Pygmalion 2019: Louisiana Bounty

The Captain

Imposing white marble columns rise from a garland of flowers encircling the Captain and Co-Captain beneath the towering figures of Pygmalion and his beloved Galatea.

Grand Marshall

Revamped for 2019, the new Grand Marshall float features a golden, stone structure wrapped in purple flowers and green foliage.

The Queen

Reminiscent of floats from Mardi Gras's Golden Age, the Pygmalion Queen stands flanked by orchids and pearls.

The King

In full regalia, the Pygmalion King greets the crowd from beneath a jewel-studded crown.

The Jester

A perennial favorite! Pulsing with fiber optics, custom lighting and special effects as well as thumping with loud and lively music, The Jester never fails to bring the party with Carnival’s most fun float!

The Maids

The many Maids of Pygmalion glide down the street in their traditional handmade costumes. Their elaborate collars illustrate the parade's theme and hearken back to a bygone era.

The Altar of Aphrodite

This spectacular float carries its goddesses, “The Aphrodites,” on the wings of two magnificent swans. At the helm, Aphrodite herself, in a ring of roses, looks slyly on as she grants Pygmalion’s deepest desire.

The Pygmammoth

A consistent crowd-pleaser, the gentle beast lumbers along in a plume of smoke with his pet dragonfly in tow while two bright-eyed pterodactyls stand guard.


Also redecorated for 2019, this star-studded, glittery float features large, purple iris flowers flanking this year's title, "Louisiana's Bounty".

Creole Tomatoes

Summer time is the perfect time for the ever so sweet and plump Creole tomato. But what makes the Creole tomato so divine? There must be something special in the soil.

Gulf Shrimp

The verdict is in! Shrimp is America’s favorite seafood and America’s favorite shrimp comes from Louisiana!

Muscadine Wine

Dark and sweet, Muscadine grapes languish on the vine in the hot Southern sun. It may taste like candy, but drink a bit too much and this Louisiana libation will go to your head!

Gulf Fish

From freshwater to saltwater, there’s something for every angler in the Pelican State, so why not take a break and relax with Louisiana’s favorite pastime?


The heavenly smell of orange blossoms begets the juiciest of oranges. The crisp air of autumn means it’s time for satsumas. Truly the nectar of the gods.


When crawfish are in season there’s always a reason to celebrate...unless you are a crawfish! Our intrepid crustacean tries to make a quick escape from the boiling water below.

Ponchatoula Strawberries

Spring is on its way when the first of the strawberries start to appear. Delicate white flowers transform into ripe, juicy, berries. There is no better place to celebrate the harvest than in “The Strawberry Capital of the World.”

Blue Crab

The cracking sound of crab shells can be heard throughout the state when these blue beauties are abundant. Delicate and plump, these colorful crabs are another wonder of the waterways.


Chargrilled, fried or raw, this briny bi-valve is always welcome at the table. If you're lucky you might just find a pearl.

Ruston Peaches

Sink your teeth into a succulent Ruston peach. Nothing says summer in the South like an overflowing basket of perfect peaches. Life’s just peachy in Louisiana.