Merry Momentum

How You Look in the Glow of Evening

Towering Christmas trees were focal points in the Main Ballroom of the Pickwick Club for the annual “Reception honoring Debutantes of the Season.” In addition, and with a nod to Noel, the elegant 19th-century club rooms were further decorated with Christmas greens and red poinsettias. Archways were covered with garlands.

Catching every eye were 21 young ladies, the 2017 presentees, who were led off by Miss Caroline Bailey Acomb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight LeBlanc Acomb, and granddaughter of Mr. Robert Bailey Acomb Jr. In succession were Misses Sarah Elizabeth Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fisher Alexander III; Madeleine Anne Bienvenu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Albert Bienvenu IV, and granddaughter of Mr. Paul Albert Bienvenu, the club president; Caroline Renee Christmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul Christmann, and granddaughter of Mr. Leon Jastremski Reymond Jr.; Virginia DeRussy Dodenhoff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Carrere Dodenhoff, and granddaughter of the late Col. David Ivy Dodenhoff; Ellen Ashley Feringa and Megan Lane Feringa, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Peter Anthony Feringa III, and granddaughters of Mr. Peter Anthony Feringa Jr.; Sarah Jane Holbrook Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis McDaniel Freeman Jr., and granddaughter of Mr. Louis McDaniel Freeman; and Elizabeth Macon Hamrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas Hamrick Jr., and granddaughter of the late Dr. Joseph Thomas Hamrick.

And, Misses Jane Talley Hodges, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Nalty Hodges, and granddaughter of the late Mr. William Henry Hodges Jr., Elizabeth Allen Texada Hotard, daughter of Mr. John Arnold Hotard and Mrs. Charmaine Texada Hotard; Madeline Ann Landry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dodt Landry, and granddaughter of the late Mr. James Gibbons Burke Jr.; Elle Alexandra Lovick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grayson Lovick Jr., and granddaughter of the late Mr. Robert Grayson Lovick; Layne Watkins Nalty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Shaw Nalty, and granddaughter of the late Mr. Donald James Nalty; Camille Cordell-Reeh Owsley, daughter and stepdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Furlow Owsley III and daughter of Ms. Danica Ann Cordell-Reeh, and granddaughter of the late Mr. Francis Pierre Meisner Cordell-Reeh; Mary Fleming England Redd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund England Redd, and granddaughter of Mr. Walter Chew Flower III; and Michelle Elie Riviere, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Henry Riviere.

Also, Misses Anne Summers White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Forrest White Jr.; and Allison Riegel Woolverton and Madeleine Marie Woolverton, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dalton Woolverton, and granddaughters of the late Mr. Dalton L. Woolverton. Several had mothers presented at the Pickwick Club years ago. They were Mrs. Acomb, the former Kirsten Jahncke; Mrs. Landry, the former Elizabeth Burke; Ms. Danica Cordell-Reeh; and Mrs. Redd, the former Anne Flower.

As played by the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” was both the concluding song during the formality and the cue for the father-daughter dance. Along with President Mr. Bienvenu, the gentlemen of note were Messrs. Edwin A. Ellinghausen III, Mahlon D. Sanford, William H. Langenstein III, Patrick A. Talley Jr., H. Mark Adams and Justin B. Schmidt. Their wives, along with Mrs. James H. Gibert Jr., were also noted.

Prior to the general dancing, a scrumptious breakfast, showcasing Mr. Pickwick’s famous grillades and grits, followed. Then it was on to the dance floor where night moves became the right moves.

Brunch Time

“I had a great time being presented at the Pickwick Club and following in my sisters’ footsteps. It was such a festive evening with Mr. Pickwick.” So said debutante Caroline Acomb, who was honored by her parents, Kirsten and Dwight Acomb, at a brunch held in the New Orleans Country Club. “Festive Christmas” was the party theme, which was achieved with garlands, red holiday ribbons and ivy topiaries. Bunny Smith got special thanks for the decorations. More looks were those by Kirsten and Caroline, wearing designs by Teri Jon and Saylor.

Delighting in the brunch fare, including eggs Benedict, and the music of the Clive Wilson Original Camellia Jazz Band, were Caroline’s sisters, Kathleen, Margaret and Louise (joined by husband Jack Smallpage); Catherine, Ryan and Mary Acomb; Kathleen Theriot and Bob Sharp; Tommy and Patti Jahncke; a Whealdon threesome in Michael and Mary and Eugenie; Marguerite Kock; Elizabeth and Billy Crosby; Ruth and Rick Blum; Gina and Hank Arnold; Claudia and Jim Nelson; Indie and Donald McKay; Jennifer and Peter Tomkins; and Michael, Shirley and Julie Charbonnet.

When all was said and socialized, Caroline reflected about the brunch. ”I had such a fun time celebrating with my family and friends. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season.”

Planters Partying

Another brunch brigade assembled at Muriel’s Jackson Square. They were the Patio Planters, members of the garden and social service club of the French Quarter, who assembled to celebrate the organization’s 71st Christmas and to talk about the Patio Planters-sponsored Caroling in Jackson Square, which occurs the Sunday evening before Christmas.

Muriel’s balcony was filled with holiday revelers, who commented on the pleasant weather as they hobnobbed. To make the seasonal mark, the restaurant was decorated with 12-foot trees and Noel trimmings. Tasty brunch fare, lots of libations and unamplified music as performed by Jerry Christopher’s Big Easy Band were added treats. Adding her take was B.B. St. Romain, who was decked out in her version of Mrs. Claus.

The highlight of the annual brunch is the presentation of The Daisy Todd Award. President Stephen Swain bestowed it upon James Kitto. They were among the 111 attendees, as were event Chairwoman Barbara Richmond, Frances Salvaggio, Celia and Jeff Collins, C.J. Blanda, Janice and Dr. Ed Foulks, Tom and Wanda McGinn, Douglas Barden, John and Dee Lynott, Alan Horwitz and Sandra Dartus, Ott Howell, George and Josie Markey, Tracy Treadway and Quitman Gahagan, Dr. Phil and Renee Kurica, John and Frances Conner, and Bob and Janice Phelps with their son and daughter, Douglas and Marie-Page.