Tucks Happens!

Our king rides in a giant toilet. Our riders throw plungers and toilet brushes. Our crowds beg for rolls of TP. So for this year’s theme, we figured: Why fight it? Tucks happens.

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Tucks bulletin jan 26

Krewe of Tucks, 2017


This signature float – the traditional home of Tucks King Wendel Dufour – helps explain why the merry men of Sherwood always seem so chipper.

Exploring Uranus:

You could say that sometimes we go too far. We prefer to say we are boldly going where no one has gone before.

Grand Marshal Float:

In a Mardi Gras first, Grand Marshal Randy “Frenchy” Frechette will be “live painting” the parade.

Shihtzus and Giggles A&B:

Our “shihtzus and giggles” tandem unleashes some paw-some one-liners inspired by our four-legged friends. When a problem comes along, you must whippet.

Artsy Fartsy A & B:

This tandem float explores mankind’s struggle to resist the bonds of conformity and repression through artistic expression. Note the restrained matte finish and the juxtaposition of modern and classical forms. It’s deep, man. Deep.

Origin of the Feces:

This float celebrates the Friar’s evolution from caveman to man-cave. #DarWINNING!

Taking a Leak A&B:

The bad news is that we live in a bowl. The good news is that the bowl is as strong as it was before Katrina when the bowl broke and filled with water. So drink up.

Silent But Deadly A&B:

Two things are truly dangerous when you don’t hear them coming. Ninjas are one of them.

Potty Animals:

Would you expect anything else from a krewe started by two Loyola frat guys?! Rush Tucks!

Port o’ Johns:

When you’re driving in a car, the red light means stop. When you’re fresh off a boat, the red light means go.

Pot ‘O Gold A&B:

The only thing more valuable than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: a place to go at Mardi Gras.

Bowl Movement A&B:

For once, it’s not just our minds that are in the gutter.

Drain the Main Vein A&B:

Beware the pale, lifeless monsters willing to suck every drop of your blood! But enough about our lawyers. These floats are about vampires.

Crop Dusted:

Many Tucks floats are free-range, organic, and non-GMO, grown without any noxious chemicals or pesticides. This is not one of those floats.

Dutch Oven:

Sometimes it’s better not to know what’s simmering in the pot.

Breaking the Seal:

Tucks’ signature Tucksedeauxs float keeps the bottles poppin’ with a ton of fun and a touch of class. But only just a touch…

Pirate Ship:

If you think we would use this as an opportunity to make a reference to the “poop deck” of a ship, you would be right.

Stool Pigeon:

Will the last person in the City not in jail or shot please turn out the lights? Thanks.

Pupu Platter:

Tucks tackles Tonga in this tacky take on tiki. Pass the poi, mahalo!

Nature Calls:

Tucks walks on the wild side with a creature feature.

Game of Thrones:

Even the King needs to sit down for a spell.

Shart Week:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

Montezuma’s Revenge:

We will see your border wall and raise you...

Drop a Deuce:

There is nothing “free” about free agency. Colston? Ain’t ‘dere no more!

Robin Hood:

This float harkens back to days of yore when robbing from the rich and giving to the poor got you elected.

The Oval Office:

Flush all you want. This thing isn’t going away any time soon.

Royal Bath:

Rub a dub dub. Stay away from the bubbles!

Fucky Tucks/Love Child/Funky Fox

Peace. Love. Disco.