivision, lot 76A, square 114: $15,550, Wendy Whitsett to Digna Medrano.

Village Of Harlem Heights subdivision, lot 14, square 107: $210,000, Michael J. Alfred to William Knecht.

Vincent Ave. 403: $100, Bell Development Group LLC to Paxton L. White.

Waldo St. 712: $240,000, Ramon Phillips and Sharon L. S. Phillips to Ronald J. Gaudet III.

Woodvine Ave. 405: $100,000, William B. Coleman IV and Jennifer W. Coleman to Gwendolyn M. Lanasa and Kevin F. Osullivan.

Yale Ave. 1804: $176,900, Douglas D. Winston to Seth R. Galey and Joneil P. Galey.


Dart St. 9725: $629,000, Mark A. Graffagnini and Anne C. Graffagnini to Robert G. Guttenberg and Christina M. C. Guttenberg.

East Henfer Ave. 145: $420,000, David J. Martyn and Mary E. M. Martyn to Chris G. Waltz Sr. and Kathleen S. Waltz.

St Paul Ave. 9912: $315,000, Charles K. Stanton and Terry L. Stanton to Daria S. Rutledge.

Stewart Ave. 137: $505,000, Alison J. B. Costanzo to Abdul H. Elchafic.

Valerie Ave. 156: $160,000, Dawn M. F. Saracione to QCC Investments LLC.