Pretty Presentations

A Limelighted Dozen

Celebrating a Pickwickian palindrome, a numerical one for the club’s 161st year, Mr. Pickwick presented 12 young ladies of the 2018-2019 debutante coterie to a host of club members and their family and friends. It was the Pickwick Club’s 68th annual debutante presentation.

Escorted by their fathers, the limelighted lovelies, their parents and their songs (as played by the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra), were Misses Caroline Louise Chunn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keith Chunn, who processed to “Unforgettable”; Anna Massey Demmas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Bartlett Demmas and granddaughter of the late Mr. Constantine George Demmas, and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”; Larkin McConnell Holtzman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Louis Holtzman, and “Daydream Believer”; and Katherine Randolph Jacobs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Robert Henri Jacobs, granddaughter of the late Mr. Townsley de la Vergne St. Paul, and “Young at Heart.” As a debutante, Mrs. Jacobs, née Leslie St. Paul, was presented to the club.

The next five presentees were Misses Kristina Britt Johnsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erik Lee Johnsen and granddaughter of in-attendance and former Rex Mr. Erik Frithjof Johnsen, and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”; Ann Claire Kallenborn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Kallenborn and granddaughter of in-attendance Mr. William Francis Finegan, and “It Had to Be You”; Amelie Elizabeth Lagarde, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kepper Lagarde, and “Little Boat”; Elizabeth Barat Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Patrick Reed, and “Some Enchanted Evening”; and Carlisle Frost Rieveschl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Carlisle Rieveschl, and “The Way You Look Tonight.” Miss Lagarde’s in-attendance grandmother, Mrs. Stewart Lagarde, was presented to the Pickwick Club in 1964 as Miss Odile Alma Lapeyre.

The concluding curtsies were made by Misses Ellen Heidingsfelder Silvia, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Paul Silvia Jr., and “My Cherie Amour”; Ysabella Carmen St. Amant, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Searle St. Amant, and “I Got Rhythm”; and Andrea Townsley St. Paul, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Townsley St. Paul, and granddaughter of the late Mr. St. Paul, and “Isn’t She Lovely.” Proud grandmother Molly (Mrs. Townsley de la Vergne) St. Paul was present, applauding two granddaughters.

Before the traditional dad-daughter dance to “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” the debutantes were recognized with a toast. Champagne was hoisted.

Upon completion of the formal presentation, the ballroom was quickly repurposed with tables for the debutantes and their families and the delights of a hearty Crescent City breakfast, including grillades and grits, crawfish étouffée and rich pastries. The orchestra continued playing during that interim, when general milling occurred elsewhere. One of their numbers was “Let It Snow.”

Certainly that song was appropriate for the gorgeous look of Mr. Pickwick’s elegant 19th-century clubrooms, which were transformed into a winter wonderland, thanks to a collection of towering and sparkling Christmas trees, fresh greens, garlands and red poinsettias.

The gentlemen of note were Messrs. Edwin A. Ellinghausen III, president; James H. Gibert Jr., vice president; H. Mark Adams, secretary-treasurer; and past President P. Albert Bienvenu. Heading up the reception committee were Co-chairmen Messrs. William H. Langenstein III (who received many thanks for his years on the committee from which he’s retiring) and Patrick A. Talley Jr., and Vice Chairman William Ryan Acomb. Also serving on the committee were Messrs. Gary H. Brewster, William C. Carrere, Oliver S. Delery Jr., J. Thomas Hamrick Jr., Gavin H. Guillot, Edward J. Hemard III, Stephen M. Kepper, Thomas R. Redmann, James J. Reiss III, John A. Meade and Charles T. Walsten, who was joined by Ms. Yvette Monju. Mmes. Ellinghausen, Gibert, Adams, Langenstein, Talley and Hamrick accompanied their husbands.

Music and merriment, and lots of dancing, capped the celebration. Once again, and quoting from “The Pickwick Papers,” written by Charles Dickens, Mr. Pickwick was able to “witness the happiness of those friends who are dearest to me, beneath my own roof.”

Bienville Club President’s Ball

Mr. Ben Janke chaired the recent President’s Ball of the Le Moyne de Bienville Club and the presentation of daughters and granddaughters of members. The New Orleans Country Club, embellished for the season with bouquets of red roses, was the setting and the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra led by Robert Maxwell, provided the presentees’ signature songs and merry music.

The presentation began promptly at 8:30 p.m. when the young ladies of sub-deb age were escorted onto the ballroom floor and proceeded in a semicircle around the ballroom before curtsying to Bienville Club President Mr. George E. White Jr. in the center of the room.

They were Misses Elizabeth Mary Coman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Coman; Katherine Elizabeth Page Curtis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Curtis; Shannon Rosemary Daly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNellis Daly; Margeaux Evelyn Delesdernier, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Golden Bryant; Camille Bettes Dunlap, daughter of Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John Bettes Dunlap III; Taylor Michelle Franks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Zeljko Joseph Franks II and granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. Gary Jude Danos; Megan Elizabeth Harold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Harold; and Annalisa Mercedes Huete, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Huete.

Also, Misses Mary Kathleen Haase Luetkemeier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans George Luetkemeier; Isabella Michelle Mannino, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mannino II; Grace Farnsworth Schaumburg and Katherine Quealy Schaumburg, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Holden Schaumburg; Cayley Elizabeth Werner, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harald T. Werner Jr.; Lane Katherine Whitsell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Morris Whitsell; and Cecelia Frances Zimmermann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Zimmermann.

Post presentation, the young ladies paired with their escorts for the first dance. A buffet breakfast next enticed, as did general dancing.

Among the 300-plus attendees were Suzanne White and Liz Janke, along with H.J. and Mary Elizabeth Platt, Charles T. Walsten, Donald and Mary Kay Collins, D. Irwin Mackenroth (Kelley was out of town), Michael M. Minvielle, and Shannon Walgamotte and Linda Moreau.

“Isn’t She Lovely” was the selected song for Miss Werner, but its application touched all 15 young ladies, who basked in the limelight of an evening that was heralded by another song, “Unforgettable.”

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