Kith Camaraderie

Kingsley House, the first Settlement House in the South, held its annual Friendraising Luncheon with a natal-day nod. “Happy Birthday Kingsley House” was the come-on for its 120 years. Held in the KH Historic Gymnasium (circa 1832), the event, which is free of charge (but relies on the generosity of attendees), thanked KH board members Claudia Carrere Powell and Jeffery Waltz as event chairmen and the Link Stryjewski Foundation as the food provider. Master of ceremonies/board Treasurer Miles Thomas opened and closed the program. Kyndal Raines, of the Head Start Program, delivered the Pledge of Allegiance and board President Kit Fritchie, the welcome.

A cheerful ambiance was set, thanks to the multicolor polka-dot balloon centerpieces and, hanging from the ceiling, more balloons from RSVP Decorating Company. The backdrop featured a KH cake and façade of the historic buildings created by Karent Hansell.

Notables included KH CEO Keith H. Liederman, Ph.D. (for remarks), who then paired with Jerry Brown for the Participant Story. In the audience were Luanne (Mrs. Keith) Liederman, Patti and Skip Brechtel, Susan Brennan, Dr. Daniel and Melanie Bronfin, Arnel Cosey, Chimene Grant, Alec Fritchie (joining mom Kit), Ashley Geary, Katherine and Tony Gelderman, Dominique and Michael Wilson, and former schoolmates Margaret Saer Beer and Sheldon Lykes, whose respective daughter, Megan, and son, Mason Eustis, recently married.

Also, Elizabeth Goodyear, Melissa Gray, Marguerite Kock, Bill Hammack and Janice Parmelee, Margaret and Pierre Villere, Katherine Saer, Lynn and Digges Morgan, and a mom-daughter duo in Betty McDermott and Martha Landrum. To further the birthday theme, each KH guest received a celebratory cake pop, courtesy of Voodoo Sweets.

Friends of Music

The just-concluded 61st season of New Orleans Friends of Music presented by and at Tulane University featured the chamber music ensemble Imani Winds for the final 2015-16 performance. The five-piece group, a 2006 Grammy Award recipient, is made up of Valerie Coleman, flute; Jeff Scott, French horn; Toyin Spellman-Diaz, oboe; Monica Ellis, bassoon; and Mariam Adam, clarinet. Their first piece was by J.S. Bach (1685-1750) and the last by Anders Hillborg, (b. 1954).

Post-program, festivity ensued at the Napoleon Avenue home of Ken and Bette Kussmann, where mashed potatoes and toppings served in margarita glasses delighted the musicians. They’d never seen that preparation before. Partygoers milled about various rooms of the home, enjoying additional buffet offerings and chocolate desserts.

Among those relishing the conviviality and expressing appreciation to Imani Winds for working with such local groups as the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra, Tipitina’s Outreach Programs and Cohen College Prep were Daria Durham, Ron and Barbara Knill, Jaren Philleo Atherholt, Lisa LaFleur and FoM President Jonathan McCall, who heads a board that has as officers Jenny Windstrup, Benjamin Karp and Elyce Picciotti. The 27-member board rages from John Baron to Joan Zaslow and John Joyce answers to music counselor.

Luncheon, Fashions, Friends

The Elenian Club of New Orleans, which was founded in 1934 and is composed of ladies of Italian descent, gathered members and friends to Chateau Golf and Country Club for the annual Luncheon (tasty buffet treats!) and Fashion Show by Dillard’s Lakeside with Jenna Mannozzi Groetsch doing the coordination. Members and their family modeled.

Headliners were outgoing President Marian Leon Montalbano (who chose Angel’s Place as their charity), emcee Mark Chifici with Joan, Virginia Caparotta Eckholdt, LeeAnn Leopold Savoie, Mary Lynn Baker Roberts, Gina Tedesco Pieri, Nancy Baker Hamburger, Faith Wilson Peperone, Vincent Montalbano, Leonard Cullotta, Allen Harang, Gloria and Stephen Bruno, and Barbara A, Chifici (Mark’s mom), who’s the new president. Officers include Robin Hummel, Angela Hummel, Gloria M. Bruno, Joan D. Chifici, and Lisa D. Ingraham.

n I Am Waters

The Audubon Tea Room was the site for the I Am Waters New Orleans Supermodel Luncheon, which was chaired by Anne Redd, Tara Shaw Walsh and Terri Havens; featured Covenant House executive director Jim Kelly as guest speaker, Joey Hunter as moderator, and as celebrity guests, Kelly Emberg, Crystle Stewart, Kim Charlton and Kara Young, the limelighted models, who lunched and chatted with attendees.

Houstonian Elena Davis (joined by spouse Greg), foundation founder and CEO, addressed the assembly, stating the plan to deliver water to the New Orleans homeless via Covenant House and New Orleans Mission. Listening most attentively were speaker David Bottner of the Mission, Nina Friend, Dorothy Clyne, Frances Fayard, Ann Rabin, Susan Colton, Fran Villere, Arlene Philipson, Patricia Brinson, Lynne Uhalt, Peggy Laborde, Susan Johnson, Dana Hansel, Winnie Brown, sisters Alexa and Pam Georges, Jane Scott Hodges, Rich Arnold, Stacy Pellerin, Beth Lambert, and Katherine Boh with daughter Elizabeth.

As centerpieces to be taken away and distributed were bottles of the foundation’s “Dream” water.