Kyle Duncan, President Trump's nominee to the United State Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, is unfit for the role. 

If you want to understand why, look at his track record, Laverne Thompson said in an op-ed column she wrote for the New York Times.

Laverne is the wife of John Thompson, a man who spent 18 years in prison, 14 on death row, for a murder he didn't commit after it was discovered former Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick's office destroyed favorable evidence to secure John's conviction.

In her column, she points to Duncan's role representing John's prosecutors in an appeal to a $14 million settlement he received after suing them for failing to train their lawyers on the importance of turning over favorable evidence. 

Duncan successfully argued that although the district attorney withheld evidence in many cases involving innocent men, there was no need to train lawyers in his office because they would have learned about it in law school.

Laverne also points to Duncan's other known work of being the former counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the role he played in opposing the Affordable Care Act's provision requiring employees to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives, defending Louisiana's ban on gay marriage before the Supreme Court prohibited state bans on it and defending a North Carolina photo ID law that the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit said targeted black voters "with almost surgical precision."

"Mr. Duncan, I'm sure represented his client -- J.T. would always say that everyone deserves a lawyer," Laverne said. "But the positions Mr. Duncan argued and won are not the positions of a man who can suddenly become a fair referee in the dozens of similar cases that would come before him as a judge. Mr. Duncan's confirmation could serve as a declaration to prosecutors that winning at all costs remains, as it has been far too often in the past, the path to success." 

Read Laverne Thompson's full op-ed here.