The Joy Formidable consists of only three musicians, but the trio from north Wales made a formidable noise Friday during their late-afternoon set at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

Featuring singer-guitarist Ritzy Bryan, bassist-singer Rhydian Dafydd and drummer Matt Thomas, The Joy Formidable’s heavy, raging post-modern rock roared powerfully over a huge chunk of City Park.

Stylistically, the trio suggests late 1980s, early ’90s indie-rock intensity, but with slashing, hard-rock tendencies. Bryan is principal lead singer and lead guitarist. An unusual position for a female rock musician, but she wears both responsibilities well. And Bryanswore at least as much as bandmate Dafydd.

The Joy Formidable clearly relished playing Voodoo Experience. The group’s set marked a return to the stage, Dafydd said, following work in the studio for the band’s forthcoming album.

One of the songs from the latter sessions, “Passerby,” was a highlight of the trio’s Voodoo show, and a great chance to savor Bryan’s spacey, icy, siren-like guitar soloing.