Alex Rawls’ picks for week of June 20: Jam funk, alt rock and comedy _lowres

Photo provided by uniphi good management/marketing/media -- Toad the Wet Sprocket


Good Enough for Good Times


501 Napoleon Ave.

10 p.m.

(504) 895-8477

The jam-funk band featuring Galactic’s Jeff Raines and Rob Mercurio doesn’t drift too far from their bread and butter of Meters-like grooves. They’re joined by Joe Ashlar on keyboards, and drummer in Simon Lott, who also has hip-hop in his bag of rhythms.


Toad the Wet Sprocket

House of Blues

225 Decatur St.

8 p.m.

(504) 310-4999

The alternative rock band named after a sketch from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” officially split in 1998, but the members have reunited regularly since 1999.

Toad has released an album of new material that sounds much like the band’s old material on “New Constellation,” which was funded by fans through Kickstarter.


Tim & Eric’s Pusswhip Banggang: Swamp Rock Tour ’14

The Howlin’ Wolf

907 S. Peters St.

10 p.m.

(504) 529-5844

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are the duo behind the surrealistic comedy show “Tim and Eric Awesome Show” on Adult Swim.

Their comedic Southern rock band, Pusswhip Banggang, has released a 12-inch picture disc on vinyl of the band’s “hit,” “Jambalaya,” and they’re on tour in support of it.