Their Majesties!

Two young ladies, Misses Kathleen Pierce Gibbons and Katherine Mills Ellis, respective daughters of Mr. and Mrs. David C. Gibbons Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. William Conner Ellis III, reigned at Squires and Les Pierrettes, succeeding, in turn, queens Evaline Finlay Gomila and Pixie Marie Anderson. Both sub-deb balls took place in the New Orleans Convention Center, where suppers followed later. Preceding each ball, their majesties entertained at receptions for their courts, as well as very close friends and family.

Squires at 55!

The youthful ball celebrated a palindromic anniversary, hailing Kathleen Pierce Gibbons as their queen. She caught every eye in a regal dress by Kathleen Van Horn of KVH Designs. A panel of delicate white lace re-embroidered with silver bugle beads, rhinestones and lochrosens ran from the neckline to the hem of the A-line skirt. The organization’s traditional crown, scepter and mantle completed the royal ensemble.

Maids of honor to queen Pierce, 23 in all, were Misses Caroline Whittington Casey, Clare Frances Coffman, Adair Guion Cook, Amelie Collins Cooper, Frances Villere Currence, Mary Grace Voorhies Ellis, Abigail Sloan Fort, Molly Gahagan Huertin, Allison Marie Loker Hughs, Emily Baldwin Johnson, Ellie Camryn Kelleher, Claire Louise Moffett, Elizabeth Brent Montgomery, Jane Elizabeth Murphy, Carolyn Ott Pitalo, Shannon Elizabeth Quinn Plough, Margaret Godchaux Roos, Margot Marie Roussel, Catherine Adair Rufty, Marguerite Conery Schmidt, Celeste Lynn Schonberg, Mathilde Frances deVerges Tubbs and Rebecca Patout Walk.

Portraying Rudolph was Lee Alden Waldrup, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Waldrup. Likewise, there were 23 reindeer: Masters and Misses William Ritter Benedetto, Timothy Roy Brooks, Lowery Reese Church, Collins Perez Dabezies, Caroline Grace Daly, Thomas Conner Ellis, Jeffrey Scott Geary Jr., Virginia Lykes Geary, John Murdock Highsmith, Jane Parker Hillery, Eleonore Cecelia Hooper, Amy Elizabeth Mackenroth, Mary Margaret Mackenroth, Marie Therese Maher, Connor Thomas Miles, Miles Hadfield Ogden, Wilson Phelps, Graham Mears Ralston Jr., George Hayne Schafer, Julian Baldwin Scriber, Remy Elizabeth Wheeler, Lesley Blythe Williamson and Charlotte Vivienne Williamson.

For the queen’s mother, Lynne Charbonnet Gibbons, the designer was Pamella Roland and the fabric, crimson Mikado. She was seated near Mmes. Edwin A. Ellinghausen III, L. Noel Johnson Jr., John Marshall Page III, Moylan F. Gomila (mother of last year’s queen), Michael D. Charbonnet, David C.L. Gibbons, Michael Q. Keegan, Michael T. Charbonnet, Lawrence Noel Johnson, Clark Pipes Fitz-Hugh, Christopher Bruce Barkerding, William Christian Gambel Jr., Robert R. Barkerding III, Kimberlin Price Butcher and Elizabeth Baldwin Barkerding.

An anniversary queen reappeared. Mrs. Jason A. Mead reigned 25 years ago as Miss Elizaberth Lee Jahncke with Logan Parkerson Morrison as Rudolph.

The musical delights of the evening, both at the ball and the supper, were from the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra. The sentimental ones will last for ages as queen Pierce recalls her reign and the related joys.

Les Pierrettes Throws a Fiesta

Her majesty Katherine Mills Ellis and Les Pierrettes captain Constance Gresham Brooke Overby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Carl Overby (and succeeding Miss Isabel Susan Lane), shared the major spotlight, garnering applause from a most receptive audience. Mr. Michael Haydel Schmidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Evans Schmidt, was the queen’s consort. Misses Florence Virginia Dupuy, Addison Grace Johnson, Lauren Parker Kearney, Elizabeth Lesley Marshall, Marion Swan Pilcher and Alexandra Rand Rutledge served as pages.

More limelight befell the 20 maids: Misses Cecilia Walshe Balart, Aimee Green Barousse, Joan Caroline Benjamin, Laura Morgan Butcher, Elizabeth Anne Charbonnet, Cecilia Elizabeth Cook, Ella Marie Frantzen, Evaline Finlay Gomila (last year’s Squires queen), Margaret Neelis Grady, Anna Jamison Hardie, Margot Shaw Lapeyre, Eugenie Eustis McLeod, Mason Ann Mentz, Eliza Hollis Nieset, Grace McQuaide Payne, Annabel Avery Powers, Madeleine Livaudais Sateri, Ansley Holmes Schwing and Emily Clay Weinmann.

The equal number dukes were Messrs. Martin Campbell Butcher, Murray Andrew Calhoun Jr., George Williams Calhoun, William Carrere Dodenhoff Jr., Davis Hugh Edwards, Andrew Randolph Gottsegen, Hyde Alford Healy, William Buckner Heebe, Philip Nalty Hodges Jr., Lawrence Noel Johnson III, Albert Clark Kelleher Jr., Andrew Stephen Laborde, William Price LeClercq, Keil McBride Moss, James Favrot Murphy, Sean Fox Murphy, William Waite Freeman Rowan, Beauregard Avegno Vandenburgh Jr., Thomas Crosby Whealdon and Grayson Knight Worley.

Adding to the festivities as lieutenants were Misses Esme Benjamin, Caroline Berger, Sidney Charbonnet, Caroline Conwill, Colleen Daly, Bailey Davis, Elizabeth Finkelstein, Madeline King and Rosemary Odem. And as dancers, Misses Evelyn Argote, Sophie Brewer, Caroline Casey, Adair Cook, Frances Currence, Hailey Dondis, Pierce Gibbons (the Squires queen), Emily Johnson, Ellie Kelleher, Molly Moore, Lizzie Petagna, Margot Roussel, Adair Rufty, Conery Schmidt, Olivia Sperling, Mathilde Tubbs, Charlotte Williams and Helen Wisdom.

Misses Ellie Montgomery and Julie Simmons were, in turn, the co-captain and the choreographer, and Jimmy Maxwell, the orchestra.

Queen Kate Ellis was radiant in a dress by KVH Designs of white silk twill with a bodice overlaid in white tulle with pearls and rhinestones; Miss Overby appeared to acclaim in a Sachin and Babi gown with accents and embellishment by Martha Lapeyre; and royal mother Kelly Cowan Ellis, chose Spanish designer Delpozo. Seated with her in the royal box were the queen’s sisters, Misses Margaret Coco Ellis (captain in 2010), Emily Dickson Ellis (maid, 2012) and Ashley Conner Ellis. Royal grandmothers were Mmes. William Conner Ellis Jr. and Thomas Gennusa II.

The first socializing commenced at the Ellis home, where Patti Constantin’s catering was a fiesta-inspired menu. Post-ball, and at the queen’s supper, there was a large balloon arch with silver metallic streamers at the ballroom’s entrance, as well as two 8-foot tall cactus balloon sculptures highlighted with colorful flowers alongside the stage. Runners of bright Mexican wool coursed the tables, while large hot pink and beige tissue flowers served as further decorations.

Musical fanfare accompanied the queen and the court for the entrance into the supper, where, as the night ensued, BRW lured legions to the floor for lots of lively dancing. Breakfast fare fueled the fun.

Queen Kate, who reveled with family and friends, expressed her thanks about her wonderful honor. “I am so grateful to everyone who contributed to making the night so special for me.” And it truly was special.