There are weather forecasters, and then there's Nash Roberts.

Called “the Weather God” even by his competitors, Roberts won fans and acclaim by accurately predicting the landfall of hurricanes Audrey in 1956, Betsy in 1965 and Camille in 1969. He gained national attention in 1998 when he disputed the National Hurricane Center’s prediction of Hurricane Georges’ landfall on the air.Roberts tracked weather for the Navy during World War II. He returned to New Orleans after the war and started a private weather forecasting service before becoming the area’s first weather broadcaster for WDSU in 1951.

He was one of the first forecasters to use radar on broadcasts. Roberts, however, preferred felt tip pens and map boards over higher-tech graphics, and he favored his instincts, intuition and experience over computer models. He later moved to WVUE and then joined WWL in the 1970s. Though he retired in 1984, Roberts was called in for every major storm. He retired again in 2001 to take care of his wife. Roberts, who evacuated for the first time during Hurricane Katrina, died in 2010.