Monday in the Orpheum Theater, the Elves of Oberon presented their 124th ball under the title, "Sleeping Beauty." The organization's annual tableau returned to its fairy tale roots, presenting a modern rendition of the classic story.

Reigning as queen of the ball was Miss Mary Fleming England Redd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund England Redd.

The maids in the court were Misses Bailey Elizabeth Batt, daughter Mr. and Mrs. John August Batt Jr.; Madeleine Anne Bienvenu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Albert Bienvenu IV; Ellen Ashley and Megan Lane Feringa, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Peter Anthony Feringa III; Elizabeth Allen Texada Hotard, daughter of Mr. John Arnold Hotard and Mrs. Charmaine Elizabeth Texada Hotard; Elle Colton McLeod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Evans Martin McLeod; Catherine Claire Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jody Richard Walker; and Eugenie Cecile Whealdon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burton Whealdon.

Pages to their majesties were Masters Charles Wilhelm Adriance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jason William Adriance; William Carriere Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Roache Cook IV; John Benjamin Cowan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Cowan; and Brandon Freret Favrot, son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Semmes Favrot.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of two former queens of Oberon: Miss Mary Nolan Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Brown, who reigned over the Oberon Ball in 2017; and Mrs. James Kee Irvin, who reigned over the Oberon Ball in 1968 as M'Adele Scott Read. Both were presented to their majesties and received flowers from the captain.

The chairman of the court committee was Mr. Horace Mark Adams, and the vice chairman was Mr. Walter Chew Flower III. Committee members included Messrs. James McCall Baldwin, Brig. Gen. Thomas Edouard Beron Jr., Edward Howell Crosby, Peter Hillyer Dupuy, Thomas Carter Jahncke, Lawrence Noel Johnson Jr., Godfrey Bruce Parkerson and William Parker Stewart.

Following the ball, the queen's supper was held at the Blue Room in the Roosevelt Hotel. The band The Boogiemen provided the musical entertainment.