Iggy hummed before he talked. Even now, when he swings on the swingset or runs across a park with his two sisters, he is constantly making noises, ranging from musical notes to high-pitched dolphin squeaks. Born Ignatius Joseph Garside on Cinco de Mayo in 2010 Iggy was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a genetic condition that occurs in about 1 out of every 7,500 or 20,000 births and was first identified about a half-century ago. The characteristics of the syndrome, kind-hearted, slight people with pronounced ears who have a love of music, dance and mirth, are valued as strengths in his hometown, according to his father, Phillip Garside, a religion teacher. “Iggy is fond of company at a party, he’s musical. So I don’t worry about Iggy in New Orleans. Here, he can just be himself.”