District 1

Banks St. 4401-4407-4413: $100, Fendley Investments LLC to Grobar LLC.

Girod St. 333: $539,900, Victor M. Garcia to Kerry James Matherne and Kyle Mark Strander.

Gravier St. 441; Magazine St. 216-222: $745,500, Amanda Feige Saltzman and Chad E. Saltzman to Katharine R. Latimer Slaten and Richard K. Slaten.

Julia St. 330: $182,000, Mandeville Ventures LLC to Martin Scott Lynch.

Julia St. 448: $242,000, Roger D. Arnold to Adolfo E. Garcia and Margarita Garcia.

Loyola Ave. 424; Loyola Ave. 426-428; Loyola Ave. 428: $100, Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation to Morning Park LLC and River Park One LLC.

Magnolia St. 1618-20; Magnolia St. 1622-24: $16,000, First Evangelist Housing and Community Development Corporation of New Orleans to Magnolia Vestors LLC.

Martin Luther King Boulevard 2622-24: $55,000, Central City Housing Development Corporation to Loan & Mai Investment LLC.

Palmyra St. 3106: $325,000, George E. Mock Jr. and Kathleen Fox Mock to Michael R. Byars and Sarah Miller Byars.

Polymnia St. 1527-29: $200,000, Barbara Darensbourg Lawler, Charles M. Lawler, James M. Lawler and Shamrock Investments LLC to Jila Monajerin Khoobehi and Kamran Khoobehi.

Polymnia St. 1531-33: $275,000, Christopher E. Lawler and James M. Lawler to Jila Monajerin Khoobehi and Kamran Khoobehi.

S. Alexander St. 639: $425,000, New Orleans Redevelopment Fund 2 LLC to Christine Lene Doucet Brown and Malcolm Tyler Brown.

S. Gayoso St. 322: $430,500, Lainie M. Wick to William L. Balee Jr.

S. Hennessey St. 726-28; S. Hennessey St. 730-32: $150,000, Earl J. Marrero and Lorisa Francis Marrero to Ctn Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $152,000, Dominique Deblieux, Judy Ann Althouse Nesser and Leisa Signorelli Deblieux to Joy Ratliff Hillebrandt and Sidney Joy Ratliff Hillebrandt.

District 2

Allard Boulevard 39-41-43: Palmer Ave. 2831: donation, no value stated, Walter Claude Bonie to Dianne Jones Bonie.

Canal St. 4431: $600,000, Alvendia Kelly & Demarest LLC to Amir Bar Netzer and Gabriela Carmona Barnetzer Bar Netzer.

Downs St. 201: donation, no value stated, Sandra E. Salmen Laudumiey to John Raymond Levine and Lindsay Southwick Levine.

Dumaine St. 2620-22: $135,500, Curtis R. Eugene and Janny Monchaud Eugene to Evan Gordon Nicoll.

Iberville St. 2333-2335: $319,000, Rjs Holdings LLC to Stanley F. Stoklosa and Susan L. Stoklosa.

Iberville St. 3033-35: $125,000, Lisa Allison Tabb and Robert Brian Levy to Robert Brian Levy.

Iberville St. 608: $539,100, 608 Iberville LLC to Big Easy Properties LLC.

Louisville St. 6245: $569,000, Joseph P. Williams Jr. and Patrice K. Williams to Alisha Lyn Snedaker Owens and Thomas J. Owens.

Marais St. 1225: $310,000, Scott E. Veazey to Joan Villa Cziment and Robert Dean Webb Jr.

Marshall Foch 6350-52; Marshall Foch 6356-58; Marshall Foch 6358: $255,745, Sharon Nuss Ruppert to Linda Nuss Holmberg.

Middle Park Place 161: $318,000, Chad Allen Almquist to Dawn Binnix Beard and Dawn Binnix Ellerd.

N. Rocheblave St. 615-17: $65,000, Ctn Holdings LLC and King Cake Real Estate LLC to Thais Hipolito Dos Santos and Wellington De Souza Ferreira.

Orleans Ave. 6144-6146: $508,000, Adam Michael Toups, Albert Phillip Olivier, Blake Edward Battaglia and Pierre Martin Olivier to James M. Boyd, Tammy Angelety Boyd and Tammy Marie Angelety Boyd.

Orleans Ave. 6550: $395,000, Brett M. Seube to Jennifer Wiltfong Midgley and Nicholas James Midgley.

Rosemary Place 5615: $505,000, Brigitte Arwe and Pamela C. Roberts to Stacey Frickey Maysonave, Stacey Maysonave, Stacey Prevost Frickey, Stacey Prevost Maysonave and Todd Joseph Maysonave.

Sherwood Forest Drive 114 - 116; Sherwood Forest Drive 116: $530,000, Joycelyn Cassard Koll and Noel Bernhard Koll to Christopher L. Ancira and Lilah McQuilkin Ancira.

St. Ann St. 2831-2833: $150,000, Kevin David Porche and Toni Peters Porche to Keydi Xiomara Urbina Reyes.

St. Phillip St. 1826-28: $90,000, Bywater Bayou Living LLC to Lone Wulff Properties LLC.

District 3

AP Tureaud Ave. 3123; London Ave. 3123: $68,500, Bernel L. Davis to David N. Sanchez.

Derby Place 3507: $92,000, Chisesi Signature Homes LLC to Lawrence Flooring LLC.

Dorothea St. 6352: $24,000, First NBC Bank to Castlerock 2017 LLC.

E. Hermes St. 6643: donation, no value stated, Brenda Magee to Amber Minor.

Eagle St. 1701-03: $10, Earl W. Williams Sr. and Hazel C. Williams to 1701 Eagle St. LLC.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Sumintra Ramdas.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Herman N. Knelson and Patricia R. Rigaud.

Filmore Ave. 1868: $341,500, Dana Fiorello Gordon, Jila Mohajerin Khoobehi, Kamran Khoobehi and Randy A. Gordon to Pamela Waddell Pendergrass.

Jonquil St. 2677: $22,946.13, Johnny Williams Jr. to Gulf South Equity Group LLC.

Kentucky St. 1234-36: $320,000, Polara Investments LLC to Moones House LLC.

Kentucky St. 1238-40: $345,000, Polara Investments LLC to Anne Moore Nunes and Cheryl Nunes Moore.

Marigny St. 2005: $32,000, Brittany Derokey Bodden and Henry Bodden to Ben Holdings LLC.

Mendez St. 1319: $153,000, Andrew J. Holmes and Jennifer C. Jenkins Holmes to Jiana S. Wyche.

Metropolitan Drive 5111: $188,000, Pcof Properties LLC to Marcus Jamal Jasmin and Melanie Lakeem Daniel Jasmin.

Music St. 1405-1407: $114,225, Rachel Bland to Marta A. Maleck.

N. Rampart 5028-30: $55,000, Ritz Holdings LLC to Francisco Alfaro and Zonia Alfaro.

N. Rocheblave St. 2025/2027: $80,000, Dixon Investments #1 LLC to Andrews Enterprises Inc.

N. Villere St. 2621: $80,000, Alvin Diecedue Sr. to Tyler J. Antrup.

Odin St. 4001: $192,000, ISL Investments LLC to Diona S. Walker.

Painters St. 1620-22: $262,050, Michael D. Galvin and Yves Moise Conseant Galvin to Michael David Alexander.

Painters St. 2712: $13,000, Barrett Electric Inc. to Chuck & Moe LLC.

Piety St. 1023-25: $355,000, Delta Properties New Orleans LLC to Caleb M. McCleary.

Prentiss Ave. 11438: donation, no value stated, Joyce M. Roche Seals to Doris Ann Roche Hicks.

Republic St. 3007: $90,000, Bryant Baptiste Sr. and Stacey Walker Baptiste to Josh Gross.

Riviera Ave. 1535: $410,000, 6540 LLC to Hannah Walker Huppi and John W. Huppi.

S. Hardy St. 10953: $255,000, Jerome A. Baudy and Lynette Williams Baudy to Daishana Lewis.

Saint Maurice Ave. 408: $231,000, Andrew Matthew Williams, Juan Carlos Arreaga and Lisa Mitchell Williams to Annie R. Davids.

Sierra Madre 4626: $45,000, Christine Franklin Jackson, Clementine Franklin and Mylus Franklin to Adam J. Mashia III, Danelle Wheat Mashia, Delroy F. Mashia and Tonyaneka Coleman Mashia.

Spain St. 5373: donation, no value stated, Karen Gavins Taylor to James L. Taylor.

St. Anthony Ave. 5127: $68,000, Larry McCrary to Gentilly Ridge Investment Properties LLC.

St. Roch Ave. 2114: $20,000, Carla M. Palmer, Samuel M. Dixon and Taffany Dixon to Andersen Design + Build LLC.

St. Roch Ave. 830; St. Roch St. 830: $425,000, Jose Fernando Cuevas Jr. to Marty R. Martin.

Viola St. Drive 4646: $90,000, Hynethia Jones Rivarde to Michele R. Tallon Conley, Michele R. Tallon Douroux and Michele R. Tallon Marcum.

Virgilian St. 4843: donation, no value stated, Lillie Minor Peck to Kawana Kiki Peck Portis.

W. Laverne St. 6628: $47,570, Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association to Ricky Tran.

W. Wheaton Circle 9700: $250,000, Son Huu Tran to Jacqueline L. James Richardson and James Wilson Richardson.

Werner Drive 4614: $125,000, Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Montgomery Lunn Ira Account No Z121534 to Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Robert Rowe Ira Account No 200340483.

Winthrop St. 2329: $5,000, Estate of Joseph Tilton Sr. and Louise T. Tilton to Antonio Randolph.

District 4

Eighth St. 615: donation, no value stated, James J. Eberwine Jr. to Emily Crowe Eberwine.

First St. 1536: $100, Judy Hartson Joyce to 2400 Sc LLC.

Lasalle St. 2900: $230,000, Cyma Inc. to 2900 Th Lasalle LLC.

S. Broad St. 2721-23: $486,000, GCE 2723 South Broad LLC to Golden Bear Re LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 3201: $175,000, Robert Lee Eddy III to Fairfield Holdings LLC.

Third St. 1300: $100, Denis H. McDonald and Louise Smither McDonald to Momeek LLC.

Third St. 1924: $350,000, Donald W. Burrell, Gregory Joseph White and Tracy Lynn Pack Duplessis White to Amanda Michiko Kay and Luke T. Kay.

Third St. 1927: $247,000, Amanda Michiko Goldman Kay and Luke T. Kay to Corey J. Roger and Shelley Simon Roger.

District 5

Alix St. 804: $265,000, Deborah Hageman and Ryan Joseph Hageman to Kristin Wakeland Slack and Nathaniel Slack.

Blair St. 2954: $60,000, Bardell Realty LLC to Send Investment Group LLC.

Copernicus St. 3109-1: $95,000, Vernisha Pepp to 3109 Copernicus LLC.

Elizardi Boulevard 1216-18: $108,000, Three Graces LLC to Mallory K. Lagrone.

Huntlee Drive 3511: $187,000, Nicole Dubois Bowen and Nicole Dubois Freeman to Thomas E. Wright Jr.

Kabel Drive 1724: $81,000, Hien Ngoc Pham to Thang L. Pham.

Leboeuf St. 619: donation, no value stated, Roosevelt Jones and Thelma Porche Jones to Raquelle Ellis Harris.

Le Boeuf St. 900-02: donation, no value stated, Flenda Toyce Patterson, Kenda Boyce Gibbs, Kenda Boyce Smith Gibbs, Levi Smith Jr., Linda Royce Horton, Lonnie Terrell Smith, Trenda Koyce Smith Toney, Trenda Koyce Toney, Venda Noyce Smith Dixon to Quenda Doyce Smith.

Opelousas Ave. 511: $350,000, 511 Opelousas LLC to Bruce Archer Family Trust.

Patterson St. 929: $67,500, James David Rayburn to Haley Gabel Bittermann and Russell G. Bittermann.

River Oaks Drive 3612: $135,000, Maria Teran Dume to Christopher James Guillot Jr. and Megan Ann Bardales.

Shirley Drive 1804: $105,000, Gary Ogle Realtor LLC to Anthony Lowe Sr.

$70,300, Champion Mortgage Company and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Chisesi Investments LLC.

District 6

Amelia St. 2909: donation, no value stated, Keith Venson to Abraham Venson, Keicha Venson and Sheree Venson Nelson.

Broadway St. 3513: $311,200, Wells One Investments LLC to Serina Rose Santalla.

Cohn St. 7329: $219,135.67, 7329 Cohn Court LLC and Lowercohn LLC to Brasp LLC.

Eve St. 4120-22: $75,000, First Nbc Bank New Orleans La to George H. Koppel.

General Pershing St. 2011: $146,527, Alicia Mae Silverman to 2011 General Pershing LLC.

Marengo St. 2017: $462,500, Forstall Follies LLC to Gregory J. Blache Jr.

Nashville Ave. 218-220: $315,000, Joseph Gerard Petta to Joseph A. Juan, Vernilyn N. Juan and Vernilyn Nocon Juan.

Octavia St. 3700: $730,000, Casey Pellerin Westguard and Mark Keiron Roydhouse Westguard to Dayalan A. Sonaram and Tiffany Johnson Sonaram.

S. Galvez St. 4317: $560,000, Benjamin Weinstein Brimm and Flavia Pia Jordan Brimm to Jennifer A. Abbrecht Huntley and Robert J. Huntley.

Soniat St. 1743: $445,000, Karen Marie Dunn Bradford to Kordelia Straticzuk Velez and Ronald Velez.

Upperline St. 2722: $130,000, Camille Davis Lopez and Cary Lopez to Chester Development LLC.

$3,125,000, Freret Development LLC to 5001 Freret Street LLC.

District 7

35th St. 330: donation, no value stated, Betty Lee Wan, Eddy Marcum, Jenny Lee Marcum, Kamy Wong Lee, Quong Lee Jr., Rose Lee, Theobald H. Wan and Wanda Mae Lee to Dixie Lee Chin.

Cambronne St. 1816-18; St. Ferdinand St. 1309-11: $155,000, June Richardson Greenwood, June Richardson Lucas and Roy P. Greenwood to Revitalize Property Solutions LLC.

Dante St. 2532: $60,000, Ann Andollina Brown and Nicholas Philip Sicomo to Greenbull Enterprises LLC.

Fleur De Lis Drive 6139-41: $267,500, Suzanne Scott Quiroz to James R. Harvey.

Hamilton St. 3938: $10, Cecelia Blouin Prevost and Vincent Paul Prevost to Gulf South Development LLC.

Hurst St. 7414: donation, no value stated, Gregg A. Demar and Hyacinth Rodney Demar to Errol R. Smith Sr. and Shelley Demar Smith.

Lake Marina Drive 318: $129,000, Debra Lynn Burris Caron to Valerie Richard McCabe.

Millaudon St. 300: donation, no value stated, Shelley Demar Smith to Gregg A. Demar and Hyacinth Rodney Demar.

S. Claiborne Ave. 8236-38: $271,000, Deep South Home Buyers LLC to Grover Herbert Sager Beirne and Shawn Michael Beirne Sager.