Krewe of Iris

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Iris bulletin art Jan 25

Krewe of Iris, 2017

Float One

The 2016 Krewe of Iris royalty enjoys the memories of Carnival past as they introduce the 2017 Iris parade through the streets of New Orleans.

Float Two

The captain of Iris and her family invite Carnival revelers to celebrate the day and the season. The Iris Captain represents the fourth generation of her family to lead the 1,800-member krewe.

Float Three

Iris officers shine on a traditionally-styled float saluting Iris, the goddess of the rainbow.

Float Four

Hail to the queen. The Iris queen’s float has been a part of the Iris parade since its first appearance in 1959.

Float Five

The 2017 Krewe of Iris court greets the crowd in colorful and imaginative costumes reflecting themes of past Iris parades.

Float Six

Mardi Gras is for everyone, especially the young. Iris ladies-in-waiting take an active part in Carnival festivities with the enthusiasm of youth and the elegance of royalty-to-be.

Float Seven

Iris Celebrates 100 Years — whirls of color and sparkle introduce the 2017 Iris parade theme and begins a salute to themes from a century of Carnival history. Iris is the oldest all-female Carnival krewe in New Orleans.

Float Eight

Love Makes the World Go Round — the 1998 theme.

Float Nine

When You Wish Upon a Star — the 1984 theme.

Float Ten

For the Young at Heart — the 1996 theme.

Float Eleven

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland — the 1961 theme.

Float Twelve

A Touch of Class — the 2004 theme.

Float Thirteen

Wonderful World of Entertainment — the 1967 theme.

Float Fourteen

Music the Universal Language — the 1987 theme.

Float Fifteen

Wonderful World of Make Believe — the 1988 theme.

Float Sixteen

Champagne Flight to Europe — the 1964 theme.

Float Seventeen

If I Ruled the World — the 2002 theme.

Float Eighteen

On the Road Again — the 2009 theme.

Float Nineteen

The Wonderful World of Travel — the 1979 theme.

Float Twenty

Fine Tuned for Fun — the 1993 theme.

Float Twenty-one

Strike Up the Band — the 1980 theme.

Float Twenty-two

Say It with Music — the 1959 theme.

Float Twenty-three

In Our Wildest Dreams — the 2011 theme.

Float Twenty-four

Give My Regards to Broadway — the 2008 theme.

Float Twenty-five

Hollywood Dreaming — the 1999 theme.

Float Twenty-six

America the Beautiful — the 1986 theme.

Float Twenty-seven

Let the Good Times Roll — the 1981 theme.

Float Twenty-eight

Las Vegas-USA — the 1969 theme.

Float Twenty-nine

Show Business — the 1965 theme.

Float Thirty

The Vieux Carre Nola, LA — the 1976 theme.

Float Thirty-one

Children's Classics — the 2010 theme.

Float Thirty-two

Life Is a Celebration — the 2001 theme.

Float Thirty-three

Making Dreams Come True — the 1995 theme.

Float Thirty-four

Under the Big Top — the 2007 theme.

Float Thirty-five

Come to the Mardi Gras and Mask — the 1978 theme.

Float thirty-six

Mardi Gras in New Orleans — the 1966 theme.