PBS Katrina documentary ‘Forced Change’ now online, tells story of four survivors who never returned _lowres

Photo provided -- director/producer Rennik Soholt helmed the 'Forced Change' documentary.

In case you missed the PBS “NewsHour Weekend’s” look at the Hurricane Katrina documentary “Forced Change,” it’s available for viewing online.

The project, by director/producer and former New Orleanian Rennik Soholt, follows the decade-long journey of four Katrina survivors as they rebuilt their lives away from their beloved hometown after the 2005 storm devastated the city.

For differing reasons, the four have never returned to New Orleans.

Soholt, who now lives in New York City, ran a Kickstarter campaign in February that generated more than $30,000 for the production of “Forced Change.”

To view the documentary, go to http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/just-miss-home-two-stories-life-katrina/.