Alla FINAL 2019

Krewe of ALLA 2019: Are We There Yet?

CAPTAIN OF ALLA - Riding his chariot at the front of this float is the Captain, introducing the 2019 Krewe of ALLA parade.

SPECIAL GUESTS – A classic St. Charles Avenue streetcar hosts the special guests of the Krewe of ALLA, Grand Marshal Jim Kelly of Covenant House and members of the Krewe de Pink, a local organization supporting breast cancer research.

KING ALLA LXXXVII - A royal elephant carries the King on his regal float that is adorned with customary Persian decor.

QUEEN ALLA LXXXVII - Here comes the Queen, making a grand entrance under the royal crown.

MAIDS A - Maids of the Krewe of ALLA, with special headpieces decorated with artwork from the parade theme.

MAIDS B – Maids of the Krewe of ALLA, with special headpieces decorated with artwork from the parade theme.

DUKES – Dukes of the Krewe of ALLA, completing the 2019 Royal Court of ALLA on parade.

TITLE FLOAT: ARE WE THERE YET? - High atop the Persian kingdom sits the Golden Gryphon, introducing the 2019 Krewe of ALLA Title float announcing the theme, “Are We There Yet?”, featuring floats inspired by travel destinations around the world.

THE ALLA GATOR - Creeping through the crowd, an enormous gator rises from the swamp — it’s ALLA’s signature float, the ALLA Gator.

NEW YORK – The Statue of Liberty and the Big Apple welcome us to the bright lights and tall buildings of the city that never sleeps.

CHINA – The wonders of one of the world’s oldest civilizations greets the parade watchers with the treasures of China, the most populous nation on Earth.

OCTOBER FEST – Celebrating the culture of Germany is the October Fest float, led by the classic beer stein.

PARIS – The Eiffel Tower greets visitors to Paris, showcasing this beautiful city of architecture, language, and culture.

NAPA VALLEY – Grapes and bottles greet parade watchers to Napa Valley and a taste of the California wine country.

DESTIN – The sun and sandy beaches of Destin greet visitors ready to relax under the shade of umbrellas and palm trees.

HAWAII – The tropical island state of Hawaii welcomes parade watchers with exotic landscapes of flowers, volcanos, ocean and topical foliage.

LAS VEGAS – The iconic sign welcomes us to Las Vegas, reminding us “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and the end of the ALLA 2019 parade.