A gala party featuring five debutantes and, three days later, a radiant queen and her court were limelighted within the recent partyscape. “Celebrate with Misses Sarah Kent Agnew, Evelyn Burkenroad Bories, Caroline Grace Geary, Katherine Renee Hodges and Emory Lafaye Lopiccolo” titled the deb to-do, while a thematic jaunt to Egypt showcased the queen of Les Pierrettes, Miss Lucie Sandoz Lanier, and the captain, Miss Ellen Heidingsfelder Silvia. Those honors befell Misses Katherine Kergosein Simmons and Charlotte Worley Huger last year.

Dance the Night Away at our Winter Soiree

To honor daughters Sarah, Evie, Caroline, Katherine and Emory, their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank de la Houssaye Agnew, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Bories, Mr. and Mrs. Covert James Geary, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Hodges Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joseph Lopiccolo III, booked the New Orleans Country Club for the “Winter Soiree” announced on the Betty Hunley-designed silver, ice blue and white trifold invitation.

Those colors were repeated in the décor by Steve Baker of Ambrose Garden, which included drapery over the entry, “blue bliss” lighting, ice sculptures, and blue and white hydrangeas on the tables and mantels. The young ladies and their mothers added more lovely looks. Sarah and mom Jamie Agnew were both outfitted in Trina Turk modes; Evie Bories wore BCBG, while Bridget chose Armani; Caroline and Lisa Geary donned dresses by Rebecca Taylor and Kay Unger; Katherine Hodges chose a sheer-paneled and hand-sewn creation, with mom Renee in an Yvonne Counce design; and the Lopiccolos, Emory and Michele, were attired, in turn, by The Row and Jason Wu.

Reveling in all the wintry delights were deb siblings Maggie, Del Jr. and Quarles Agnew, as well as Alex and Leigh and Lex Agnew, Malen and Ashley Pou, Madison and Vereen Woodward with Marshall, Giffen and Cici Weinmann with Laura, the Michael Barry family, Nancy and Parke Ellis, John and Lois Smitherman and Marylynn. And, deb brother and sister Robert Bories and Carrie Bories with Rayne Housey and Anton Knapp, deb grandmothers Irene Briede and Jane Bories Corenswet, Irene and Tom Lutkewitte, Erin and Parker Kilgore, Conor Lutkewitte, Kyle Lutkewitte, Lynn and Charlie Smith with Kathryn, Sue and George Gilly, Penny and Robert Autenreith, Lulu and Billy Freiberg, and Sarah and George Young with daughters Charotte Young and Bess Meeks with husband Matt.

They and scores more reached with delight for the passed food (such as fried oysters and seared ahi tuna on crispy wonton), made tracks to the dining room and the Founder’s Room for further taste treats, and the Gold Room for the grilled-cheese station.

Noted were deb siblings Cove Geary and Claire Geary, grandmother Deanie (Mrs. William L.) Geary, Bill and Ann Geary with Evie and Helen, Felix Teigeler from Germany, and Clay and Wendy Geary with Courtney. Also, Hodges deb siblings Rachel Rayford Hodges and William Henry Hodges III, Robert Allen Rayford III, Samuel Guy Davison, the John Ojan Sateris, Philip and Jane Scott Hodges, and Jane Talley Hodges.

Frank Lopiccolo IV mingled as Emory’s deb brother, along with grandparents Rufus and Mary Lou Harris and Ned and Pat Lafaye, John and Mary Margaret Hevron and Marshall, Kenneth and Brenda Lopiccolo, Haden and Adele Lafaye, Emory Lafaye, and Danny and Alys Messenger.

Late-night specialities were the frozen Brandy Alexanders in shot glasses. And the ever-spirited music. Capping all the excitement was the band Jessie’s Girls, which was announced on the invitation along with an enclosed dance card. In the spirit of the celebration, the honored quintet spent lots of time on the stage, reveling in the beat. Toward midnight, they were joined by their parents who “stormed the stage” and shared dancing momentum with the beaming Sarah, Evie, Caroline, Katherine and Emory.

‘Les Pierrettes Sails up the Nile’

The ball of Les Pierrettes took place at the New Orleans Convention Center with Misses Lucie Sandoz Lanier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Munson Lanier Jr., and Ellen Heidingsfelder Silvia, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Paul Silvia Jr., as the queen and the captain. Mr. William Taylor Anderson, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. William Marvin Anderson III, was her majesty’s consort.

Kathleen Van Horn of KVH Designs fashioned the gown of the queen (a page in the Pierrettes court of 2004) and the ensemble of the captain. Silk peau de soie was the fabric for the regal robe that had an embellished silk organza eyelet overlay and was accessorized with the traditional mantle of pale pink satin, and a jeweled crown and scepter. Ellie Silvia portrayed Cleopatra in an Empire-waist dress with a cape.

Maids to her majesty Lucie were Misses Hanton Quarles Agnew, McAlister Wynn Brewer, Anna Massey Demmas, Shea Hodges Duckworth, Caroline McAfee Flournoy, Grace Allen Gambel, Emily June Hardie, Larkin McConnell Holtzman, Katherine Randolph Jacobs, Kristina Britt Johnsen, Sarah St. Paul Johnson, Ann Claire Kallenborn, Lilia Elise Kuhn, Megan Maria McGoey, Ashley Linfield Murphy, Adele Bright Petagna and Alexa Rene Zaheri.

Pages were little Misses Natalie Henderson Boersma, Sarah Lapeyre Connolly, Isabelle Fenner Merlin, Katherine Harper Montgomery, Katherine Coll Benton and Clarisse Sasha Bernard-Bitchatch.

Yet another focus was on the dukes: Messrs. Trist Willetts Brower, Price Shreve Butcher, Davis Storey Charbonnet, Andrew Woodward Downing, Robert Patrick Early, Michael Bradford Favrot, Kent Thomas Flower, Clayton Cooke Geary Jr., William Dunbar Healy, Patrick Keenan Hovet, Richard Scott Jenkins Jr., Robert Jackson Miller, William Connor Nelson, Brent Ronald Peus Jr., Stephen Brett Reynolds Jr., John Forney Rowan III and George Parke Eshleman Thornton.

In 1964, 50 years ago, Miss Mary Kathleen “Kerry” Denechaud Ramsey reigned. Now Mrs. Samuel Guy Brown, she is a resident of Houston.

Additional roles were those of the lieutenants, Caroline Chunn, McKenzie Cummins, Lexie Gottsegen, Lucy Hammet, Maggie Malone, Lindsey Page, Carlisle Rieveschl, Maddie Tufts and Olivia Worley — their headpieces were inspired by King Tut; the co-captain, Mary Mitchell Henry; the choreographer, Julie Simmons; and the dancers. They were Isabel Balart, Kelly Batt, Lydia Calhoun, Carter Carey, Camille Ciolino, Annabel Coleman, Miriam Ellis, Charlotte Freeman, Rebecca French, Lindsey Gibert, Virginia Hammet, Mary Mitchell Henry, Caroline Hudlow, Sara Jenkins, Sarah Lane, Peyton LeCorgne, Carter Macdiarmid, Helen Mason, Winnie McCarthy, Meredith Mentz, Katherine Payne, Addie Perrier, Anna Politz, Lily Rufty, Elizabeth Schmidt and Elle Wenzel. Garbed in white tunics with thematic gold accessories, they danced to “Walk Like an Egyptian.” The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra was tapped for the music making.

Applauding all the pageantry were the queen’s mother, Reecee Lanier in a peacock blue silk faille dress by Paulette of Special Occasions, Saint Louis; royal grandmothers Mmes. Richard J. George and Avery Stirratt; and Mmes. James R. Nieset Jr., Scott A. Stumpff, Kathryn Sinclair Lanier, W. Pope Langdale III, and H. Michael O’Donnell.

Past connections to the court of Les Pierrettes for queen Lucie include the above Mrs. Langdale (Evelyn Lanier), George Sinclair Lanier, Charles Munson Lanier III, Margot White, Livy Nieset, Shelby Stumpff and Matthew Stumpff.

Both before and after the ball, socializing was to the fore. At the early queen’s reception at the Orleans Club, there were flowers in Les Pierrettes pink and white, a large “L” made of roses on the mantel, and a delicious buffet spread. Compliments flowed to the radiant majesty.

Post pageantry, the queen’s supper in La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom included a graceful entrance by Lucie and her court; a traditional breakfast; and the danceable delights of BRW. Sad to have such a glorious night conclude, queen Lucie remarked, “I had such a wonderful time tonight celebrating and dancing with my friends and family.” And they had such a wonderful time with her.