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Photo provided by Elmer Candy Co. -- A dark chocolate Gold Brick Egg.

Elmer's Candy is the oldest family-owned candy company and the second largest heart-boxed candy manufacturer in the United States. But all New Orleanians care about is if they can get their Elmer Candy Heavenly Hash and Gold Brick eggs at Easter. Elmer Candy was started in 1855 as Miller Candy by pastry chef Christopher Henry Miller. Later, Miller’s son-in-law, Augustus Elmer, joined the company and the company was renamed after Elmer and his sons. In 1923 the company bought the recipe for “Heavenly Hash,” a chocolate covered marshmallow confection, from a Canal Street department store. In 1936, they started producing their Gold Brick, a milk chocolate bar covered with chopped pecans.

They also produced a cheese-flavored corn curl that was named “CheeWees” in a 1936 contest.

In 1963 Roy Nelson bought the company from the Elmer family and moved manufacturing to Ponchatoula. He started focusing production on seasonal Easter and boxed Valentine candy. The company’s Easter candy outsells national brands by a 4-to-1 ratio along the Gulf Coast.

In 1993, the Elmer family purchased back the naming rights for their “CheeWees” and began selling the corn curls again.

In 2016, Elmer's opened a $40 million, 70,000-sq ft. expansion in Pontchatoula.