Four debutantes garnered limelight at their own special levity, which took the form of three parties. The first was for Emily Elizabeth Tastet, who was honored at The Columns Hotel for a soiree that gathered her and her family’s nearest and dearest. Less than a week later, a debutante duo, Avery Hinrichs and Jamie Pellerin, became the festive focus at the Audubon Tea Room during a gala evening bash. Three days after that, Allie Crane was the honoree at “Let’s Get Things Rolling” at Fulton Alley for the bounty of bowling.

Avery and Jamie

“Join us in Celebrating Avery and Jamie” was scripted in gold on a turquoise invitation backed in a deep teal blue that featured a pair of gold peacocks, each atop an urn, and flanking the wording. Designed by Alexa Pulitzer, the invitation (which one inveterate partygoer described as “the prettiest one of the season”) stated the Audubon Tea Room location, “cocktail attire,” and the hosting parents, Liane and Fred Hinrichs and Stacy and Jim Pellerin.

Just outside the Tea Room, there was draping with floral tie-backs at the doorway. Once within, guests immediately noticed the near-the-entrance positioning of the bar and the beautiful decorations that suggested a theme of elegant exotica with chromatic excitement. Cabanas with colorful furnishings, additional tenting, and lanterns added to the effect, as did the multitude of flowers, principally orchids and roses in hot pink and orange. Napkins matched the color theme.

The outfits of the mothers and daughters made their own sartorial statements with Avery and Liane Hinrichs, respectively, outfitted in dresses by Herve Leger and Teri Jon, and Jamie and Stacy Pellerin in Monique Lhuillier modes.

Making rounds with the families were deb grandparents H.J. “Jack” and Frances Hinrichs and grandmothers Sue Pellerin and Margaret Favre. Jamie’s siblings included Caroline Pellerin, Corrie Pellerin, Katie Furtado, and Casey Westguard with husband Mark.

Noted, too, were Linda Christovich, Lindsey Rubin (fiancée of Brock Pellerin), Monica and Jim Smith, Logan Gerard, Cynthia and John Nesser, Linda and Jack Jurgens, Lori and Walter Becker, Barbara and Billy Alpaugh, Margaret and Ken Beer, Cathy and Rivie Cary and daughter Grace Catherine, Walker Baus and Donna Baus with Ella and son John Walker, Bill “Billy” and C.C. Langenstein with Laney, and Leah and Sandy Whann with Katie. Additional parents were joined by their young adult, deb-set children.

Then there were Jay and Carla Adams, Guy Scoggin and mother Darcy, Bruce and Libby Hoefer, Jennifer and Bruce Parkerson, Kathy and David and Kelly Waltemath, Lauren and Mel Lagarde, Pam and Cedric Martin, Ann and John Casbon, Dr. George Schneider, Donna and Jim Thompson, Sally and Ron Forman, and Shannon Adams.

They gazed and grazed, enjoying all the decorative creations of Amanda Cottingham of The Pantry Catering and Event Design, and the cuisine by The Audubon Tea Room with thanks to Bernadette Walker and Richard Buchsbaum. Outside was a raw oyster bar located by the cabanas and fire pits. Inside, Oysters Bienville and Rockefeller, grill stations, passed appetizers, and desserts were gustatorily appreciated.

Who could pass up the Bananas Fosters, Sucre chocolates, macaron tower and the croquembouche?

Mingling in the Moroccan-evocative ambiance, as well, were Mary Stewart Bailey and David, Maureen and Bob Spencer, Lisa and Saunders Alpaugh, Begona and Steve Landry, Cindy Kehoe with daughter Rebecca, Mary Lee and Del Caldwell and scores more, many darting out to the dance floor as the partying continued for the music of Simply Irresistible from Atlanta. Debs Avery and Jamie added to the overall elation by joining the band on the stage.

“They had a fabulous time, “said the mothers about the two honorees, who not only had so much fun themselves, but shared it with a host of family and friends. Let’s Bowl!

“Let’s Get Things Rolling” announced the theme, tenor and activity of the party at Fulton Alley, the bowling alley on Fulton Street, that was given by Sharon and Mo Crane in honor of daughter Allie Crane. Having fun with the family were deb brother Spencer Crane, great-aunt and uncle Lucy and Sonny Selman, Kevin McCabe, David and Carol Pointer, Jeff and Jody Geary, Frank and Michele Lopiccolo and Emory, Michael and Mendy Barry, Brent and Lisa Petagna, Kelly Glueck, Gabby Aucoin, Alexis Allen, Rene and Judy Martinez with daughter Carson, and Jim and Claudia Nelson with Caroline and Emily.

Andouille “tots” and Brussels sprouts, burger sliders, chicken wings and fruit fueled the flock for play: both social and bowling.

Decorations included large table arrangements made with greenery and glittering bowling pins designed by Steve Baker at Ambrose Garden and “glittered” by hostess Sharon. Smaller arrangements were done in rectangular and square vases with red stripes to echo those on bowling pins. A candy bar added to the decorations and furthered the color scheme of red, black and white (like the bowling pin and ball colors). Joan Farrell cookies, bowling-ball cake balls by the aptly-surnamed Jean Bowling, and bowling-pin candy made by Sharon from candy molds added to the suite of sweets.

More features were the photo booth for pictorial souvenirs, cups printed with Allie’s monogram, and koozies as party favors.

“We chose Fulton Alley for a casual, but unique, party venue,” stated deb mother Sharon, who added that it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon. “We even liked the idea of ‘Alley’ and ‘Allie,’ ” she said. Lots of guests agreed, and, as they hailed Allie, headed to the alley to bowl.

‘Debutante Party’

The above words fell two lines on the eggshell-white invitation under the names of the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tastet (she also answers to Abbey Mack), who requested the pleasure of one’s company to honor their daughter, Emily Elizabeth. Several of the debutantes of this season have already worn crowns as queens of sub-deb organizations, and so did Emily. She reigned as queen of the Children’s Carnival Club.

Holiday decorations of the yuletide season embellished The Columns Hotel for the late afternoon party that included tasty catering and a comfortable social flow within the various downstairs rooms. Among those noted were Linda and Alan Brackett and son Austin, Marijane and Charlie Childress with son Charles III, Joan and Gene Rogers, Helen Miller with daughters Ellen and Elizabeth, Naomi Mann, Daniel Campbell, Holly and Steve Rogers, Catherine Brierre, Mary Beth Maggio, Madeline Roohi, and a pack of pals.

A tunic dress by Lilly Pulitzer was chosen by deb Emily, who sparkled appropriately with her Swarovski jewelry and her smile.