• Transfers for April 28 through April 30


  • CRESTWOOD ESTATES, PHASE 2-D, LOT 155: $68,850, Vernon J. Horn, Arnold J. Horn and Pamela H. Wright to Paula H. Greenland.
  • GORDON AVE. 71349: $110,000, Shannon L. Geisler to Rebecca M. Posey.
  • PAUL ST. 22995: $212,000, James E. A. Slaton and Nikki P. Slaton to Joshua E. Pincu and Rebecca C. Pincu.
  • WEST ABITA SPRINGS, LOTS 27, 36, SQUARE 8, LOTS 22, 24 26, 28, SQUARE 18, LOTS 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, SQUARE 19: $60,000, donation, Zenith Interest Partnership, Garic K. Barranger, Earl R. Lancaster Jr., G. Gernon Brown III, Blair G. Brown, Shawn C. Walsh Sr., Shannon W. Sanders, Laura W. Calacci and Benjamin F. Walsh III to Habitat For Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc.


  • BEEBALM CIRCLE 345: $230,175, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Donna Ann Lafitte.
  • CAPISTRANO COURT 842: $279,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Michael W. Franks and Mary Eleanor Espitia Franks.
  • COUNTRYSIDE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 49: $38,000, Abita Equities LLC to D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.
  • DIVISION OF NEW COVINGTON, LOT 3, SQUARE 2305: $126,000, Robert C. Gilboy Jr. to Karen K. Smith Riecke.
  • DIVISION OF ST. JOHN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 7-A, 8-A, SQUARE 11: $375,000, Investar Bank to Seco Group LLC.
  • EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 21108, PARKING SPACE 48: $129,500, Emerald Forest LP to Walter T. Ferguson.
  • FOURTH ST. 70156: $171,865, DSLD Homes LLC to Roy David Bernheisel and Sue Ann Bernheisel.
  • GARLAND ST. 20123: $275,000, James T. Molinario Jr. and Karen F. Molinario to Randy Picarella and Sheila P. Picarella.
  • GILMORE CIRCLE 103: $160,000, Vincent J. Barro to Micah W. Mondor and Lacey J. Mondor.
  • HELENBIRG ROAD 20326: $177,000, Eagle Eye Funding LLC to Norbert T. Galivan Jr. and Dana Lynn W. Galivan.
  • JASMINE DRIVE 98: $242,000, Wendy C. Esparros to Paul D. LeBlanc and Cynthia S. LeBlanc.
  • K ST. 70400: $144,000, Christopher R. Souto and Alison K. Link to Rafael Flores and Penny Gyan.
  • LARKSPUR LANE 6: no value stated, Raymond Unland Credit Shelter Trust and Janice B. Unland to Edward R. Arms and Patricia W. Arms.
  • MANOR ST. 72328: $12,000, Matthew Anderson and Raymi B. Anderson to William A. Knight and Patricia B. Knight.
  • POND COURT 604: $205,375, Coast Builders LLC to Marcy H. Rogers.
  • RIVER FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 2, SQUARE 16: $219,000, Michael A. Carter and Susan F. Carter to Crystal B. Baer.
  • RIVER FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 7, SQUARE 1: $125,000, Succession of Eula B. Mulkey to Karen K. Smith Riecke.
  • SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $87,000, Viola Living Trust to Brent S. Ice ad Angela V. Ice.
  • SEVENTH ST. 70052: $144,000, Ashley N. Santangelo to Arthur James Maillet Jr. and Brandy Lynn Burr Maillet.
  • VINTAGE DRIVE 179: no value stated, Jason A. Wyle and Lori C. Wyle to Jason A. Wyle and Lori C. Wyle.


  • HIGHLANDS SUBDIVISION, LOT 105: $28,000, Magee Financial LLC of Covington to Eugene F. Caire IV.
  • MAJOR LANE 13058: $115,500, Bart Palmisano Sr. and Patricia Ann Ballard Palmisano to Matthew L. Allen and Kimberly Ann Palmisano.
  • SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $38,500, Mary Lou Jenkins Albin to Richard D. A. Rivers.
  • SECTION 13, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, 1.74 ACRES: $10 and other good and valuable cosiderations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gregory M. Keating.


  • ELIZABETH ST. 61471: $67,000, Paul S. Quatrevingt to Amber Dawn Frosch.
  • MILLER ROAD 65425: $100,000, Marian G. Maddox to Paula L. Fabre.
  • MONTANA ST. 28618: $80,000, Jimmy Laurent and Madeleine V. Laurent to Kimberly Rose Cousin.
  • S. MILL ROAD 60187: $115,025, Newton T. Barrois Sr. Estate, Barbara B. Volz and Dennis J. Barrois to Taj Investments LLC.
  • SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 12 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $140,000, David Ferrato and Cyntia D. Ferrato to Ian J. Somerhalder.
  • SECTION 45, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $477, Carl F. Henderson and Geralyn C. Henderson to St. Tammany Parish.

MADISONVILLE Alice St. 5: $95,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Cody Lee Ryan.

  • CHAMBLY COURT 70341: $186,400, DSLD Homes LLC to Kyra A. Ward.

English Oak Drive 509: $255,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Ronald D. Young Jr. and Candace H. Young.

English Oak Drive 512: $249,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Chad M. Gustafson and Kaycee C. Gustafson.

Pencarrow Circle 352: $588,000, James D. Thibaut II and Marta F. Thibaut to Kenneth W. Dunaway Jr. and Jennifer D. Dunaway.

Pince Crest Drive 204: $364,000, Ryan Douglas Hudson and Megan Nicole Shaw Hudson to Renato M. Pereira and Maria Giselda S. Pereira.

Three Rivers Heights subdivision, lot 8: $119,000, Bridgette A. Raimer to Colleen B. Gist.


  • ARMAND ST. 761: $154,000, Leonard D. Chaisson and Tammy B. Chaisson to Timothy S. Landrum and Susan S. Landrum.
  • CHATEAU SONESTA 305: $440,000, David A. Falcone and Melissa F. Falcone to Cecilia Barrios.
  • CHINCHUBA SUBDIVISION, LOTS 12-A, 16-A: $110,000, Slidell Real Estate Ventures LLC to Montgomery Trace Development Corp.
  • CLAUSEL ST. 1040: donation, no value stated, Myra S. Castle to Tiffany B. Powell.
  • EDGEWATER DRIVE 7125: $430,000, Kenneth C. Allen Jr. and Carol M. Allen to Nicholas P. Scriabine and Jennifer L. Scriabine.
  • GLEN ARBOR DRIVE 1217: $319,000, Joseph R. Stutson and Allison B. Stutson to Antonio C. Quiroz and Esteneli R. Quiroz.
  • GOLDEN SHORES SUBDIVISION, LOT 136, SQUARE 24: $66,865, donation, Darren J. Guastella to Cindy Guastella.
  • LOUISE DRIVE 100: $231,000, Fred C. Mortali to Antonio Nassar and Melissa Nassar.
  • MARINA BLVD. 110: $433,500, Oliver A. Hession and Cindee P. Hession to David M. Hadskey and Leslie D. Hadskey.
  • SECTION 19 TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 12 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $730,000, Southland Real Estate Investments LLC to Lang Properties LLC.
  • SPRUCE ST. 220: $287,300, Steven G. Coriell and Barbara M. Coriell to Michael G. Gilpin.
  • TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $180,000, Robert C. Farno and Kathy S. Farno to Gray M. Vick and Susan T. Vick.
  • W. BRIAR COURT 201: $210,000, Herbert L. Whitlow to Matthew A. Bell and Malorie C. Bell.
  • W. LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 22 1948: $340,000, Paul D. LeBlanc and Cynthia S. LeBlanc to Raymond L. Dejean Jr. and Amber D. Dejean.
  • WOODRIDGE BLVD. 705: $222,765, CitiMortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • SAWMILL CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 83: $28,000, Whitney Bank to Thomas H. Rosch III and Kira M. Rosch.
  • SECOND ST. 230: $10,500, Brenda Moncrief to Robert A. Stroud and Mary Coye Stroud.
  • SECTION 15, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH RANGE 14 EAST, 1.00 ACRE: $38,000, donation, Carol Jane Schwarz Lea to James D. Lea.


  • ARROWOOD DRIVE 417: $168,900, Michael L. Danna and Lisa U. Danna to David S. McGilvray.
  • AUDUBON PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 14: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Carrington Mortgage Services.
  • AUTUMN LAKES DRIVE 325: $257,000, V. Joe Morse to Kevin L. Kingston Jr. and Amanda E. Kingston.
  • BRIGHTON LANE 311: $230,000, Antoine R. Thompson to Willie C. Harris IV and Demetria B. Harris.
  • CANBERRA COURT 210: $100,000, Thomas L. Pletcher and Ellen Irene P. Metzger to Buu N. Phan and Dao Thi Tran.
  • CHARLESTON SQUARE SUBDIVISION, PHASE1, LOT 37: $188,000, Jerret M. Pittman to M.E.F.F. LLC.
  • CLEVELAND AVE. 38228: $35,000, Cleveland Street Autos to Jayme M. Price and Roberta M. Price.
  • EASTRIDGE DRIVE 1567: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Peter Nguyen.
  • EIGHTH ST. 2793: $21,000, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Quest Trust 2004-X2 Asset-Backed Certificates to Terrian Mobley and Toni Mobley.
  • FAIRFIELD LOOP 628: $193,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Andrew G. Leech and Maellenie G. Leech.
  • HARBOR DRIVE 1244, UNITS 101-105, 113, 118,119, 201-203, 215-17, 301-03, 316, 317, 1490, UNITS 102, 111, 211, 300-304, 310, 311, 1650, UNITS 101, 103, 106, 110, 112, 119, 201, 204, 206, 219, 301, 319, 1850, UNITS 101-115, 201-215, 301-315: $6,820,000, Anchorage Investments Ltd. to Pacifica Anchorage LLC.
  • HOWZE BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOTS 35, 36, 37, 38, SQUARE 2: donation, no value stated, Rudolph J. Kennedy and Marlene N. Kennedy to Robert Dale Brouillette Jr.
  • HUMMINGBIRD LANE 250: $57,000, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2005-4 to Lester B. Ralph and Dorothy Ralph.
  • INDIAN VILLAGE CAMP SITES SUBDIVISION, LOT 9: $1,000, Norprop Inc. to Dragonfly Enterprises Inc.
  • JEFFERSON ST. 36330: $101,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Wendy R. Jackson.
  • KENT ST. 3849: $126,000, Janis A. Cure to Ryan A. Kaufmann and Cheryl Cox Kaufmann.
  • KINGSPOINT SUBDIVISION, PHASE 8-Q-3, LOT 271: $124,815, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • MASTERS POINT OF OAK HARBOR SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 47: $72,000, Emile I. Davis Jr. to Gerald J. Constant.
  • MEADOWDALE DRIVE 3655: $72,000, Jesse F. Motes to HS Property Owner LLC.
  • NORTH END SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $75,000, donation, Dawn Dennis to Jarrod Dennis.
  • NORTHWOOD VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 7, LOT 80: $146,515, Micheal L. Derigo to James M. Pazon and Charlotte V. Pazon.
  • RUE BRENDA 406: $265,000, Brian D. Brown and Marcia Byrd Brown to Ramon G. Sanchez Jr. and Jennie A. White.
  • S. PALM DRIVE 3005: $223,000, James M. Pazon and Charlotte Velek Pazon to Michael P. Anderson.
  • SECTION 45, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $1,148, Barry T. Obiol and Hilda J. Obiol to St. Tammany Parish.
  • W. HONORS POINT COURT 303: $875,000, Whitney Bank to Jonathan Paul Rutherford Sr. and Gian D. Rutherford.
  • W. HOWZE BEACH ROAD 405: $77,500, Ryan A. Kaufmann to Wade G. Hardy.
  • W. QUEENS DRIVE 208: $58,000, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-OPT1 to John Cavaness.


  • LAVINGHOUSE ROAD 27424: $120,000, Kristen N. Cooke to Jonathan Dean Pittman and Jenny Ann May Pittman.