The New Orleans Film Society has announced the 24 films for the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival juried competition.

The festival, Oct. 12 through Oct. 22, opens Oct. 14 at the newly restored Orpheum Theater. Screenings will also take place throughout the city.

This year’s festival will feature 173 film selected from the film society’s open call for independent films, as well as more than a dozen additional films that have acquired distribution.

“The sustained growth of the festival demonstrates that Louisiana is an established hub of the entertainment industry,” said New Orleans Film Society Executive Director Jolene Pinder. “The New Orleans Film Festival serves as a barometer for what’s happening in the state.”

In addition the festival’s feature films in competition, eight films are competing in the narrative film category, seven in documentary competition and nine in the Louisiana features category.

Seven of the 24 feature films in competition will be world premieres. The festival’s opening film, centerpiece film and closing-night feature film will be announced in the coming weeks.

The 2015 festival lineup was chosen from more than 3,400 submissions from 100 countries. A festival received a record number of submissions, a 58 percent increase over the previous year submissions.

This year also marks the New Orleans Film Festival’s first as an Oscar-qualifying festival in the documentary short film category.

More information about the festival is available at


“COVER ME”: A young musician who returns to New Orleans must deal with isolation in a changing city and its effect upon her relationships and career.

“COWARDS DO IT SLOW”: Inspired by American films of the 1970s, “Cowards Do It Slow” is about an aspiring country music singer who stumbles through the Chicago bar scene.

“DRIVING WHILE BLACK”: A dark comedy written and starring Dominique Purdy, “Driving While Black” follows a pizza delivery man in Los Angeles whose race draws more than his fair share of police attention.

“EMBERS”: In this drama from Poland, five interwoven stories explore human interaction on Earth following a global neurological epidemic.

“FRENCH DIRTY”: In Los Angeles, a man ponders his parents’ failed marriage, his own arrested development and the choice he must make to be a better man.

“IT HAD TO BE YOU”: In this satirical romantic comedy, a woman is shocked by her boyfriend’s sudden marriage proposal and subsequent ultimatum, Sonia must decide in three days which path her life will take. Louisiana premiere.

“JACKIE BOY”: A character drama from Canada, “Jackie Boy” centers upon a self-destructive womanizer who battles his emotional insecurities with drink, drugs and one-night stands — until he meets the spirited Jasmine.

“JASON AND SHIRLEY”: An imaginary take on what happened behind the scenes during the filming of “Portrait of Jason,” a 1967 documentary about the loquacious hustler and aspiring cabaret performer.


“DEAL WITH IT”: An intimate family portrait from The Netherlands featuring director Shamira Raphaëla’s drug-addicted father and the brother who’s following dad’s disastrous footsteps.

“HOTEL NUEVA ISLA”: The last inhabitant of a once luxurious hotel in Havana refuses to leave, despite the building’s imminent collapse.

“MISSING PEOPLE”: A nonfiction mystery, “Missing People” revolves a New York City art gallery director who’s investigating her brother’s murder and obsessively collecting the violent works of New Orleans artist Roy Ferdinand.

“PORTRAIT OF A LONE FARMER”: When Jide Tom Akinleminu returns to his father’s farm in Nigeria to make a film about his parents’ marriage, he finds things have changed.

“SCRUM”: Before the 2014 Bingham Cup, the lives of a self-assured Canadian jock, a chubby Irish backpacker and a stoic Japanese outsider change when they vie for a spot on the Sydney Convicts, the world’s premiere gay rugby team.

“THE SEVENTH FIRE”: Acclaimed director Terrence Malick presents this nonfiction film about the gang crisis on Indian reservations.

TOUCH OF LIGHT”: In this character-driven film by Oscar-nominee Jennifer Redfearn, three blind women from Havana confront their heartbreaks and their hopes for independence.


“CONSEQUENCE”: After an accidental death during a camping trip, three college coeds decide not to report the tragedy.

“DELTA JUSTICE: THE ISLENOS TRIPPERS WAR”: A true account of St. Bernard Parish’s violent fight over land rights in the mid-1920s.

“DOG MAN”: The story of Dick Russell, a world-renowned animal trainer who worked with an estimated 30,000 dogs in south Louisiana.

“FORGIVE AND FORGET”: Following a tragic accident that takes the life of one of its members, a family collapses into a web of secrets and lies.

“THE KING OF NEW ORLEANS”: In pre-Katrina New Orleans, Larry Shirt is an aging taxi driver whose fares include hustlers, tourists, socialites, musicians, housekeepers, weirdos, reporters and an aimless student with whom he shares a special bond.

“LOVE ME TRUE”: A fetish for blond-haired women thwarts any chance a man has for happiness — until a hairless man enters his apartment and claims to be the reincarnation of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky.

“THE MOUNTING HILLS”: Mattie and Kate are orphaned sisters. When Mattie convinces Kate to run away with her, the sisters go the same wilderness area where their father died.

“THE PHANTASMAGORICAL CLARENCE JOHN LAUGHLIN”: A documentary about the enigmatic New Orleans native who’s considered the Edgar Allan Poe of photography.

“YAZOO REVISITED: INTEGRATION AND SEGREATION IN A DEEP SOUTHERN TOWN”: Examines the history of race relations in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and the integration of the city’s public schools in 1970.