New Orleans Saints fans have seen A LOT in their favorite franchise's history. And Halloween 1999 is a certainly a moment many remember.

The expansion Cleveland Browns, 0-7 at the time, were in town to face the Saints (1-5), who were on a five-game losing streak after starting the season with a win against Carolina. 

It was a tough five-game skid for coach Mike Ditka and New Orleans, who lost four of those five games by seven points or less. 

All signs pointed to the Saints stopping their own streak and keeping the Browns 0-for. New Orleans was leading 16-14 with 2 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Tim Couch and the Cleveland offense had one play left from their own 44-yard line. Only a Hail Mary could give Cleveland elusive win No. 1.

That's exactly what they got. Wide receiver Kevin Johnson plucked Couch's tipped pass out the air, tapped his two toes near the front-right pylon of the end zone. That did it.

Cleveland 21. New Orleans 16.