When boxes “fall” off the back of delivery trucks, they often hold things like sneakers or DVD players.

However, September warrants for the arrest of two former Restaurant Depot employees detail how the duo allegedly stole boxes containing nearly $10,000 worth of shrimp.

At first, the pair allegedly admitted to stealing approximately $4,000 worth of shrimp from the wholesale dealer in the 1100 block of South Broad Street.

The store’s manager agreed to not press charges as long as they returned the product. The two suspects ­­— Adonirum Ruth and Dieus Maurice Daniels — lost their jobs but allegedly denied they had ever stolen shrimp before.

That’s when the manager, Marcio Coronho, went to the surveillance tape.

The warrants say Coronho reviewed the video surveillance footage and “observed that Daniels and Ruth had in fact stolen 20 boxes of shrimp from the location valued at $9,857.03.”

Daniels was Restaurant Depot’s seafood manager, the warrants state. He would bring the merchandise to the loading dock. Then Ruth allegedly loaded the shrimp on the back of the delivery truck, which Daniels used for deliveries.

The warrants say Ruth and Daniels then sold the shrimp on the street and split the profits.

According to a recent analysis of data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by the Southern Shrimp Alliance, Louisiana shrimpers hauled in 57.4 million pounds of shrimp in 2014. This was up from the seven-year average of 53 million pounds of shrimp.

Citing company policy, Coronho wouldn’t comment on the incident, but he did confirm the 20 boxes were full of Gulf Coast shrimp.