Transfers for Dec. 18-20


Marci Acres subdivision, lot 10: $28,000, Momack LLC to Trey N. Waller and Heather Marie Horn.

West Abita Springs subdivision, lots 27, 29, 31, square 1: donation, no value stated, JHTT Properties LLC to Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc.

Choctaw Drive 425: $255,000, David S. Ernest to Michael J. Ertz Jr.

Jack Lloyd Road 75160: $600,000, Harold T. Howell and Mary V. Howell to Precision Rig Solution LLC.

Keller St. 71508: $322,500, Robert M. Burger and Stephanie Kennedy Burger to Courtney J. Widmier and Kristin B. Widmier.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $13,500, Tyler J. Harvey to Thomas C. Ford.

Town of Abita Springs, lot 1-A: $43,500, Kenneth J. Miller III and Karla M. Lopez to Amanda L. Vanderbrook.


Maison du Lac subdivision, lot 156: $79,000, WBB Realty LLC to Guastella Properties Inc.

Section 38, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $43,000, Kenneth P. Kuhn to Dale P. Pecoraro Sr. and Rhonda P. Pecoraro.

Versailles subdivision, Phase 5-C, lot 165: no value stated, Anthony E. Warren and Wendy Warren to Tyler J. Tourelle.

A St. 70295: $139,400, Zachary L. Bruno to Suzanne Delrosario- Davis.

A St. 70404: $148,280, Habitat for Humanity St.Tammany West Inc. to Timeka Lanell Brown.

Amy Court 698: $216,000, Candice M. Robinson to Codey P. Miller and Madeline Lee Root.

Cottage Lane 708: $392,000, Fairway Development Group LLC to Gary Cramond and Susan I. Cramond.

Country Club Drive 181: $308,000, Dena Toups Menesses to William F. Spansel and Ginger Turner Spansel.

Cypress Point Drive 4177: $445,000, Gerken Homes Inc. to Joseph Banco Jr. and Susan Banco.

E. Creek Court 1069: $182,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Ashley H. Caillouet and Kathleen C. Caillouet.

Fifth St. 70280: $130,000, David P. Roddy Jr. to Joshua C. Clark.

Hidden Creek Blvd. 205: $399,500, Jenkins Homes Incorp. to Nicholas Celona and Denise Celona.

Huseman Lane 620: $168,000, Succession of Hershel L. Gould to Anthony Genaro and Jennifer P. Genaro.

Judy Ave. 20435: $250,000, MVH Properties LLC to Brandon M. Jacob and Tawny Adams Jacob.

Louisiana Highway 1082, portion of ground: $200,000, Shallow Creek Enterprises LLC to Louis H. Thompson Jr. and Janna L. Thompson.

Natchez Court 160: $405,000, BMI Construction LLC to Susan O. Sommer.

Nettles Road 70457: $75,000, Helen N. Candies to Joshua R. Jones.

Orchard Way 1605: $234,950, Edward J. Mysllwy and Susan A. Mysllwy Trust to James A. Carr and Faith Ann Carr.

Piney Woods Lane 68002: $155,000, John A. Wieriman to Bruce A. McNeal.

Plantation St. 72410: $63,000, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. to Jesus Vega and Maria Guadalupe Centeno Vega.

Riverdale Drive 103: $1,550,000, Kristin C. Ingram to Leeann Saia Branton.

Riverdale Drive 3: $350,000, Allyson M. Cole to Leeann Saia Branton.

Rocking D Road 19407: $110,000, Mary S. Kennedy Burke to John C. O'Brien and Yolanda H. O'Brien.

Rue Jardins 529: $328,000, Varuso Homes LLC to Mary Susan Riolo Burtchaell.

S. Corniche Du Lac 797: $430,000, Donald R. Bain and Jerrie E. Richard Bain to Jane C. Fiegler.

S. Filmore St. 1023: $620,000, Robert C. Richie Estate and Catherine I. Richie to Thomas E. Blalock and Hillary M. Blalock.

Second Connelly Addition subdivision, portion of ground: $170,434, Enid Shawn Poole Gorringe to William E. Mayfield.

Section 14, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $70,000, Linda K. Rodick Fussell, Nancy C. Rodick Brewer, Loren Rodick Barrios and others to MVH Properties LLC.

Section 14, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $158,647, MVH Properties LLC to Scariano Holdings LLC.

Sherry Court 109: $299,000, 110 Capital Pool 2 LLC to Tanner Scott Brignac and Gabrielle Renic Taylor.

Sixth St. 70118: $136,000, Brandon Matthew Jacob to Susanne Dupuy Abadie.

Tammany Hills subdivision, lot 36, square 106: donation, no value stated, Gerald J. Delatte and Tracy I. Delatte to Alex E. Soletske and Aimee D. Soletske.

Village subdivision, Phase 2, lot 124: $56,000, Sieverding Construction Inc. to John C. Simon and Michelle M. Simon.

Walden St. 20132: $206,000, Christopher D. Corkern to Brian H. Glass and Jessica A. Marchand-Glass.

White Chapel Road 71482: $145,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Flint.

Woodburne Loop 698: $249,900, Virginia W. Blanchard to Dustin M. Williams.


Beason Road 83360: $60,000, Donald Gantt and Angela Wascom-Gantt to Joshua Lee Neu and Lovie Doucette Neu.

Highlands subdivision, lot 101: $39,000, Joshua Bryan Graham and Janine M. Graham to Daniel L. Hudson and Brenda B. Hudson.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $415,000, Lee Road Dirt Pit LLC to William E. Mayfield, Kasey L. Mayfield and Skip Magee.

Village Farms Lane 438: $215,000, Jennifer Shay Jeffers to Stephanie Faciane.


Brier Lake Estates, Phase 13, lot 329: $40,000, Donna Marie Oddo to David C. Lee and Glenda M. Lee.

Crestline St. 61245: $189,000, Danny Gaspard Inc. to Raynell Celestine.

Janet St. 28642: $149,900, Coast Builders LLC to Brandi Anne Mones Yates.

Kings Arms Drive 61299: $210,000, Florence Daniel Aiken to Patrick J. Casnave and Amanda G. Casnave.

Lacombe Harbor subdivision, lot 108: $125,000, Philip L. Haerer and Connie C. Haerer to Ronald M. Jorde.

Pichon Road 27120: $123,500, Pamela Ann Bloxson to Kahreem D. Curry and Brigette Y. Curry.

Pine Grove subdivision, lot 24: donation, no value stated, Pearley M. Adams to James E. Crawford.


Autumn Creek no. 2 subdivision, Phase 2-A, lot S14: $35,000, Autumn Creek II LLC to Miles R. Coate.

Autumn Gardens Drive 624: $250,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Eric L. Weller and Morgan S. Weller.

Coushatta Circle 204: $340,000, Alison Flattmann Lagasse to Timothy Miletello and Barbara M. Miletello.

Creole Drive 600: $245,000, Charles M. Miller III and Cheryl V. Miller to Michael P. Dugas Jr. and Angela D. Dugas.

Cypress Bend Lane 2024: $338,000, BMI Construction LLC to Kennedy K. Ladner.

Cypress Bend Lane 2025: $366,459, YAR Construction LLC to Adam Cook and Desire' L. Cook.

Shady Oaks subdivision, lot 2: $154,000, Judith M. Bernard Martin Estate to Jo&Ju LLC.

Spring Haven Lane 1024: $349,900, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Willie J. Herron Jr. and Atsuko O. Herron.

Three Rivers Heights subdivision, lot 186: $48,500, Cosentino Realty Investors LLC to Esperanza Celestina Lopez Tale.

W. Longview Court 296: $379,900, RELO Direct Government Services LLC to Travis M. Barnette and Sheri M. Barnette.


Beau Chene subdivision, lot 87-A: $200,000, Lonesome Development LLC to Ryan J. Morse and Bailey D. Morse.

Bayou Marina condominium, Unit G: $155,000, Samuel Masters White to Jeremiah C. Verrett and Lauren F. Verrett.

Beau Chene Drive 581, Unit 251: $317,500, Lynne Heckman Neitzschman to Dieter Roy and Stephanie Roy Pitre.

Castain Drive, lot 14-A: $80,000, Benjamin F. Eshleman III and Mary Anne Galvin Eshleman to Michael A. Piazza and Catherine S. Piazza.

Chestnut Oak Drive 258: no value stated, Daniel W. Super to Kelly Joe Super and Aimee Johnson Cutter.

Colbert St. 704, Unit B: $171,500, Stacy R. Penter Knight to Bradley E. Passwaiter.

Dawn Court 406: $685,000, Timothy F. Kennedy and Amy Bordelon Kennedy to Ross S. Wales and Sherry K. Wales.

Desert Court 2941: $298,000, Paul J. Giangrosso and Denise A. Giangrosso to Dustin R. Almond, Leslie S. Almond and Elizabeth Hoff Almond.

Devon Drive 170: $268,500, Rebecca Moreau Simonson to Bart P. Haley and Kelly B. Haley.

Dolan St. 67155: $240,000, David A. Garretson to Kevin P. Shields.

Fairfield Drive 1219: $226,000, Marilyn Joan Richard and Joan F. Richard to Nicole C. Gurievsky and Sarah D. Landers.

Forest Loop 540: $150,000, Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries Inc. to Ashley H. Abadie.

Fountains Park Blvd. 320: $154,000, Cleve E. Ammons to Lindsey Piattoly.

Grand Cheniere 125, Unit 324X: $375,000, May Investments LLC to John H. Powers.

Hiern Drive 67439: $236,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to James E. Zelaya and Jessica C. Zelaya.

Jackson St. 1403: $365,000, Affordable Homes & Land LLC to Kristopher D. Barton.

Lake Vista Drive 255: $430,000, Robert D. Thibault and Leah Green Thibault to Jimmy G. Adams.

Lakeshore Drive 1921, Unit B: $190,000, Robert N. Wahl Jr. and Suzanne Babin Wahl to Edward A. Couvillion and Susan G. Couvillion.

Libby Lane 760: $345,000, David Cui and Songmei Wang to Brendan K. Nugent and Jennifer A. Nugent.

Magnolia St. 150: $85,000, Michael J. Del Giudice and Rani Judith Darling Del Giudice to Daniel H. Richards and Karen H. Richards.

Marigny Ave. 1016: $235,000, Katherine A. Klein to Michael A. Barnett and Heather M. Barnett.

Mcnamara St. 2331: no value stated, Felix G. Dyhrkopp and Pamela G. Dyhrkopp to Dyhrkopp Properties LLC.

Montgomery St. 975: $334,000, Jeffry R. Gaspard and Laura M. Gaspard to Kirk L. White and Kristin T. White.

Morningside Drive 146: $565,000, Michael S. Evanson and Loretta D. Evanson to Francisco M. Gonzales Jr. and Martha P. Gonzalez.

N. Court Villa Drive 82: $130,000, Dieter B. Roy and Stephanie P. Roy to Kristi Lynn Illg.

Near Mandeville, lot 22, square 235: $35,000, Elio Iovenitti and Elvira Pieri Iovenitti to Ugo Iovenitti and Dante U. Iovenitti.

New Canaan Hills Court 39: $297,000, Carl A. Horne and Christian C. Horne to Ryan M. Held and Lacey L. Held.

Petit Road 70343: $204,000, Cynthia D. Dorfi to Joshua J. Graffagnini.

Rue Beauvais 1271: $480,000, Nicholas J. Fiorito and Shelly T. Fiorito to Jonathan A. Tweedy and Erin F. Tweedy.

Villere St. 1250: $625,500, Intrepid Builders LLC to Dwight K. Carr and Katherine B. Carr.

Whitetail Drive 1046: $490,000, Anthony J. Varnado and Donna D. Varnado to Harold T. Howell and Mary D. Howell.


Ashand Drive 716: $324,000, Virginia Frances Brooks to Tristan C. Devezin and Jennifer M. Devezin.

Fawn Run 404: $10,000, Karen L. St. Pierre to Darren K. Johnson.

Lester Drive 68487: $140,000, Walter A. Matthews and Adrianne A. Matthews to Richard C. Matthews.

Pheasant Run 101: $12,000, Ethel A. Davis to Juan M. Pulido and Lorena Meza Ramos.

Sections 17, 18, township 8 south, range 15 east, portion of ground: $27,000, William Dean Samuel and Dusty D. Fontenot Samuel to Ray M. Mayeux and Lennette Ibrom Conn.


Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: $450,000, Frabbieli's Deli LLC to NR Investments Inc.

Section 38, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $200,000, Beechler's Retreat LLC to NR Investments Inc.

Section 41, township 6 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $324,000, Sandra L. O'Quinn to Bryan K. Foucha and Charlotte R. Foucha.

Sections 31, 38, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $30,000, Ferdinand P. Beechler Jr. and Judy F. Beechler to NR Investments Inc.


Slidell Country Club Estates, portion of ground: $300,000, Pinewood Country Club Inc. to Nola Southern Grill LLC.

Admiral Nelson Drive 1609: $146,000, Carmen Butler Flanders to Joel A. Carter and Summer P. Carter.

Admiral Nelson Drive 1827: $92,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Peter Jupiter and Cheryl Jupiter.

Azalea Lane 59051: $138,500, Alan L. Brockhaus and Erin C. Brockhaus to Lemetria T. Dillon.

Barrymore St. 1819: $149,000, Michael E. Reardon and Eve Melissa Sarco Reardon to Joyce T. Suggs.

Bienville Drive 117: $93,500, CitiMortgage Inc. to Rocky Lee Pfeifer.

Blue Crane Drive 237, Unit 1: $295,000, Joseph P. Waldo and Jaimee R. Waldo to Bobby G. Randolph and Karin J. Randolph.

Bluebird St. 2307: $152,500, E. J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC to William C. King and Emily M. King.

Bluebird St. 2423: $130,900, LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Charles D. Palliser Jr.

Caitlin Court 1005: $202,500, Karen F. Matey to Luis Carlos Colmenares and Adriana C. Bautista.

Canberra Court 202: $159,900, Chad R. McNeil and Edna Lafaye Ball to Matthew Allen Roeder.

Canberra Court 204: $96,667, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Carr Drive 383: $25,000, Frank L. Conaway Jr. and Kimberly Conaway Barnett to John C. Bruskotter and Donna C. Bruskotter.

Carr Drive 383: $730,000, Frank L. Conaway Jr. and Kimberly C. Barnett to John C. Bruskotter and Donna C. Bruskotter.

Charles Court 204: $234,900, Steven J. Portillo and Kathe M. Portillo to Fred Brule and Karrie H. Brule.

Clara Drive 261: $55,000, William M. Sims and Janice Wood Sims revocable living trust to Clint J. Coulon and Crystal J. Coulon.

Clearpoint Drive 5186: $168,000, Andre L. Schmitz to Johanna Clark.

Clearpoint Drive 5449: $188,000, Steven Valdez to Christopher J. Meyers.

Columbia Place 126: $291,000, Linda F. Hartdegen to Garrett T. Lane and Victoria B. Lane.

Constellation Drive 105: $371,000, Karl D. Dorand and Sandra B. Dorand to Oliver J. Reynolds III.

Cross Gates Blvd. 388: $299,900, Norman S. Dubuisson and Brianne M. Dubuisson to Travis R. Bourgeois and Vanessa F. Bourgeois.

Cross Gates subdivision, Phase 5-D-2, lot 708: $295,000, William R. Cain and Judy P. Cain to Stephen B. Stewart.

Cumberland Drive 304: $154,000, Donna Westmoreland Bourgeois to Stephen B. Lee and Krysten R. Price Lee.

Cutter Cove 1275: $26,000, Anthony M. Peperone to Gerald J. Sauter and Charlene J. Sauter.

Cuttysark Cove 1596: $475,000, Dennis A. Baggott and Sondra B. Baggott to David M. Lander and Audrey C. Lander.

Cuttysark Cove, lot 144: $63,000, Jonathan C. Nguyen and Lynn T. Nguyen to Gary M. Martinez and Leslie H. Martinez.

Cypress Lakes subdivision, lots 277, 296: $102,500, Northshore Construction & Development LLC to Martin Homes LLC.

Dunkirk St. 1706: $110,000, Jack Richard Worgan revocable living trust to Dennis J. Pereira and Stacey Lynne Pereira.

E. Gause Blvd. 2146, 2150: $425,000, G&S Bear Enterprises LLC to Keeler Rentals LLC.

Fay Way 152: $275,000, Mark Bould to Walter A. Matthews and Adrianne A. Matthews.

Hailey Ave. 690: $126,000, Karrie Hairston Brule to Randolph R. Simmons and LaShanda Stanley Simmons.

Heather Lane 2060: donation, no value stated, Janice D. Richard to Deonte L. Richard.

J. F. Smith Ave. 540: $150,000, Cain Enterprises LLC to VS Real Estate of St. Tammany LLC.

Kelly Drive 126: $155,000, Timothy J. Dudenhefer to Shelby L. Cunnigham.

Kingspoint subdivision, Phase 7, lot 23, square 7: no value stated, Peter Jupiter and Cheryl Jupiter to Peter J. Jupiter and Cheryl Jupiter revocable trust.

Lake Felicity Court 809: $211,000, Andrew P. Boudreaux and Rachel V. Boudreaux to Jovan Southall.

Lake Tahoe Drive 214: $172,000, James K. Vines Jr. and Peter J. Bergeron to Joseph H. Godwin and Amy F. Godwin.

Lakehore Village Point 917: $249,803, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Dominique D. Batiste and Vaughn-Michael Philip Batiste Sr.

Lakeview Drive 219: $40,000, Judith Underwood Voelker to Michael H. Edwards and Mary W. Edwards.

lee Drive 406: $70,000, James S. Peter Munaco, Joseph Manfre and Beniamino Manfre to Brian R. Mahon.

Mandy Drive 104: $161,000, Kenneth L. Petruska and Peggy D. Petruska to Evan Petruska.

Marina Drive 1192: $305,000, Raymond D. Johnson and Elizabeth C. Johnson to Steven A. Kernahan and Annette O. Kernahan.

Marina Drive 1287: $250,000, Donna C. Raffo to David D. Roberts.

Middle Pearl Drive 180: $47,000, Rhonda Lea Cuccia to Drew Cameron Bennett and Amanda Lynn Bennett.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Ronald S. Leggio to Ronald S. Leggio and Mary E. Leggio revocable living trust.

Northam Drive 113: $242,000, Stephen J. Szydlik and Cheryl S. Szydlik to William J. Gaines and Mandi M. Gaines.

Ondine Lane 115: $325,000, Gary S. Bell and Barbara F. Bell to Ronald Fogan Jr. and Donna Fogan.

Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 17-B: $517,500, 67241 Industry Lane LLC to Habibi Holdings LLC.

Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 31-BB1B: $3,500,000, Ozone Properties LLC to Fairway Real Estate Holdings LLC.

Palm St. 37609: no value stated, Harold E. Duhe to Carolyn Y. Duhe.

Paradise Point 110: donation, no value stated, Ronald D. King Sr. to Cynthia A. King.

Pine Forest Drive 409: $209,000, Darrin M. David and Alison K. David to Joseph Scott and Andrea Trujillo Carvajal.

Pontchartrain Drive 4676: $45,000, Gary M. Melerine and Donna T. Melerine to Cleco Power LLC.

Queens Drive 206: $10, U. S. Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Rooks Drive 101: $133,000, James Bell to Kerry T. Carrere.

Rose Meadow Loop 1159: $108,700, Elaine Stonicher Lacoste and Linda Lacoste Wascom to Ellen Boudreaux Barrere.

Section 35, township 8 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $850,000, Pinewood Country Club Inc. to Pinewood Golf Course Holding Co. LLC.

Section 43, township 8 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: $22,500, H&J Builders LLC to Darrin J. Jackson.

Shylock Drive 1609: donation, no value stated, Anthony B. Hauer to Liliie C. Payton-Hauer.

Suburban Gardens subdivision, lots 18, 19, square A: $5,004, Daniel Lee Spayde to Danny Ray Hamilton and Kelly T. Hamilton.

Tiffany St. 221: $136,000, Buy & Sell Houses LLC to Keshawn D. Jackson.

Trafalgar Square 113: $128,700, Marino Investments LLC to Eugene White.

Turtle Creek subdivision, Phase 5-2, lot 368: $65,000, Cross Gates LLC to Norman S. Dubuisson and Brianne M. Dubuisson.

W. Lake Drive 404: $219,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Michael D. Lockwood, Irwin L. Meyer Jr. and Yong I. Meyer.

W. Lake Drive 441: $216,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Christopher M. Juge.

Waverly Drive 584: $328,900, Brandon T. Raymer and Kelly D. Raymer to William F. Bass and Celia V. Bass.

Woodlawn Drive 1543: $135,000, Edward Boesch III and Dawn C. Boesch to Lois Jackson Gutierrez.