Former queens of Comus gathered for luncheon at the home of Anne Kock Montgomery. Front row from left: Muffin Labouisse Adriance, Scout Beron, Mary Wyatt Hines Milano, Carolyn Crusel Caindec, Avery Rowan, Grace Hoefer. Second row: Joanne Fenner Sullivan, Ashby Geary Navarro, Polly Ukrop, Anne Kock, Anne Lykes, Libby Hoefer. Third row: Virginia Kerr Zoller, Elizabeth Smart Wooten, Virginia Freeman Rowan, Ellen Simmons Ball, Mary Scott Westfeldt McKinnon. Fourth row: Sandy Smither Haygood, Lyn Howard Anderson, Carolyn Crusel Wogan, Dorothy Ball. Fifth row: Winkie Sinnott Monsted, Mary Kock Dickson. Sixth row: Alston Montgomery Kerr, Anne Kock Montgomery, Allison White Zuber, Grace Parker LeCorgne.

The Morris-Downman House, residence of Mrs. George R. Montgomery, was the location for the recent luncheon of former queens of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. She reigned as Anne Cameron Kock in 1947. Last year, Miss Avery Scott Rowan ruled. Others assembled for the luncheon, for which Seva's Jazz Trio played, were Mmes. Jason W. Adriance, Harry S. Anderson, F. Macnaughton Ball Jr., Kimberlin P. Butcher, Keao Caindec, Brooke S. Dickson, Paul M. Haygood, Bruce R. Hoefer Jr., John H. Kerr III, Earl R. LeCorgne Jr., Ryan T. McKinnon, Kerry S. Milano, Charles N. Monsted III, Alexander C. Navarro, John F. Rowan Jr., R. Alan Sullivan, John D. Wogan, Andrew Wooten, Mark L. Zoller , Patrick J. Zuber and Misses Dorothy Davis Ball, Patricia "Scout" Beron, Grace Hoefer, Anne Stewart Kock, Anne Chandler Lykes and Pauline "Polly" Mason Ukrop. Three Comus flags were attached to the façade of the house, bearing the dates 1947, 1975 and 2008, to indicate the year of a reign.