Shawn Robinson, a long-time stuntman working on the Deepwater Horizon film, was found dead in a New Orleans hotel room last week, according to the Toronto Sun.

The report said Robinson didn't show up for work July 28. When one of Robinson's colleagues went to check on him, he was found dead. The coroner's office is investigating the cause of death.

The film began shooting in New Orleans this past May.

The screenplay is based on the December 2010 New York Times article, “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours,” by David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul. Eleven men died in the fiery disaster. The Macondo well eruption beneath the rig also caused one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.

“Deepwater Horizon” stars Mark Wahlberg (“Lone Survivor,” “The Fighter”), Kurt Russell (“Furious Seven”), John Malkovich (“Red,” “Burn After Reading”), Dylan O’Brien (“The Maze Runner”), Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”) and Kate Hudson (“Almost Famous,” “Nine”). Wahlberg is also one the film’s producers.

Peter Berg (“Love Survivor,” “The Kingdom”) is directing from a screenplay written by Matthew Sand and Matthew Michael Carnahan (“The Kingdom”).

Lionsgate is scheduled to release “Deepwater Horizon” in North America on September 30, 2016.