Former queens of Carnival gathered for their annual luncheon at Antoine's.  Front row, seated: Mary Brooks Soule Weiss, Anna Huger, Delia Hardie; second row, seated, Creevy Clay, Mathilde Villere Currence, Mary Stewart Smallpage Bailey, Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin, Anne Charbonnet Goliwas, Kate Ballard Werner, Annie Sarpy Phillips, Marley Eastman LeBourgeois. Back row, Shelby Westfeldt Mills, Betty Nolan Walsh, Lulie Smither McDonald, Claudia Fitz-Hugh Kelleher, Flora Fenner French, Ella Bright, Jane White, Laura Freeman, Cammie Kock Mayer, Katherine Waters Gelderman, Ashbrooke Tullis, Tina Freeman Woollam, Anna LeCorgne Schaefer, Katy Reily Roubion, Carroll Gelderman, Dottee Dupuy Gwin, Elinor Bright, Nina Griswold Fitch, Ransdell Grace Prieur, Charlotte Smallpage Sapir, Ellen Logan, Sidonie Villere Ferrara, Katherine Haygood Saulsbury, Elizabeth Kelleher Roberts.

The royal tradition of assembling former queens of Carnival for a luncheon in the Rex Room of Antoine's was founded in 1953 by four former monarchs: Mrs. Raoul James Vallon (Dorothy Creevy Clay, 1921), Mrs. Peter Rene Monrose (Dorothy Henriette Vallon, 1947), Mrs. Erik F. Johnsen (Dolly Ann Souchon, 1949) and Mrs. Elliott K. Cowand (Emmy Lou Dicks, 1946).

At the most recent luncheon, Mrs. Weiss, 1950, was the senior queen; Miss Huger, the 2017 queen; and Miss Hardie, the 50th anniversary queen.