St. Charles

Transfers for Jan. 8-12


Sections 34 and 36, Lot 2: Donation, Audrey Robert Zeringue to Loren Larid Rodrigue.


Destrehan Park Subdivision, Square 6: $5,474, St. Charles Parish, Bunge North America, Inc.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 4, Square 25, Lot 930: $328,000, Stewart Allen Beatty and Hollis McClendon Beatty to Amanda Breaux Creel and Tye M. Creel.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 3, Lot 802: $393,500, John Moore Stuart and John H. Fenner, III to Jennifer Lopez Martinez and Carlos Avila Martinez.

Ormond Plantation Subdivision, Lot 3A-H: $185,000, Caliwoods, LLC to Arles O. Acosta and Fatima Martinez Acosta.

Ormond Plantation Subdivision, Lot 4A-H: $100,000, Caliwoods, LLC to Alex M. Louque and Anastasia Whitney Louque.


St. Charles Industrial Complex, Lot 1: Donation, Mark Kenwin Harmon and Aleta Wanding Harmon to Val Joseph Harmon and Stacy Harmon Dampier.


Luling Heights Subdivision, Section B, Square A, Lot 44-A: $160,000, Robert Stephen Lendle and Jenny Burch Lendle to Mark Emile Forshag.


Evangeline City, Phase 2, Unit 7, Square 2, Lot 44B: $46,000, Wade A. Cancienne to Zachary G. Cambre, Jr.


Subdivision of a portion of Lot F, Lot 26, 27, 18 and 21: $25,000, Marian K. Brady, William M. Wright and Douglas E. Wright to Lisa C. Wright and Patrick J. Wright.


Dianne Place Subdivision, Square 5, Lot 64: $137,000, David Rittinger Jr. to Angela Peters.

Oakland Estates (formerly River Road Estates), Square 2, Lot 15: $138,000, Darlene Dourrieu Santana to Rachel M. Tillay.